Mans vacations??

Discussion in 'General' started by Captain Morgan, Aug 17, 2021.

  1. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Well-Known Member

    Are they a dying breed??? Been taking a guys trip for the most part every year for the last 20 years. Started getting harder the last 10 years to convince my friends and brother to go. Understand you have a wife and kids, are to broke to go have fun, but the home depot bed bath and beyond is hard to resist apparently. Flying back from Brazil today after 2 months with the girl.
    Fixed up her beach place that even if we break up know where I can find a cool cheap town. She was seriously renting a 3 brd/2 b apt 5 min walk to the beach for 275.00 a month. And it turns out its not that crazy. Had the same renter 13 years,

    Anyways now can plan these cool trips for cheap, have rented cheap places in the Caribbean/ Mexico/Central America I know, fishing, surfing diving,motorcycle racing. About to give up. Out of 6 guys who said they were down for an overnight bottom fishing trip in the keys, when it came down 2 it 3 months later, its me and another guy. Has a wife and kids and balls. I did a crazy trip every year with my brother and friends. Now understand people have life and responsibilities. But it kills me at 41. Trying to convince my friends that there is no perfect time for a vacation
  2. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    Occasionally people grow up and tired of hangovers.
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  3. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    I still do them, but it's with my son and his friends...I don't want to hang out with people my age:D This summer we rented a house at Snowshoe mountain. They brought their mountain bikes over and I met them after moto camping for a few days. We spent 4 days there just having fun.
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  4. Hyperdyne

    Hyperdyne Indy United SBK

    I go with my brother and some friends to Salt Lake to ski. Taking a boat hunting trip down in Texas next spring too.
  5. Raceless man

    Raceless man Well-Known Member

    Whenever I am around people my age the topic of medications and maladies comes up, every time. I immediately bail out when that happens. Its a ridiculous talking point and frankly no ones business but theirs. My children and their spouse/fiancée/boyfriend are all older and more fun than most of my friends so we hang out when we can. Haha
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  6. jrsamples

    jrsamples Banned

    Never received the invitation. I'm down for all that shit, except I can't drink that much rum. So thanks for nothing.

    I spent 4 days with about 20 buds in Montana this summer...riding...camping...some are music-shins, so there were concerts too. Great time and I don't remember anyone complaining about anything.
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  7. motion


    I hear ya. You and I seem to have the same DGAF attitude about our short time on this world, but most men don't share that same attitude. They would rather be concerned about other BS, like what their wives think about what they should be doing, or upgrading their 40' trailer to a 46' trailer. I have a couple of solid buddies that will go anywhere on bikes with me, but for the most part, I don't even try to round guys up any more. I just do my own thing.
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  8. CB186

    CB186 go f@ck yourself

    I don't like most people enough to go on a vacation with them. Hell, I find it difficult to find time to hang out with old friends for a day, let alone a week/weekend. I've go too much shit to get done.
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  9. Booger

    Booger Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it was nice weather for you. The top of that mountain stays in clouds about half the time.

    Me and a group of riding pals planned a big trip there this past Memorial Day. It rained the entire time. We still did a lot of riding, and it was good that a couple of our newish riders discovered that you can ride a spirited pace and have fun in the rain.
  10. Dan Dubeau

    Dan Dubeau Well-Known Member

    We do a remote fishing trip every 2 years (some wives would bitch if it were annual). We're mid to late 30's and a few of the dad's come on the trip too. They giv'r harder than some of us lol.

    Our trip this year was postponed due to covid and provincial border restrictions, but we're going next spring. Always a good time.

    A few of the same guys are talking about starting up a golfing trip down south in the off years. We'll see where that leads, but i'm in.
  11. Booger

    Booger Well-Known Member

    I had a great group of really fun riding pals that I rode with for about a decade. We went on epic moto trips all around the country, laughing the whole time. Figured it would be that way forever. I’m the last guy standing now. It really saddens me that I will never ride with them again, but good things never last.

    I've learned that change is a constant, and that you must adapt and pivot in life. I’m 54 and have no plans to stop riding, racing, doing trips with pals, so I’ve found an entirely new group of guys to ride with. The next oldest guy is 40, and the rest are in their 20’s and 30’s. There is definitely some generational friction - not enough to ruin the fun or be awkward, but just enough to make things interesting and new. It’s cool watching the young guys discover new motorcycling adventures with wide eyes and excitement - the way I was 15 years ago.

    I miss my old crew, but I gotta keep having fun and living. Gotta move on without them.
  12. baconologist

    baconologist Well-Known Member

    I thought we called this “going to the track”
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  13. motion


    You must be new around here. There are no racers on this bbs.
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  14. baconologist

    baconologist Well-Known Member

    I didn’t say anything about contests of velocity
  15. cBJr

    cBJr Well-Known Member

    Every year for about the last 8, I've taken a motorcycle camping trip with a few buds. Last year, it felt forced, like I had to convince them to go. About halfway through that trip, I decided I wouldn't be asking them anymore. I was always the one that started the conversation, mapped out the routes, went back and forth between everyone to setup what times worked best, etc... If they bring it up in the future, I'll gladly join, but I'm done asking.
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  16. baconologist

    baconologist Well-Known Member

    Speaking of....when ya want to leave for the high country?
  17. rd400racer

    rd400racer Well-Known Member

    Couldn't have been a more perfect 4 days. Warm days and cool evenings. While the guys were mountain biking, my daughter and I went horseback riding on the mountain.

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  18. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    I think Brokeback Mountain killed the guys vacations :crackup:
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  19. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    I hope I'm never too old to have fun. Sorry its happened to you.
  20. cha0s#242

    cha0s#242 Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand

    We usually load up the bikes and head to TN to ride the Dragon and area. Can't wait for the border to reopen...
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