Advertise on the WERA BBS!

The WERA BBS, known across the country and around the globe, attracting the famous and the infamous by its charms like moths to a sodium vapor light at a North Carolina truck stop, is now accepting banner ads.

Why? Because servers and bandwidth ain't free and this little puppy consumes a fair amount of both. When we put it up we didn't realize it was going to require its own server and a quarter of a T1.

Why should you pay to put a banner up on the WERA BBS?


  • It's cheap ($150 a month).
  • It's effective (over 50,000 die-hard enthusiasts a monthâ–’you read this BBS, and so does everyone else you know and we all spend virtually all of our disposable income on motorcycles).
  • We need the cash to keep this baby running smoothly and you will win undying gratitude and admiration of the motorcycle racing community by supporting the infrastructure that supports this BBS.

How it works:

We've placed two ad rotators at the top of each BBS page.

They each select (at random) one ad from the ads in the pool each time a new BBS page is loaded.

We will cap the total number of ads at 12 for each spot at any one time.

We reserve the right to refuse ads.

How to submit an ad:

  • Email your banner ad (or the link to where you would like your banner ad served from) to [email protected].
  • Include the address and contact information for invoicing, and the number of months you would like the ad to appear.
  • No Shockwave/Flash ads. Animated gifs are acceptable as long as they are not too big. (less than 65 k).
  • Top banner ads should be 468 x 60 pixels.