Enough, let's see the books!

Discussion in 'General' started by CRRC93, May 13, 2018.

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    I went to page 29 and I see the same thing you posted on that page. Unless I skipped over it, I didn't see an original of an email that was sent to anyone or received from anyone. It's a screen cap of a draft email. There's nothing in the To or Subject. Was this something introduced as evidence?
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    No one dead. 3 guys total give a damn. Not sure anything is for the better or any racers will notice any difference when they go to race.
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    its in original thread. yes that's what was sent to BOD members
    Also doesn't everyone know this thread is Harding who is a member suing club over not showing the books?
    But yes Inge gave them a way out before he filed his lawsuit.
    And im sure after all the lack of interest shown him to try and bring out the facts that's its time to move on for him.
    But cant speak for him.
    Seems no one cares what BOD does to club as long as they can race.
    lets see how long that last.

  4. CMRA 270

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    Yeah, my opinion is exactly that. Everything he wanted to "expose" is now available. So....why? He very skillfully kept that thing running. Again, as a non-attorney...
  5. CMRA 270

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    Not to my knowledge, but there may have been in accordance with the suit.
  6. CMRA 270

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    Maybe he'll post it up. I'd love to know myself. It's got to be big.

    I need to bail. I've fallen into the same trap as the last thread. It goes in a big stupid circle. Nothing to be gained.
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  7. I’ve had it. SeaBass is on his way to Texas as I am so f ing confused this needs to be straightened out. For the love of all things holy, can someone please post an accurate summary. Bullet points in sequential order please. I need closure.
  8. So Inge got paid off, with money that is coming from the club and ultimately racers will be paying for. Thats a nice little tisbit of info I didn’t know. IF he doesn’t donate that (maybe minus some fees or whatever) he is a total asshat and should be at a min blackballed by his peers at the track.
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  9. That’s what it seems like, appears most people are just thankful to race. I can totally see that point, to be honest I’d do the same. Would it give me a bad feeling, sure but better than having to drive to the next closest track to race or not race at all.
    As much as i hate talking to Mongo I still financially contribute to WERA via helping racers :)
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  10. VFR#52

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    You where on the BOD and that was your responsibility on the BOD to either prove or disprove any wrong doing while by any of these people in lawsuit.
    So you took their word but wont take any facts ive shown?
    Just what did you do while on BOD?

  11. Mongo

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    There is no report of any monetary settlement - they are guessing based on the word settlement and nothing more.
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    I think people are forgetting the Board of directors are just a handful of racers who love to race and wanted to VOLUNTEER their time to help the club. These people are unpaid and have actually real jobs outside of this. These people for the most part are not accountants or CEOs just average racers.
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  13. HPPT

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    No perks whatsoever, just sheer sacrifice? :D
  14. backbone

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    Damn, out of town racing over the weekend at Hallet with the CMRA. And all this......

    I'm can't read this again and again and again.

    This BS just keeps reminding me of the time Ikensour was throwing stuff from his pit across the road to his truck or car or whatever and yellin and screaming!!! about how he was cheated out of his Championship because the other guy only did one lap and got enough points to beat him for the year. Like then, I just keep thinking "shut the fuck up already" :)
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  15. VFR#52

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    While some off that is true.
    You had an active BOD member for last 12+ yrs running a for profit trackday business along side Cmra.
    And the secretary was a Paid employee.
    So after the lawsuit was filed those nice volunteers on BOD would have had a forensic audit done to make sure the lawsuit had no merit.
    And to date no audit has been done or presented.
    And notice a few BOD resigned since lawsuit where filed.

  16. VFR#52

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    Hey Keith Hertell you back trying to do damage control again?
    Spreading lies i see.
    Amazing how you love to troll me but can't say anything to me face to face.
    Imagine that
    Wait till i post the bad math on the books posted on clubs web page.

  17. TXFZ1

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    Bullshit, John Orchard claimed the books were so bad he had to rework the spreadsheets when he took office.
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  18. John Branch

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    Well I vote instead of CMRA. We call it WWRA:clap:anyone :Poke:
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  19. He bought 5500 pies.
  20. dantheman

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    Continue on gentlemen. Finally after all this horse shit we have potential.......

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