Enough, let's see the books!

Discussion in 'General' started by CRRC93, May 13, 2018.

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    If a payment was made, that's what it would show...but that's fairly unusual. I think of Danny Dominquez who runs the rider school and Bill who would also occasionally run the riders school. Good point though. Linz used to work tech. I'm sure he was on the BOD and ran tech at the same time at some point. BOD members ARE NOT PAID to be on the board however.
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    Maybe he is keeping it (whatever $ figure it is, we don't know as the settlement is sealed) due to him getting kicked out of the club without the club following its bylaws, as is alleged?
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    He can do whatever he wants to do with it and clearly will. It's my opinion that the hearing as prescribed in the bylaws would have yielded precisely the same result. Semantics, but that's what it is.
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    You claim you have no idea where the money deposited into Bill and Nancy ‘s came from in one breath ... but then you say .. “ in caps “ that you know that It didn’t come from CRMA business dealings .... Interesting.. how where you able to make that determination ?
    It appears to me , from what has been posted on here , that in fact some sorts of
    “ financial shenanigans “ took place by them and you and others continue to defend them and appear to shift blame to Steve , Payton and Harding for trying to get to the bottom of what happened.
    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks you look like a fool to continue to defend the indefensible... JMO :rolleyes:
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    Bullshit. They sold a house, a car, a bike, a horse or a cow. The source of the deposits...I would have not idea. What I DO KNOW is those funds did not come from CMRA proceeds. There is no bottom. You need to come A LOT stronger than this bullshit post. Let's remember one thing...I'm in the middle of this now and you're some idiot reading posts on an internet board from largely anonymous sources. That you think I look like fool holds literally no weight. If you want to be informed, you need to start reading transcripts and decisions...MORE than what Steven posts here. And I'll say this again...400 CMRA members I doubt are wrong. If you want to lump yourself into those retards continuing to claim this bullshit..then...the club meets on the grassy knoll on nights with a full moon.
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    To clarify, Nancy's position was a paid position, as is Walter's I believe. Not sure if you knew that or if that is what you are referring to about deposits to board members. Or maybe I'm unaware of other payments that you are referring to.
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    So Allen why dont you post what you have to show.
    I posted all public court documents and info i could get my hands on.
    I never once didn't post any info because i didn't like what was on it.
    So instead of lip action post it here.
    Because if you do then that will be the 1st time besides the bankruptcy that any Cmra BOD has posted anything on here.
    And also it seem others have actually looked at all the financials posted and see things they would like answers to.


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    I understand that there may be some paid positions like tech inspectors/registration/starter etc. Payment for those positions may be cash or check or direct deposit. I have no problem with any of those types of payment for people working during a race weekend. However, looking at the pdf files that were linked to previously in this thread, there are other payments that I recall, that were much larger than could reasonably be expected for those types of jobs, that also were rather "round", and not of the type that I would expect for payroll payments. JMO.
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    Lol.... you are not the first , nor the last person to come on here and attempt to defend some sort of Liar , Scammer , Thief or Pedophile enabler to the point of having Zero credibility. Congratulations... you have reached that point .
    The concept that you and All the other defenders of the leadership of CMRA are having a hard time wrapping your head around is that the leadership are ones who Shit the bed and flushed your precious club down the toilet . Not the ones asking the questions .
    Not one of you can explain why the books were never opened and their refusal to do so.
    And because of that , we are in the place we are now !
    But by all means , continue with your Bullshit , petty name calling , and continued inability to answer questions repeatedly placed before you ... you are a constant source of extreme amusement for me and others ... :crackup:
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    This ^^ there is no reason to try to hide stuff and refuse to open the books unless there's something to hide. The end.
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    Seems the books were opened and the bankruptcy judge said that the CMRA's books were actually kept better than most orgs.




    Ikensower!!!!! :)
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    Books, post-suit. :)

    And to be clear, these guys put the club in [fake] bankruptcy to eliminate a debt they, by law, owed the club.

    But yeah.... It survived AND the same group can go on treating members like, well, bitches.
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    How is the parking situation?
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