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    After watching the progression of the CMRA lawsuit and the way the CMRA Board acted when they were asked to examine the books, AS REQUIRED BY LAW FOR ANY NON-PROFIT, I decided to ask myself. I have no axe to grind and have never met Mr. Inge (if you put him in a lineup, I could not tell you which was him), but I do know that the law requires, in exchange for the benefits granted to non-profits, that they be transparent. Instead of just opening the books, the CMRA Board attacked Mr. Inge, which is exactly as you would expect IF THEY WERE GUILTY.

    So I asked to see the books and was directed to one of the club's attorneys and was told how difficult it would be to collect all the info I had asked for, implying, falsely, that the information did not exist in digital form. At this point I noted that all of that info must have been collected as part of the suit and that I just wanted whatever they had put together for that case.

    At this point they conceded that yes the information was in digital form, but they would have to ask the judge overseeing the case. That, of course, was not what they did and instead they asked the judge to prohibit examination of the information until the case was settled. In other words, they asked the judge to circumvent the law and keep me from getting the info the law says I am entitled to.

    The latest on the case is that Mr. Inge, who was improperly ejected from the club, does not have "standing" and so they hoped the whole thing would go away WITHOUT ANY EXAMINATION OF THE BOOKS.

    I, however, do have "standing" and so the case will go forward and at some point we will learn exactly what the story is, as far as the club's books.

    Finally, the CMRA Board has a responsibility to the membership to obey the law and to control costs. The amount of money the Board has squandered fighting to keep the club's books secret, EVEN THOUGH THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW REGARDING NON-PROFITS, could have reduced the cost of entries by a significant amount for several years and so what they have done is completely improper. The CMRA Board is asking that they be allowed to gain the benefits of being a non-profit, but not have to follow the rules for non-profits. This is just wrong, plain and simple.

    I have attached the filing.

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    I wonder what identity the spokesperson will show up under this time.
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