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Trump is a Winning Machine

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by blkduc, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    I want to start this thread before Trump takes office as a reference to fall back on. I'm going to make a prediction but first, let's visit the way back machine...

    When Trump won the nomination, I told my wife, friends, and coworkers that day that he was going to be the next president. I made countless posts on here over several months trying to tell you people that he was going to win. Most people here doubted it and declared Clinton the inevitable future tyrant and that we were all doomed. There was even a post made by Papa where he expressed concern for my well being when Trump loses, but I never waivered...to me it was obvious that America was about to reject the establishment and the slow crawl towards the socialist utopia (tyranny and oppression), that we have been on. I knew that America was about to say "F" it and throw the grenade into the WH. Most of you doubted this and even some coworkers thought I was crazy. Then it happened.

    Now here we are, Trump is the POTUS, elect and will be in office soon. He is already making deals, investor confidence is at a crazy high and the stock market is seeing record highs, an Asian bank is investing $50B in the USA because Trump won(they made that clear). He is picking non-establishment power people for cabinet positions and looks to be truly planning to "drain the swamp". The man is already getting shit done and the establishment is freaking out.

    So what does this mean and what am I rambling about? Well, I predict that Trump is going to seriously turn around our death spiral and he is going to be a major success. I'm talking about winning on a level that none of us have seen in our lifetime. America is not ready for what is about to happen, because we aren't expecting it and have never seen it before. This man is going to work hard, push his cabinet to get shit done, and not take no for an answer. The smart people will see this soon and jump on the train. The not so smart people will double down on their attacks, continue to resist, and continue to lose. They will be left behind. Look at the media, they are already irrelevant and imploding.

    I sound like a Trump fanboy. To be honest, (because I don't lie) I started out not liking him. I thought he was a clown during the primaries. But I studied him closely and when the Trump my cat thing started, I had a feeling that he was going to make it far. People love the bad boy even if they won't admit it. Many of the liberal pussies like him but don't know it yet. He is the guy that defeated the horrible crime boss Hillary, said fuck you to PC, and pushed his way to the top. So yeah, I actually like him now and why not? I respect a badass. Obama was probably the biggest Pussy to ever occupy the WH (maybe equal to Carter) and I don't respect him. His legacy is one of failure and it will be erased quickly.

    Yes, I like Trump now. I like winning. I'm unapologetically American who believes in American exceptionalism and I'm looking forward to winning...a lot over the next 8 years. I wanted to get this started as a record to make the next big "I told you so" moment a few years down the road easier to find. :D
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  2. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    So far he has made me very proud of the vote that I gave him and no amount of wailing, whining, or liberal "think" pieces is changing that opinion.
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  3. Rob P

    Rob P Well-Known Member

    I cant say I was excited about Trump, I didn't vote for him. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But, I took great joy in Hillary's defeat, I mean GREAT joy. I also did enjoy me some Hillary supporter tears, that warmed my soul as well. I still cringe at some of the shit he says, but I am impressed that he is filling his cabinet with Hawks. I am enjoying watching the media shit itself trying to correctly analyze something, anything... They just cant seem to save face over their premature crowning of Hillary. I am coming around to the Trump may be a good president idea...
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  4. six6two

    six6two AWD

    I'm most excited about ExxonMobil dictating our foreign policy, and Goldman Sachs being openly in control of our finances. The $500b USD deal he just landed for Russia is also a huge win. He's bi-winning. With over 200 years of gov't experience in his cabinet, the people he knows will definitely bring hope and change to the greatest country in the universe. It's so refreshing how up front he is about all this.

    You know, I had gotten really fed up with our politicians being controlled by greedy billionaires with no regard for the voters want. Now that Ohblabla is out, I'm going to sleep so much better knowing that snake Hilary won't be bending over America for those assholes behind closed doors. SIMPSONS DID IT
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  5. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Do you think he's yankin' the Libs' chain with the preliminary reports of picking the likes of Giuliani, Petraeus and Romney? I gotta tell ya, those announcements had me concerned...then he scrapped 'em. Talk about rubbin' salt in a wound, the guy is burnin' people...and they're linin' up for it!
    Is he sending a message? Culling the candidates? Ensuring only those with merit step up?

    The guy is definitely a gamesman and, like he stated, he wants to be unpredictable.
    I'm not sure how his strategy is gonna work with "the swamp things", but he's been successful as all get out as a business man.

    Watchin' him is gonna be better than any Hitchcock movie, ever.
  6. six6two

    six6two AWD

    Same boat, homie. He only turned his entire inheritance into 8,000 times that in debt that one time. The economy's gonna be uge.
  7. jrsamples

    jrsamples Banned

    All I can say is blkduc > Nostradamus.
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  8. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    Will he go 2 terms?
    Will Trump decimate whats left of the Democratic party?
    What about the whole culture in Hollywierd that wont give up on pretending he's Hitler? :D
    Is it possible he might turn the West Coast red next elections? :D
  9. jrsamples

    jrsamples Banned

    Yeah! Why not..................... just ask for THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. Ian178

    Ian178 Well-Known Member

    Who can say? not I. The only thing i learned out of all this is I will never understand what's going on in politics except in retrospect. I was dumbstruck when he won the primary and I was dumbstruck when he won the general. Not only that, it was the same with both of Obama's elections, couldn't believe it both times. It's not like I don't follow things either. I just don't get it I guess. Long story short, didn't support or want trump in the primary, voted for him in the general, and became mildly optismitic when he won. Whatever happens next, it will be a suprise to me, and that's better than believing things will definitely get worse.
  11. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    I believe you and I are 2 of the few here that truly believed he'd win.

    I am happy with the results so far and just like everything else, the more the "establishment" argues, bitches, cries, and lies, the more I'm 100% sure he's the pick:)
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  12. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    The interesting thing is that you can only drain the swamp so much. At the end of the day if I am looking to find a head of treasury I am not on the call list nor are most folks here. So you can find candidates in four places; professional politicians (the 'usual' way), education sector (the Obama way), the military or business. Now someone could try a 5th way by picking people with no record of success nor qualifications but I suspect that would make our current issues look good.

    So we could vilify someone capable of running a corporation the size of Exxon and assume they would never change their allegiance to that company. But that leaves Harvard and of course they are perfect. Oh wait or a general but the slandering of them has started. Or back to the swamp for a politician LOL
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  13. six6two

    six6two AWD

    That's not interesting. The billionaires with their cocks down congress' throat are the real problem(swamp). Really, it's our legal system that permits blatant bribery at the highest level of government that is the root of the problem.

    As they say, don't hate the player, hate the game. For the working class, it's been game over for a long time... slowly, but surely. It's been extremely eye opening to see people tout what he's doing as cleaning up washington. Big Oil and Wall Street are still running the show.

    The only variable Trump is changing is that it's not just happening behind closed doors anymore, while dumbasses everywhere are out celebrating the 'end of tyranny' because Trump said so. Do you honestly believe that any of his supporters would have been singing the tune they are now if he would have been stupid enough to openly cite these Big Oil and Wall Street execs as those 100% anonymous(until the votes were in) 'smartest people in the world' that he was supposed to surprise us with? It's safe to say Hilary would have had a Sachs exec as Sec. of Treasury, and I have no reason to doubt the Big Oil would have it's way as well.

    I really find it funny at this point to see everyone still so passionate about the Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich.
  14. Ian178

    Ian178 Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that if you want to reform washingon, reform the tax code. Realistically, that is not probable. At least Trump is a private chrony capitist who made his money in the system, not from the system.

    Maybe Trump is a guy who made his money, knows the system, and is old enough and rich enough to not give a shit about getting more for himself. As unlikely as that is, I think that's the fundamental hope that turned out his vote. Time will tell.

    As unpopular as he is, his election is a mandate. People want to see something, he didn't get elected off of the core republican base. The status quo wont be good enough four years from now. If nothing else, I have to believe he knows that.
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  15. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    I usually don't pay much attention to campaign promises as they are generally just BS. In this case I think perhaps 50% of the things he talked about may actually happen. I'm really major concerned about the 20 trillion dollars we are in debt. The interest payments on that are staggering and if (when) interest rates go up we will be seriously screwed. First objective, in my mind, is getting to a balanced budget to stop the bleeding. Very few are talking about this so it doesn't seem likely. They seem to hope that a growing economy will solve all problems and it will certainly help. Unfortunately, the lag time between a healthy growth rate and reaping the benefits of such is probably many years......After all that, Trump is going to be 100 times better than Hilliary would have been.
  16. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    What I find funny is the little guy comment. If you put all of them in charge do you not think any of them would line their pockets :crackup: Of course their would be some that would also attempt to do the right thing. Kind of like successful people some are flat evil like the 'do no evil' guy and Soros and others are quite generous with their success. Oh and that success has led to a lot of better lives.

    My point that might not have been clear is that the best people will also have tended to have a history of doing things. Even Obama's academics generally were not the part time community college guy, rather they were from top paying institutions that hit what is perceived as the best. Hate on but high quality will have a track record of success 99.9% of the time :beer:

    As to Trump's choices time will tell and there are some I do not like and some that seem a stroke of genius. Oh and some might not make it through confirmation. Then you add in how much free reign Trump gives them on direction and control which remains to be seen also since he is still at day 0.

    I will say one thing I do like on him is the meetings with people of all stripes. Unlike Obama who punished anyone that did not follow his line Trump has already met with a large number of those who do not follow his campaign's stated objectives. If he can get more people pulling on the rope we all win. :timeforabeer:
  17. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Anybody can be corrupt and self serving. But of the available groups to choose from: retired execs, career politicians, academia, or average joes, who is most likely to do a good job: a career politician who has years of favors owed and wants to set himself up for retirement, a professor who has no real world experience and will be gamed by the system, an average joe who has no experienced and will also be a pawn of the bureaucracy, or a retired executive who's already wealthy and knows all the tricks and loopholes that need to be eliminated?

    I liken it to hiring a career thief as a security consultant because if anyone can point out the flaws it'll be him.
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  18. t500racer

    t500racer Never Fails To Fail

  19. R Acree

    R Acree Banned

    Exactly. It would have been much better to keep on doing what doesn't work.
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  20. six6two

    six6two AWD

    Huh? That's a south park reference... my point is Hilary(Turd Sandwich) or Trump(Giant Douche, AKA Mr. Garrison, GEEZ) will give us the same results... the same execs will be calling the shots. That said, I'm really excited about the south park content for the next 4 years.. it's already on another level, and he's not even in office.

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