Thinking about a jeep...

Discussion in 'General' started by BrianC636, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    The Launch Edition sold out on day one.
  2. Pixelator

    Pixelator Well-Known Member

    Seen 3 Gladiators running around here...
  3. Kurlon

    Kurlon Well-Known Member

    Ok, this is getting weird. All sorts of people have sparked up conversations with me after seeing the Jeep that normally would NEVER talk to me... I feel like I've bought a Harley but didn't realize it.
  4. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep, same deal.
  5. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    Between the random people stopping me and asking about the Gladiator and the need to wave back to everyone, it is a little disconcerting.
  6. worthless

    worthless Well-Known Member

    For those interested, dealers are now taking orders on 2020s even though the build function isn't available on the Jeep website.
    No material changes for the 2020s at this point other than a few powertrain options. Diesel not yet available, but projected later in the model year.
    If you want a smoking deal and can get to the DC area, let me know. I'm currently pricing out a Sahara with MSRP of about 55K and my price will be a little under $48K.
    Those looking to criticize Jeep pricing, save the effort...we've heard it all before.
  7. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    I used to return waves to be nice.
    Then it was only to modified Jeeps.
    Now, I couldn't care less and don't even bother.
    I see no need to distract myself.
  8. Newsshooter

    Newsshooter Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have a JL with play in the steering? I can move the steering wheel a couple inches either way at freeway speeds without affecting the direction the jeep is going. Dealer says it's normal. I told him it was normal for my 72 Ford F100 with a bad steering box, it's not normal for a new vehicle even if it is a jeep.
  9. r1owner

    r1owner All cars suck!

    I'm pretty sure there is a TSB for that. Seems like I've seen several videos on youtube addressing the situation.
  10. omatter34

    omatter34 Well-Known Member

    Not normal based on my JL that is lifted 2 inches w/ 35s, but otherwise stock.
  11. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    Preach. I thought I just bought a Jeep. They didn't give me a membership card or coin or anything.

    Took about 24 hours to realize I’d unwittingly joined a cult.
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  12. Kurlon

    Kurlon Well-Known Member

    There are a few TSBs out there, steering damper updates, steering box updates, track bar updates, depending on when your Jeep was built, etc. If your dealer isn't responding to your concerns there is a 'JeepCares' group that may help grease the wheels internal to FCA to get you better treatment?

    Also, check your pressures, many are finding them way high from the dealer and dropping them improves the handling.
  13. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    First thing I’d do on any Jeep JK/JL is replace the front and rear track bar bushings with urethane versions. That’ll tighten the side-to-side movement at each end, improve steering precision, and help mitigate death wobble so many have been plagued with.
  14. TLR67

    TLR67 Banned

    Do any of these things come with V8’s yet? I mean 62K sticker it better have that at a bare minimum...
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  15. Aberk

    Aberk Well-Known Member

    No. Even an 80k+ Raptor has a V6 (but it is TT'd).
  16. TLR67

    TLR67 Banned

    That shit is hilarious.. talk about a Jeep thing... I guess they don’t understand...
  17. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    I just LOVE having to correct poor engineering on a $55K vehicle :rolleyes:
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  18. 88/532

    88/532 Simply Antagonistical

    I was finally pestered into selling my 03 Rubicon. I’m sad but it’s going to someone I know and I’ll still see it. It sat in my shop most of the time anyway.
  19. TLR67

    TLR67 Banned

    Bring back the Golden Eagles....
  20. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    Blame it on the snowflakes. In an effort to reduce NVH, FCA use rubber bushings at both ends of the track bars. That allows side-to-side axle movement, which creates issues.

    Awhile back, I fixed a JK that’d been to the dealer, twice. Once I showed the female owner the axle movement, even she understood what was happening. It’s a shame “Jeep techs” can’t diagnose the very shit they’re supposed to be trained to work on.

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