Rd Atlanta asshat award goes to:

Discussion in 'General' started by mmfoor, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. CharlieY

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    :crackup: ...OK, we all will know who they are!:beer:

    Another thing I kinda chuckled at....the pic you posted...of them holding the gator bait.:bow:
  2. panthercity

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    You did!

    No, wait, he did!

    No, you did!

    Aw hell....
  3. pawpawrc

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    I almost hit one a few years back during an endurance.
  4. cBJr

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    But the risk/reward for the two worst case outcomes make it a pretty easy decision, right? Surely, you'd say something to another mother in the same situation again, even though you got yelled at once.

    I can take getting yelled at, if it has the chance to save a kid's life.
  5. r6boater

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    Thank you Buck and Kurt. Perfect sentiments.

    Along with the WERA "Family" feeling, you have to remember that just about every family has the weirdo uncle that never had kids and always complains about them...
  6. V5 Racer

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    We like kids. With directv and AC we end up with a pack of them in and out of our toy hauler on quite a few weekends, it's always fun to run the lot of them out when I have to change. "Out! Out! OUT, I SAY!". Embarrasses my daughter terribly...winning! :D

    We are thinking about setting up the projector and sound system one night at the GNF and doing a movie night for the kids (and like hearted). Even the weirdo uncles would be welcome.
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    Save the children

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  8. rd400racer

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    Oh yeah, I'd tell them again in a heartbeat.

    In my unpaid profession, you get real thick skin quickly. Even though this is hardly life-threatening, a number of times I've had to explain to a parent that, I'm sorry, but your kid just isn't that good. And then they go ballistic because I am basically telling them that THEIR child just isn't going to make the pro's. How dare me!

    And it is almost always the case that the kid in question is the one that shows up late for practice, put's in about 50% effort, causes issues with other players etc, etc. You know the type....every failed effort has an excuse attached to it.
  9. Dits

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    Front Row- Zane Ditslear, Zack Ditslear, Conrad Kesler.
    Back Row- Kevin Jenkins.

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  10. V5 Racer

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