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    yeah yeah chuck. we are all very aware of you r "opinions". what is your opnion of the gross incompetence on display by the U.N. the last 12/13 years on the iraq issue? will you continue to believe that they should have been left to do the "inspections" of iraq? no wonder they can't find any WMD's. they had 13 years to hide them. the fact that you think so highly of U.N. inspections is proof there is no talking to you.

    just remember, if they destroyed them, they would have been able to prove it. therefore, bombs away.

    thanks again GWB for having the balls to do what chuckie and his ilk could not.
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    It kept you free so you could post drivel on a BBS that would get you thrown in a gulag and/or killed.

    baby, it really is all about the economy...approval rate at 50%.... [/QUOTE]

    Yep and the economy is picking up. Should be rolling along by Nov.
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    the economy. {and the belief that one man can effect it}

    yet more proof of chuckie's brilliance.
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    pefect english chuckie. and there is a blatant point in there. the trouble is, there's an idiot that can't read it. it's alright, i knew you'd ignore it with a silly remark like you always do.

    so typical.
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    What Chuckie's little mind can't grasp is that the UN Inspector's job wasn't to find the weapons, it was to oversee the distruction of the weapons they were known to have in 1991. The French managed to get the debate shifted from their proper job (defined above) to one of playing Inspector Cleuseau and trying to find them. So when Saddam didn't produce the weapons, he was in violation of the UN sanctions.

    More importantly, the man was the head of a brutal regime that dealt daily in human misery. Wiping him and his regime from the face of the earth, for whatever reason, is a net good thing for humanity and is completely justified on that basis alone. And the same goes for ANY two-bit dictator that commits such atrocities.

    It also sends a message to the arabian idiots playing in the Middle Eastern sandbox that the rest of us on this rock have had it with their behavior. They can either shape up on their own or we'll do it for them. And we do it by killing the offending parties. If your government thinks that human atrocities and state-sponsored terrorism are acceptable, you're part of the problem and we've appointed ourselves the solution.
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    :D Commie liberal. :p
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    Stop applying common sense and reality... it confuses Atomic. :D
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