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  1. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel


    "Rather than a spontaneous mass demonstration, the photo clearly shows that only a couple hundred Iraqis participated in the largely empty and heavily guarded Fardus Square. American tanks and troops surrounded the square and one armored vehicle "helped" the Iraqis pull down the statue."--Ivan Eland, " Just Another Staged Baghdad Rally?," Independent Institute, April 12, 2003

    "The scene was marred by the presence of American tanks and soldiers who, before reaching that square to help a few Iraqis topple down the statue, had slaughtered many civilians and left a trace of blood and destruction."

    "Alas, tyranny is now replaced with colonialism. Let us not be intoxicated by that image and let it erase the fact that this "liberating" power itself was complicit in propping and supporting Saddam throughout the 1980's when he waged his war against Iran and killed one million Iraqis. All those Iraqis were not worthy of liberation back then, because they were serving another function: fodder for weapons and for containing Khomeini's Iran. I remember seeing Rumsfeld shake hands with our oppressor on Iraqi TV back in the early 1980's and both Bush I and Reagan supplied him with weapons and military intelligence while he was gassing Iraqi Kurds. No wonder it was difficult to topple him without his original sponsors who came uninvited and with ulterior motives that have become painfully obvious by now.

    "Yes there were Iraqis cheering and dancing, but that should not be (mis)interpreted as rolling out the red carpet for American tanks. The crowd at Al-Firdaws square was a few hundred and no more. Baghdad is a city of 4.5 million."--Sinan Antoon, "(De)liberation: The paradise promised in Iraq has been lost," Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt), April 13, 2003]

    ["There was the CIA's man, an Iraqi fixer of the American stooge Ahmad Chalabi, orchestrating that joyous media moment of 'liberation', attended by 'hundreds' - or was it 'dozens'? - of cheering people, with three American tanks neatly guarding the entrances to the media stage. 'Thanks, guys,' said a marine to the BBC's Middle East correspondent in appreciation of the BBC's 'coverage."--John Pilger, "Something deeply corrupt is consuming journalism," April 25, 2003]
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    Horsesh@t. :rolleyes:
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    Pure Horsesh@t.:rolleyes:
  4. ZebProctor1

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    complete horesh@t
  5. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

  6. Dave K

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    Looks like the day after to me, so...

    Utter Horsesh@t. :rolleyes:
  7. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX! Mongo just hitched up the Ford F-350 and it fell over like a rotten oak...:D

    one could argue the whole war was a staged media event....:Poke:
  8. TXFZ1

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    You think that when the Russian blew the swastika off the Reichstag and captured it on film that it wasn't staged.

    Pure and utter horsesh@t. :D
  9. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    its called propaganda....every war has it...

    ya think ally babba and his forty thieves have enough heavy equipment to topple the what's the big deal....
  10. mad brad

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    someone needs to spray razor shines, and team atomic with a hose. :rolleyes:
  11. RCjohn

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    Man if OSHA could see that they would be all over the USMC. Very unsafe practices and terrible rigging job. At least the Marines are wearing hard hats. :p
  12. Tank Boy

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    Let me enlighten Razor as to what is going on in the pics, because he is obviously clueless about anything military.

    Those armored vehicals are in a formation called a "coil" it is a defensive position where all the vehicals form a circle and point outward, kinda like circling the wagons in the old days.

    They picked that traffic circle as an obvious place to hold up. And either an officer ordered or maybe the mechanics were bored and used their M-88 to haul down the the statue of saddam.

    The press wandering around probably saw this and started filiming turning it into a media event. If you look at any other pics or video of the "battle of Bagdad" you will see civilians wandering around our troops whenever there wasnt' actual shooting going on. Having all those people all over is actually a tactical no-no, but preventing it would be like herding cats. They aren't keeping the people in. More likely they are trying to keep them out.

    Your little liberal friends saw these pics and read what they wanted to see and think into them. As usual, they have no bearing on reality.
  13. 1FST2M6

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    WOW.. they'll slant anything they find! moronic bleeding heart liberal media...

    i watch the above event on live TV while listening to Glenn Beck
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  14. Shyster d'Oil

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    My theory is that Razor Shines is actually a right winger who makes stupid arguments to make left wingers look stupid.

    WGAS about any of this? Iraq teeters on the brink b/c of our failure to immediatley cram a "Marshall Plan" down the Iraqis throat and Razor is bringing up this picayune crap??

    Our boys and girls are getting killed over there. WTF is Bush doing to resolve this continuing crisis?

    Razor, I know Bush is a corrupt ass. But is this the best you can do?? All the mass of right wing pin heads will find you an easy mark unless you come up with good stuuf. How about Bush lying about or being so negligent as to miss-state :rolleyes: the reasons for the war?? Can you say impeachment??

  15. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    An age old tactic. Traffic circles in D.C. (and even Buffalo) were built 2 centuries or so ago to be better able to defend the city (or suppress rebellion). Some were conveiniently loccated so cannons placed in the circles could support and cover each other.)

  16. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    There really is no reason for that. Left-wingers are more than capable of making themselves look stupid. :p
  17. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    Picture Rodger bowing repeatedly in a Wimply-like voice: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

  18. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    LOL :D
  19. Tank Boy

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    Typical "instant gratification" lefty reaction. The Marshall Plan took 5 YEARS to impliement. The winter of '45 there was effectively a famine in Germany. We barely kept them alive. They didn't get completely on thier feet until the mid fifties. This isn't a movie. You don't get the whole story in 3 hours, 2 weeks, 6 months or a year.
    HELLO McFLY!?!? Its called WAR. People get killed, ours, theirs, soldiers, civilian, everybody. Luckily we are apparently winning it. Iraqi bad guys are doing most of the dying and the situation over there isn't unraveling as bad as it could if things were really hitting the fan.
    Bull Fucking Shit!
    Bush knew what the *right thing* and moral (yes moral) thing to do was. If Bush were a typical and truely corrupt politico like Clinton, he would have just gotten along to get along with the UN and left Saddam in his little sand box of horrors, while billions of US dollars continued to get pissed away with the no fly zones and keeping him in the box. All the while Iraq was a sworn enemy of the the US and West that as soon as we let our guard down would strike.
    Bush saw this as a clear battle of good vs. evil and had the will to actively control fate instead of hoping for nothing bad to happen 5, 10, or 50 years in the future.
    I am willing to overlook the fact that they had to "fudge" the numbers and facts a bit to get the cowards and nay-sayers to shut up long enough to get it done.
    I don't agree with the way it was done, but it needed to be done. For mine, yours, and even that knuckle head Razor's future we HAD to confront the mistakes and poor judgement that have caused the current sitiuation across the Middle East. It was only a question of when and where that battlefield would be. Which would you prefer? Bagdad or Buffalo?
  20. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    poor poor saddam. taken out of his killing chair. poor poor saddam.

    rodger, you are as much an idiot as the faggoty french flag waving model builder. :p

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