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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Razor Shines, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    now your spin is human rights... I give up, what crap....

    if you mislead the UN, Congress and the American People, it's simple, it's a lie... our boys deserve much more from our commander and chief.

    wake up people, saddam isn't only asshole in the world...if human rights where the REAL reason, why didn't we bomb the crap out Burhma, Indonesia and Liberia...the list is very long.....

    why couldn't saddam been conviced of war crimes??
  2. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    I think Tank has some good points.

    1. Bu$h missteps are impeachable, but congress is republican. This probably won't happen.

    2. Kind of ripped from Bu$h road map to peace you believe it, I don't. Israel isn't doing a damn thing to promote peace, (i.e. that wall thingy and more settlements). Israel only agreed to the roadmap since they knew that the Palestine’s would keep fighting therefore voiding any agreement. My dad even took it even further and said..."I think we are in the war because of Israel" "Because Israel is threatened by Iraq" BTW...not anti-Israeli just think Sharon is a Jack-Ass...

    3. Lots of oppressed countries and people out there. Burma, Indonesia, and Liberia....why is Iraq the one we invade. Why wasn't this included in the State of the Union?? Congress or UN??

    4. This is right out of Wolfowitz's national security policy. Build a democracy and they will come. Wolfowitz naive view, our world is better than your world, once they see our world they will flock to it. Then they will learn not to hate us. Last time I checked he was a defense secretary and not a political scientist.

    5. U to tank boy. :Poke:
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  3. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle

    OKAY before I blow my stack :Puke: sit back relax and listen to me.

    I did not say HUMAN RIGHTS were the only issue. Human Rights are only one issue. I stated that if HUMAN RIGHTS were the only issue I could support a war. So let's go drop some bombs on some pythons. The evidence shows that the IRAQI regime had WMD's at one time and there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to show that they did anything with them other than hide them somewhere. They have without a doubt supported terrorist activities (Whether or not they house training camps is not an issue). They have committed some of the most horrible attrocities on their own people. ETC ETC ETC ETC

    SADDAM has given the world 1000's of reasons to go and and blow him off the map. The problem is people these days think we can go the diplomatic route and make everything all better. He has stated PUBLICLY that all ARAB people should attack the U.S. While Slick Willie was in charge he went hog wild slapping us in the metaphorical face every chance he got because he knew Bill was too busy blowing off in the interns mouth and trying to explain to really pay attention.

    Tell me this: How would you have felt 3 years ago if your company told you they needed to move you, your wife and kids to IRAQ for a year or two. Now in a couple of years we will address that question again. I GUARENTEE the answer will be more favorable at that time.

    As for his actions being impeachable, you couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only is he not going to have to worry about being impeached but he is going to be re-elected. So I got one thing to say.

    4 more years baby!
  4. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    Oh yeah, there's an accurate source. Holy shit you scare me.
  5. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    Yeah, not like he purgered himself to a grand jury. :D Oh wait the lefties don't have a problem with purgery or sexual harrassment or insider trading or etc. etc. But you give sketchy intelligence for the good of the world then you should be impeached. :rolleyes:
  6. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    would you guys please stop gangf&cking team tomato? i'm sure it's not his fault that he's delusional.
  7. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle

    Sure it is his fault, if he would take his head out of his ass he might be able to cope with the reality that while Gdub's info MIGHT have been a LITTLE exaggerated it was the right thing to do!!!!!!!

    Not one of those half communist bastards even have a clue what should have been done with the IRAQ crisis. They all just stand around with their thumb up their ass saying what about UN Sanctions...(The same sanctions that SADDAM has pissed on for the last 10+ Years)
  8. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    Oh yeah, the commies fault. Welcome to the 1950's every one!!:rolleyes:

    Brad is right - had we done the job right back in 1991 the "commies" might have been pissed, but we knew all about that mini-Hitler back then. But of course if we bring that up we are probably "commies".:rolleyes: And of course Brad is a commie too, right?

    Sit back and relax dude! You can disagree without being so disagreeable.

    Oh, and RCJohn, I am an offical and outspoken Clinton hater, as any commie liberal would be -- he was a disgrace. But I fear Bush may outdo him in terms of notoriety -- not that I really GAS right now. So there!:p

  9. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle


    All I ask is for ANYONE who believes war was not the ONLY way to end the Inevitable Crisis that would have taken palce in the very near future to tell me what was. I will probably politefully disagree if a logical response follows from ANYONE. I asked Team Atomic to do this and all he could do was throw rocks at the fact that I felt a War was justified simply for the Human Rights violations. I want one LOGICAL solution other than war please anyone. Hell it doesn't even have to be that logical just one that I can waffle on.
  10. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    I want you to describe the "inevitable crisis" which is IRAQ...I think that's the biggest question to answer. Remember they aren't an imminent threat, because there isn't any WMD. Until they find some, not an argument. I don’t see IRAQ as an inevitable crisis…

    I say if Saddam & his sons could have been tried on war crimes. But since we are sort of responsible it gets a little sticky.

    One other thing to stir the pot....

    We celebrate the political assassinations of Saddam's sons. I thought even war criminals deserved a fair trial.

    How did the US become judge, jury and executioner: no matter how heinous the crime? :Poke:

    Member of the People Republic of Chicago, taking advantage of immigrants since 1864.
  11. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Chucky, I’d be screaming for the bombing of Chicago right now, but way too many great bands have come out of the screwed up area. :D :Poke:
  12. Tank Boy

    Tank Boy clank clank boom

    If you removed your head from your 4th point of contact...

    We are about as guilty for Saddam as McDonalds is for making your kids fat.

    It was NOT an assassination. Both of them were members of the Baath military command and so were valid military targets. They were also wanted criminals who resisted arrest with deadly force.

    Because we can and no one else will step up.
  13. Team Atomic

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    yeah....alkaline trio is your fav....

    we had Goose Island Fest couple weeks ago...
    Sonic Youth, Bob Mould, Alkaline Trio, Psychedlic Furs

    thought there might be too many yuppies there cause it was a beer feast....goose island beer company:D

    when are gas prices going down??
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  14. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Hey, I used to resemble that remark. Cruising around in my vintage Porsche (1972 911T) , with my Revos and Armani on, yapping into my cell phone on my way to have a Heineken or three with Muffy, Biff and Bitsey. :D But I was a different breed; I had Naked Raygun blasting out of the Blaupunkt. :D

    As for gas prices, who cares? $1.75 for premium is still a bargain in my book. Can't swing it Mr. SUV driver? then buy a Geo. :D :Poke:

    Tah Tah, got a gallery opening to go it.
  15. ZebProctor1

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    intellegence that was delivered to an aide of and aide, and then to another aide who put it in a speech prepared by an aide, Bush never saw that till it came up on the teleprompter........ as for Clinton, lying to a grand jury about something HE did, and lies HE came up with...... impeach, HA!!!!
  16. ZebProctor1

    ZebProctor1 Well-Known Member

    Because of the prime directive of the BBS..... TO WASTE TIME!!! :D :D :D
  17. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle

    Okay you know the best thing to do with the NON-INEVITABLE CRISIS is to wait until it just flat out becomes a crisis. I say we have nothing to worry about in North Korea...I mean they don't really have Nuclear Weapons. They are probably just joking about trying to make them, hell it will probably all blow over anyway. Is this the kind of thought process you go through to decide that since IRAQ allegedly has no WMD's there wasn't really anything to worry about?

    As for your POLITICAL ASSASSINATION CHARGE you are really totally out of touch. Remember before the war even started! GDUBBYA as plan as could be heard in that funny little accent said
    All Right Come Out With Your Hands Up! We Dont Want Anyone Getting Hurt Here! They had their chance to get out alive. Then when the manhunt started they could have again given up. Then at the compound...In case you didn't hear...There was a firefight that lasted for HOURS. We were attempting to APPREHEND and as Tank Boy so clearly stated they resisted arrest.

    TEAM ATOMIC please tell me you are not that blind. :tut: Please tell me you are just playing Devil's Advocate. You cannot possibly believe the IRAQI Crisis did not exist, You cannot possibly believe that we cold bloodily ASSASSINATED Uday and Qusay.:confused:
  18. guerrilla

    guerrilla Real King of the Jungle

    One last question:

    When we find the WMD's what will you say then...

    Nevermind I know the answer.

    They were planted the reason it took so long to find them was because we had to plant them!

  19. Team Atomic

    Team Atomic Go Go SOX!

    I'll say the damage to US credibility has been done. Our commander and chief lied to congress, UN and the American people. We went to war without concrete proof. Whether there is any WMD is irrelevant.

    Imagine having to tell a mother her son or daughter died because we thought there might be WMD. :mad:

    Just think about that for a while and step away from your radio.
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  20. Team Atomic

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    damn....that porsche the shit.....

    chad, how are you doing?? steve, how are you doing??

    the serial killer, or child molester, van get 15 mpg and can tow a trailer with two race bikes.

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