Enough, let's see the books!

Discussion in 'General' started by CRRC93, May 13, 2018.

  1. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Sorry been sick and i suck at writing anyways.
    Just skip my stuff and read court documents.

  2. Mot Okstef

    Mot Okstef Well-Known Member

    It's like you're trying to write a haiku and really suck at it. Just stop writing. :moon:
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  3. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

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  4. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    I'm not a lawyer, but it appears that the lawsuit was brought by certain members who are suing the individual board of directors ON BEHALF OF THE CMRA.

    As President, he is arguing that only HE or THE BOARD have the authority to hire any lawyers to represent the CMRA.

    It seems like all of these lawsuits, the first challenge is to see if the plaintiff has "standing" to sue. Looks like they are challenging that.
  5. Bruce

    Bruce Tuck & Roll

    Holy shit the egos involved here. On both sides. They'd run that club into destruction before doing the right thing.
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  6. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    With the announcement of an immediately canceled BBE series and the cancellation of the NOLA round, I think that is exactly what has happened. They say its the weather but weather wasn't invented in 2018. Truly heartbreaking. I hope it turns out better than it looks.
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  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Having cancelled NOLA races and shut down an Endurance series - it's got nothing to do with lawsuits but everything to do with the books. Their endurance entries have tanked just like ours did. They were able to keep it going longer but as the regular teams finally fade out of it there is no one replacing them - our exact same issue. As for NOLA - while I personally liked going there - not enough racers do and you have to go with what your customers want.
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  8. jpence

    jpence Well-Known Member

    Had you been at the first 5 rounds??? It rained every round. And the first 2 were nearly freezing. It was absolutely miserable My first 3 years of racing in Texas I didn't race in the rain once, and I raced every round. The weather we've had has been extremely abnormal.
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  9. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clarification gentlemen. I am very concerned about the survival of the club.
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  10. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Im curious about Friday trackdays that at beginning of lawsuits and as far back as 201.
    Cmra let lonestar run those with the claim they lost money doing them.
    Yet after lonestar stopped doing them Cmra took over.
    So if you kill BBE due to not making money wouldn't you have stopped Friday trackdays long before BBE?
    Its been said numerous times they lost money on Friday trackdays.

  11. kiggy74

    kiggy74 As useful as an...

    Like double bubble wind screens?

  12. John Branch

    John Branch The REAL92

    I have an idea for y’all? Shut down the internet and message boards and see if the grids grow. It might get people off there butts where YOU LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD AGAIN :Poke: And Jordan back when I started racing there we’re plenty of cold or rainy racing weekends! And we had bias ply tires , I bet most of you have NEVER rode on . No tire warmers. And no rain tires! But we would still go and RACE ! I think that the new racers are getting softer :confused: or the old ones are getting more sour o_O
  13. jpence

    jpence Well-Known Member

    Agreed these younsters are so soft hahaha!
  14. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Dude we did our 1st prov nov race in rain.
    Lol. I even have photos of us in 45 degree wet weather freezing our butts off racing.
    I have photos of you too.
    A long time ago. Lol


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  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    That was only a handful of customers, the vast majority didn't care a bit. I changed it more due to rider confusion because of what the screen makers put out than to what people wanted :D
  16. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    All it'll do is make video games and facetubes more popular :D
  17. jfcasley

    jfcasley Well-Known Member

    10 endurance entries doesn't pay the bills
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  18. Steve H

    Steve H Well-Known Member


    Endurance racing is such an excellent way to improve your riding.

    - Lots of track time
    - Not so intense that you can’t try different stuff
    - Fast guys pass you and you can try to hang onto them for a few corners to see what they are doing differently...
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  19. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Well if they hadnt put all those beginner bikes and pushed that then no one would have strayed from real bikes.
    Seem someone on BOD likes them.
    Kinda like the motard class that someone on BOD wanted on track.
    Imagine that.

  20. jpence

    jpence Well-Known Member

    The ultw ebdurance was insanely popular before the person youre likely talking about switch over. Also it's just much easier than BBE. Not many racers can ride a big bike for an hr, most can ride a little bike for an HR.

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