Endurance Race at Pitt Race full course July 2016

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by BEi Racing, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Attention Team Captains or Team owners:
    Send me a short bio about you team:
    roster, sponsors, why you are doing it, etc.
    all of the above or whatever you want.
    Not required just looking to put stuff together to put out there and w also have some local media coming so we can provide info to them if they want to follow through with your team.

    Ride safe,
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  4. mike-guy

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    Few questions if anyone knows.
    1) Any idea how many teams there are?
    2)Are we using North/South pits or both?
    3)During the race are we given updates on positions?
  5. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    1) Going to be over 20 and seems could be north of 25
    2) North paddock pits
    3) My Laps should be live for the event (usually what Mongo has running)

    Ride safe,
  6. Mongo

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    Live scoring - race-monitor.com
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  7. Mongo

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    I'll also print hourly results.
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    Sent you a PM in which I spelled my partner's name wrong. I think he replied to it.
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    How did it go???
  10. exracer941

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    It was a big success. 26 teams, great racing, cool trophies and cash prizes.
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  11. dsmitty37

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    According to Race Monitor, it looks like Gene Burcham, Eddie Kraft, and Taylor Knapp came away overall winners
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  12. kman0066

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    Sorry all, I was the red flag at the beginning. Tried to roll the bike out of the way after the crash, but between the bent rim, crooked forks, and broken frame, it wasn't rolling anywhere for all I tried. Other than that incident, I had a great time. And feel fortunate to come out of that high speed of a crash with only some bruises. Thank you to N2 and WERA for putting this on. Once I buy some new gear and help get the bike repaired/replaced, I'll be back out there, hope to see the event around next year.
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  13. ghetto customs

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    Awesome race! Nice job to all the officials and racers! Only one red flag and the competition was tight through the whole 4 hrs. My 1st time to Pittsburgh as well as many others and I fell in love with the track after the 1st session of practice. It was good to be back on an endurance bike, hugging the big tank for the typical hr thirty of pure fun and happiness!

    Thanks N2 for the race and we look forward to many more!

    Team RBoM! 1st class, 6th overall
    ( Copoulos, Buric, Parrish, Masecar, Jackson and Beth)

  14. ekraft84

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    Great event. Awesome atmosphere, sweet trophies and even a few bucks to offset the costs. Huge thanks to N2 for helping make this happen.

    I can't see us not doing this again in the future.
  15. SWest122

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    Next time just remember that you can't win the 4 hour endurance race in the first 3 laps. Fortunately, the other rider stayed up.
  16. RollieManollie

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    What a weekend!! N2 Racing & N2 Trackdays nailed it with this one!!!
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  17. Mongo

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    No worries, you and the bike weren't the issue as much as I could see the debris being kicked up by the other bikes and wanted to prevent any flats. With the differing experience levels out there it was a better safe than sorry thing. Glad you were okay!
  18. regularguy

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    The team next to us got a flat from the debris. If you didn't call it, I'm sure a lot more teams would have.
  19. Mongo

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    Damn. Not sure calling it sooner would have helped or not since everyone still had to go through there even slowly but wish it hadn't happened.
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    That was definitely fun!

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