Durrani magnesium wheels?

Discussion in 'General' started by Booger Van der Jackass, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Booger Van der Jackass

    Booger Van der Jackass Well-Known Member

    Any of you folks running Durrani magnesium wheels? The price seems too good to be true.

    Too good to be true?
  2. dtalbott

    dtalbott Driving somewhere, hauling something.

    What's the price, and are the wheels out or are they just taking advanced orders?
  3. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    New process that minimizes scrap. I know the frim in Detroit that makes them.

    SPORTBIKETRACKGEAR.com just go set up with them and I ordered a set for me too. Production pc's are a few weeks away but it looks pretty sweet.
  4. Booger Van der Jackass

    Booger Van der Jackass Well-Known Member

    $1098 for a SET!
  5. Booger Van der Jackass

    Booger Van der Jackass Well-Known Member

    Thanks Monte. Good enough for me.
  6. John29

    John29 Road racing since 1973

    I have some reservations about that deal that led us to remove their ad from the upcoming issue...something about every phone call we made to the company reaching a busy signal, no matter when it was made. Might want to stand by before sending off money.
  7. hrc_nick_11

    hrc_nick_11 Well-Known Member

    Or better yet, just wait till one of us Michigan riders goes and checks out there shop. Hey Jig I hear your sleeping in lately take a road trip man, for that matter fill out a app. while your there Maybe they will give you a job and you can keep your toys. :Poke:

    I have emailed them about making a set fo my KTM SMR and they responded to the Email very quickly. But I would be spending that kind of money in person, not sending it to a PO box.

    Getting them through Monte would be the other good option, as we know he is trustworthy.
  8. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    Ridiculously blatant spam removed by Mongo. Monte you need to step it back a few notches.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2007
  9. zook1k6

    zook1k6 Banned

    I have received very prompt replies to several email messages to them.
  10. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    Emails are nice but if no one picks up the phone. . .

    Hell, I get prompt replys from the wife of Prince Click Clack of Nigeria about her offer to send me $35 Million cashiers check if I help bribe some Nigerian officals.
  11. hrc_nick_11

    hrc_nick_11 Well-Known Member

    I was worried about this as well, which is why I tried to order already but found out they don't make them for my SMR yet.
  12. Knarf Legna

    Knarf Legna I am not Gary Hoover

    Do you take credit cards?
  13. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    All of the principles have full-time "real" jobs so prompt business hours return calls might be a little problematic. They're running lean and mean as a start

    Start up companies with big offices and lot's of employees and lease cars scare the hell out of me.
  14. zracer196

    zracer196 Well-Known Member

    Weird...They have answered all my calls and now e-mails...

    I am going to buy...BUT with my CC card...Anyone else "talked" to them??
  15. Knarf Legna

    Knarf Legna I am not Gary Hoover

  16. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    STG takes Cash, Checks, VISA, MC, AmEx, Discover and Pay Pal.

    PM me your year and model bike Frank and I'll PM you to let you know approximate lead time for your application.

    BTW - I don't want to turn this into me selling wheels. I just wanted to let those interested who asked questions about if this was legit or not know that it is.
  17. John29

    John29 Road racing since 1973

    I just got an e-mail from the company complaining about my post and stating that their phones are busy because they had a 500% increase in orders.

    The e-mail says I should have tried to contact them before posting. (Unfortunately, their phone was busy.)

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  18. jigmoore

    jigmoore Banned

    just curious. have you seen the mfg operation? or the f.e.a.? or any other prototype testing results?

    again...not stirring up shit...i'm just sure you wouldn't just toss your rep out on no info at all.
  19. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member


    I'm not a big foo-foo guy and honestly have avoided mag wheels due to tensile/yield ratios and post crash/impact inspection criteria that to me were unacceptible for casual use.
  20. STT-Rider

    STT-Rider Well-Known Member

    That was good for an AM chuckle.
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