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    Sort of. Lots of individual desires are getting in too. A committee could absorb all the feedback and with a good cross reference propose a safe class schedule structure in addition to proposing indexing of certain vintage class bikes into modern sportsman classes. Just trying to make your job easier and take advantage of some long term vintage rider knowledge.
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  2. Mongo

    Mongo Sacko

    I like getting all the input from everyone personally, I know who has more experience and who doesn't and adjust accordingly but I'll run it past the boss.

    I've always said the single most important part of my job is knowing who to call (or listen to on the BBS) for answers. :D
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  3. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    "A committee could absorb all the feedback and with a good cross reference propose a"
    Well, I think that's where we're at as the input diminishes?
  4. Yamaha Fan

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    "Light travels faster than sound, this is why some people appear bright until they speak" :crackup:
  5. kenessex

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    I just want to put my perspective out there. I have not raced much with WERA or anybody recently, but I have been at it since 1977 and raced vintage since WERA created the classes. I currently have bikes which can fit into V-1 through V-5 ( I have at least 6 vintage race bikes). I think I am like many of the vintage guys in that I have a bunch of projects and bikes. I can stick either a disc or drum on any of my V-1 through V-3 bikes without too much trouble. At this point I will wait to see how the schedule will work out and then decide which vintage bike(s) to bring along with the SV650.

    Here is what I like that I am seeing here;

    WERA is seeking input and looking at how to continue to accommodate all of us.
    Double headers are cool and I can race at least 5 or 6 classes both days (I will only do 2 or 3 per day cause I am old and tired, but I might run different classes each day for fun)
    Vintage guys like working on bikes and should look at just building the bike to best fit in with the competition in the new class structure.

    I hope to do a GRattan round and VMD this year if my finances and schedule work out.
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  6. Hate McDead

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    I'd like to have some platform to race my 250 GP bike and my 350 GP bike. I just would like to be able to still go to a WERA event and race vintage. I don't care if WERA rolls up various classes and I'm outgunned as long as there are bikes on the grid. I don't care about drum or disc. I like the idea of racing Saturday and Sunday. I like the idea of having a vintage race at every WERA Sportsman Series. Ideally I'd like to get 2 races in a day. I'd be more likely to go to a WERA event knowing that I could grid up on both Saturday and Sunday. I understand the need for WERA to consolidate; I'd rather see that than no vintage racing. Throw all of us on the track at once and it'll all get sorted out very quickly; the fast guys will go fast and the slow guys will go slow. Just give us a slot on the schedule.
    Hope to see you all at Talladega in February.
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  7. Can-am

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    I would like to put a little perspective on this proposal with slightly doctored facts. All of the vintage classes ran the same weekend 3 times at major tracks. If you take the results from those races and put them into the proposed schedule you get an idea of what the racing might be like. Proposed race #8 (revision 1) Clubman, V4, V3, 500GP: Classes eligible to run including "bump ups" = Clubman EX & NV, V4,V3, Formula 2 stroke, Formula 500, 350GP and 500GP. Listed below are the fastest time and number of entries in the class.
    Roebling May 27 - 28 Road Atl Sep 9-10 Barber July 1-2
    Club EX 1:20 4 1:48 8 1:43 3
    Club NV 1:23 2 1:53 7 1:46 8
    V4 1:27 1 2:06 1 0 0
    V3 1:42 2 2:02 4 2:05 2
    F 2stroke 1:25 4 2:10 2 1:48 3
    F500 1:28 7 2:16 4 2:03 6
    500Gp 1:35 7 2:16 4 2:03 6
    350GP 1:40 5 2:10 4 2:02 6
    This is only useful as a rough idea of how it might look. Even though they all ran the same weekend, but on different days and times, the track conditions might not have been the same (rain shower). The entries would not be as high they were since there is considerable overlap between some of the classes (350GPP-500GP, Formula 2 stroke - Formula 500). Remember as the stock brokers say, "past performance does not predict future results".
  8. Can-am

    Can-am Well-Known Member

    Before I hit "Post" all the data was in neat columns. It is still in the same order: class, RRR time, entries, RA time, entries, BMP time and entries. It is just all pushed to the left. There are some things you just can't make a computer do.
  9. mgmark

    mgmark George Tirebiter for President

    Boy, you Roebling locals with your 3' screwdrivers! I’m scared to even go there to race.

    Will these changes take place immediately, like Tally in Feb now has Vintage?
    I need to get busy faster.
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  10. Rich Graver

    Rich Graver Well-Known Member

    If we start middle weights in front it should be alright.
  11. Rich Graver

    Rich Graver Well-Known Member

    It's only a couple of us.
  12. kenessex

    kenessex unregistered user

    It somewhat pains me to so totally agree with the highly esteemed Dr. McDead, but he has nailed it this time. Put vintage bikes in the schedule and the true vintage racers will show up. I think somebody famous once said, "racers race."
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  13. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    I read all of the replies before my previous post but had to go off of the schedule mongo posted bc I didn't see an updated one. Haven't seen a revised one with propos d changes, but it looks like Eric and I are looking for the same thing: get the faster (relatively) vintage classes off of the clubman and dsuper races. The rd is legal from r f500/v3/v4. The rz is legal for v5/v6lw/clubman/dsuper. I have no expectation that I will be able (nor would I want to!) race all 7 classes every weekend. It would be nice though if I could run v5, clubmanand dzuper. F500/v3 whatever it's goi g to be called would be a nice bonus, but if it's not feasible, leaving the rd at home would save me $$$ bc the van gets 5mpg better when I don't have to pull the trailer!

    Fwiw- can AMs data shows f500 and gp500 have the best turnout. (At least for those 3 races, but it looked to be the same at tgpr and vid too...) I would think that would be a clear guide which classes to keep!

    Thanks for keeping at this!! I for one am excited about double header races. Was actually planning to do it already this year bc we had so much fun chasing the clubman and d super guys and gals at the 3 weekends we did doubleheader style this year. Having vintage and sportsman both days will only add to the fun, cameraderie and challenge!
  14. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Charles- the idea is not to incorporate v5 into v7mw and v6 hw, just to run it at the back of their race bc the v5 bikes are quick enough not to get lapped by them. (For the most part.....might want to consider pulling the plug on the little 250's in v5. Personally , I think they're fine, especially at tgpr and bmp, but Road a might bring to surface closing speed issues between gsxr1100's!)
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  15. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Thanks for chiming in, I'll roll with it if you think it is good…send me an email and tell me what happened to your RZ tach, I thought you got it fixed.
  16. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I would simply state that the ever popular EX250 is the most likely crossover to future MORE vintage guys. Or Saturday vintage guys who can't hang Sunday and consider the fun little reliable that handles like modern sport where going a little over 100 MPG is safer then near 100 on a stock, non-reinforced frame running upgraded 35mm forks. I could see a way to fill the second spot and improve my 350 riding while racing the way cool 250s. Even if just for vintage recruiting ?
  17. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    V-1 and V-2 should get absorbed into GP 500, they were both slower classes than GP 500 before. Then they all bump to V-3/ Form-500.

    Makes more sense to absorb them all into V-2. It is a more inclusive group, same pace.
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  18. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    Sorry, but this information is FALSE "they were both slower classes than GP 500 before. "
  19. dbc105

    dbc105 Well-Known Member

    Jack is right, my V2 RD400 is not as fast as any of the 350/500 GP bikes that I've seen or the V1 Honda 350s. I have to abide SS rules which allow pipes and that is about it. Rules did allow me to remove the kickstand, LOL.
  20. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    DC, I think you got back wards more backwards. An RD400 street bike should be faster than the finest built CB77 Superhawk, CB350 in the stock model. I chase and almost keep up with David on his Gold Star 500 single to watch him cross the finish line at Road A 7 seconds ahead of me at the end of the race. There are no V1 or V2 350 Honda twins in sight by the end of the first lap. And even the RD250 is a V1 bike that is kinda competitive in that class.

    The false information I was referring to is the fact that V1 and V2 are much faster than GP500 classes. Check the times. Watch my videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/videoproquo

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