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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Mongo, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Yamaha Fan

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    Why not put V3 or V4 with F2?
  2. boogiesg

    boogiesg Well-Known Member

    Sean, thanks for taking the time to answer us individually.

    This comparison is probably the best compliment I've read about my bike. I always considered F500 to be the next bump up after V2 but yeah, V3 is another possibility. Or maybe I'll cave and buy one of those plastic sewing machines that still get to go to all the cool tracks.
  3. boogiesg

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  4. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    Or let V-4 re-absorb formula 2 stroke. Originally when it was only V-1 thru V-6, RD's started in V-3 and bumped to V-4. At some point V-4 was split into V-4 and V-4 two stroke, then F-2 stroke. V-4 should now be where F 2 strokes go.
  5. Duck150

    Duck150 Well-Known Member

    V-4 used to be only a 4 stroke class, never allowed 2 strokes in... but, that was years back when I race it ....
  6. Duck150

    Duck150 Well-Known Member

    Would make sense to put them there, V4 had a very low turn out....
  7. ringdingding

    ringdingding TWO-STROKE MILITIA

    Wrong, before f 2 stroke was created. All V-3 machines could bump to V-4, even 2 strokes.
  8. Duck150

    Duck150 Well-Known Member

    Ok... just don't remember it that way in the nineties....
  9. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Well-Known Member

    I'm happy if the 1985 RG400 formula 2 stroke i'm waist deep in building is allowed to run V5 ...
    Then I'll just enter whatever and let Sublet DQ me :D

    Your work as always is appreciated Sean, and give my regards to the Chairwoman
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  10. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    The RG400 is legal in Formula 2-stroke and V5 is the bump class is V5 so it's legal there too. That bike should be Clubman legal too among others.
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  11. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Well-Known Member

    Totally agree Joe.
    Was intending to do F 2 stroke, bump to V6HW.
    But in an earlier post in this thread, Sean mentioned allowing F2smokers run V5 in the spirit
    of combining classes since F2smoke is getting the axe.
    I like your thinking on V6LW. Crikey I'd love to run with my buddy on his silly fast FZR490!
  12. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    I just edited my post after going back and reading the rules. And, that bike can easily run V6lw too. For D superbike I think Sean should allow hybrids in. This opens the class up to some V6lw bikes and potentially others.
  13. Duck150

    Duck150 Well-Known Member

    Your correct Joe, F 2 stroke have a later build date then V-5 ... so how does it bumb up to a lower class ??? Should be v-6 L... does not make sense for a later build bike to bumb up to a pre 1982 bike ??????
  14. 50Joe

    50Joe Registered User

    I should have left my post and not edited it because some may not understand what I wrote previously. But, V5 also has many bikes specifically included in the class. Post '83 RZ350's up to 450cc being one of them.
  15. dbc105

    dbc105 Well-Known Member

    Well I've read through most everything and want to point out a couple of things. I have a V2/F500 bike and a F500/V3 bike. I ran V2 in 2016 and V3 2017. I ran V3 with a V2 bike because I bought Bill Duguid;s T500 and was getting it ready and wanted the points for it. I was planing to try to run both bikes this year, V2 & V3. If you take a look at my lap times and the other V2 bike, Gault, the 350GP, 500GP & V1 bikes are as fast if not faster than we are, John Cook not with standing. I've not been racing long and will never be as fast as some of these guys and I think that could be considered. I understand Doug's point about being out powered but if someone on a bigger bike proves to be too fast for the class move them up one. I don't think I could lap a rocket ship and keep up with Doug. I watched Mark Morrow lap Barber's last year a lot faster than me on my bike. Experience is everything and for me to race my RD400 against current field of 350GP/500GP/V1 I don't think I will even place, but I'm there to have fun and I'm doing that.

    As to V3, I had thought before of going to VIR and running with LWT, Clubman or maybe D Super Stock(that might be another one of those index things) but it seems a few places where we could be slotted in if the grids are not too big.

    One other thing to consider, the new smaller bikes are faster than the older bigger bikes, that said most of us could all be indexed in somewhere going by our average track times. I know this pretty much kills any chance of a championship but it does give everyone track time and the other thing is that maybe we could race at all the tracks if we can slot in and not just the ones set for vintage. Just something to think about.

    Me and Jerry are having a ball and we plan to race WERA however it works out.
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  16. javyday

    javyday Well-Known Member

    You vintage guys are a trip
  17. footwork

    footwork Honda Research Analyst

    This thread is 3 days old? This is a record for the vintage thread. Im actually suprised the vintage classes has pushed on this long, you guys should be thanking WV for perservering. Honestly I figured it was going to disappear entirely, but the fact that Sean is trying to figure out an alternative is commendable. When an organization is down to the entries WV produces, it is not likely your having an ontrack battle with anyone.(im sure there are exceptions) Therefore, why isn ‘t the promise of a green flag and tracktime against some other bikes good enough? Don’t get wrapped around the axle with class structures, proposed rules and drum brakes- prep your bike and go to the track and ride hard- get faster, watch your lap times, pass some people, talk shit in the pits, spend the night and do it again on Sunday. If that does not suit you, just don’t do it and stay home. This could have easily been a thread about the END of WV.....
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  18. videojack

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  19. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    Pfffttttt. No post climb up in post count like a Vintage rule post or a LW shit storm hahaha
  20. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Sadly, this is just one of those things where no matter how hard Sean and Evelyn try, some people will end up losing out. I, like Buff, expected this to be a " WERA Vintage is dead" thread, so I'm excited to see that there is some hope! Unfortunately for me, it looks like I'm the big loser here with the first draft of this schedule. It doesn't really bother me that 2 of the 3 classes I'm the champion in are nuked (kinda has a nice ring: the ULTIMATE f500 and f2 stroke Champ!!) because for the past 3 years, winning this championships has basically come down to showing up at the gnf and not breaking or crashing. I believe there were 3 bikes on the grid this year in both classes. It does seem silly to keep v3 and v4 over f500 bc f500 had more entries all year long than v3 and v4 combined and there was never an actual REAL v3 bike on the grid, (that I ever saw) it was always the f500 crew bumping up for an extra race. F500 is also one of the only classes that has identical rules in both WERA and AHRMA, so if it were my org, (which it's not!) I'd nuke v3 and keep f500. Also, keeping v4, which truly had 1 person in it all year just adds a little sting. At least f500 had the Dick jim and mark show at every round.

    That all being said, the real lose for me personally is that I'm not only losing vintage classes, but Now the 2 vintage classes I have left are both being combined with the 2 sportsman classes I run (clubman and d super) so now I go from 5 races in a weekend to 2. It doesn't even matter if I bring the rd, bc the one class it's legal for runs with a class that I run on the rz. I understand killing the classes like f2 stroke and v3/v4, but runningnthem w clubman and d super just takes away $$$$ and opportunities for someone like me to race. I know I'm just one person, but I've been running 3 vintage classes every weekend (several years I ran all 4) for 23 years and last year, when I added the rz, I started going to a few non vintage weekends and ran clubman and dsuper 3 times each. The problem is that the 4 classes that are left that I can run, are all running in 2 races, so I go from 2 sportsman and 3 vintage every weekend to 2 races, and I have to chose between vintage and sportsman in both of them. As much as I'd like to make it all about me (I do consider myself one of WERAs biggest supporters and could easily buy a house with what I've spent over the years...a nice one, not the dippy one I actually live in!) but this is losing $$$ for WERA bc I'm planning (hoping) to shell out for 5 races every weekend and I'm being limited to 2. Kiiiiindasux!

    So as not to sound all doom and gloom and spew negativity without offering any ideas, here is a great fix:
    Keep f500, allowing all of the same classs you already figured out to bump up into it. F500 rules are closer to v1 and v2, so there won't be as big of a stretch for those guys. Nuke v3 and v4. There aren't any true v3 bikes currently running and harry is definitely fast enough to hang with v5 on that kawi! Keep everything else the same as far as classes.
    Race schedule:
    Move v5 to race 12 with the f2 guys.
    Move dsb to race 10 (yes I know it's always been behind lwtss but it it will be totally safe behind the v6/v7 guys and it open up options.
    Move v3/v4(f500) to race 4.

    This would take me from 2 races (as listed below) to 4, which, no matter what entry fees are, is 2x the annual income for WERA from one of their most dedicated supporters!

    If this is too much of a stretch, at least consider moving v5 to race 12. I could then just leave the rd home and at least get 3 races every weekend.

    Thanks for trying!



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