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I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    I keep talking myself in and out of a Socom 458. There’s a lower in the safe that needs a use.
  2. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    do it might as well! Thats why I SBR'd this lower. It's got a 16" upper that I'll never use. Might as well do something different.

    now I Gotta figure out what will look better on the Henry 30-30 . Swaro z3 3-9x36 or z3 3-10x42
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the most important thing about the Canik MC9…..

    It also comes with the little gun wrench with the tools inside it. :D


    As I’ve said, bang for buck, you can’t beat a Canik. Aside from being great guns, you get so much shit with them. Holster, mag loader, optic plates, cleaning tools, and that little gun tool. Not only do they give you 3 different backstraps, they even give you the punch you need to remove the pin for changing the backstrap.
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  4. I also shot the S&W Competitor 2.0 Metal for the first time yesterday. I took the Rival to compare it to.


    Admittedly, it isn’t a fair comparison. A more direct comparison would be against the Rival-S (Steel frame). I don’t have one of those yet.

    The Competitor is softer and smoother shooting than the Rival. And probably a tad more accurate (I shot from 8-20 yards out).

    However, I do have a complaint about the Competitor. The trigger reset is shit. I mean it is almost non-existent.

    On the Rival, it’s a solid “click”. You can feel it and hear it. There is no doubt it is reset.

    The Competitor has a lighter trigger pull and feels good, until you go to reset. It is by far the softest and weakest feeling reset of any gun I’ve shot. It’s like “Did the damn thing reset or not?”

    I mean it did, it shot and worked flawlessly. It is a great gun. But I like the Rival trigger much better, simply because of the solid reset.

    If I ONLY shot the Competitor, I would develop the muscle memory and probably wouldn’t need to rely on the actual feel/sound of the reset.

    But compared to the Rival, or really any of them, the reset is very, very weak.

    That’s my only complaint. It feels good in my hand, shoots amazing, and is a great gun. I put lots of different types of ammo through it and had no issues with any of it.

    I wouldn’t tell anyone not to get it. It is a very good gun. But the trigger reset leaves a lot to be desired.
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  5. And finally, the 3rd new one I played with… the FN 545.


    This thing is badass.

    The 509 has never been my favorite, but they nailed it with this 545. It is very smooth and almost doesn’t feel like a .45. I was able to do quick double and triple taps damn near as fast as a 9mm.


    I went with a Trijicon SRO on it.

    I already have a .45 can to put on it, and I’ll put a light on it. This thing could end up being my primary bedside weapon.

    I need to get at least 500 rounds through it before I will put it in that role. But being smooth, accurate, quick, and with 18+1 rounds of .45ACP, if it proves reliable it will end up being my primary home defense weapon.
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  6. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    But 1 failure to Feed/Fire/Eject and he's going to throw it across the room and hope he doesn't hit the petting zoo.
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  7. :crackup:

    True. :D
  8. DaveB

    DaveB Just Riding Around

    Any issues with the SRO? I've heard the lenses scratch pretty easily and due to how far forward they are on the slide they sometimes interfere with the ejection port and get hit with spent cases.
  9. Nope, never. I’ve got them on about 10-15 guns, with no telling how many thousands of rounds shot between them, without a single issue.

    I love the sight picture on the SRO.
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  10. DaveB

    DaveB Just Riding Around

    Good to know. I've got RMR's and Holosun so always curious about the options out there.
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  11. sanee

    sanee Well-Known Member

    any 22lr bolt action enthusiast in the house? Would love to have one as my next plinker and looking at the b14r. What you got? The b14r comes in an 18 and 20" barrel length.....whats optimal?
  12. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    I went and held the 18" and it is going to be my next buy as soon as I find out if my kid is right or left handed. I have a dead air suppressor I'm going to throw on it. I might just get it for myself too

    Nerds that put NF ATACR's on their .22's will probably say the 20"
  13. SOFG2

    SOFG2 Well-Known Member

    Big Horn Armory AR500. I know it's not a hand gun but dang!!!
  14. sanee

    sanee Well-Known Member

    any other reason on why 18" other than you dont want to be a nerd? stainless barrel?
  15. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    Shorter overall length with the suppressor. I'd prefer it 16". People get suuuuppppper into 22 precision so a longer barrel generally will give you more FPS but for me it's about the basics and teaching the basics. A shorter barrel is easier to handle, throw in the truck, carry etc.

    I'm not sure on optimal barrel lengths for a .22 and shooting tight groups but for coke cans and setting up sporting clays I'm looking for light weight and ease of handling.
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  16. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Don't have one but, back in '72 when I was 11, I started on a single shot .22 with competition peep sights @ 50'. At the time, the guns provided were as good as they got before stepping up to something like an Anschutz. Eventually, my target's bullseyes were reduced to the size of a pinhole...the "9" ring was the bullet diameter. I never did get a Match grade .22. :(
    At the price of that Bergara, you could have an entry level Anschutz.
    If I went for the B14R, I'd have to think real hard about not getting it in .17HMR. I mean, with .17HMR, you're into optics territory as far as ballistics. You could still put peeps on it, but then you might as well just stay with .22 and use it as intended - a trainer.
    It's a toss up until you consider ammo availability and price. You're gonna have to buy sights either way.

    If ya really wanna step out into something different, look at Anschutz's Biathlon rifles. :cool:
  17. sanee

    sanee Well-Known Member

    not sure how you see the price is anywhere near the same lol, even their "centerfire" models are wayyyy up there. Yes ill be staying with a 22lr and not needing a diff caliber. Yes ill be buying sights for it
    And i wont be doing a biathlon anytime soon ;)
  18. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

  19. sanee

    sanee Well-Known Member

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  20. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Sorry, I was lookin' at the Carbon edition B14-R, didn't see the Steel option.

    Barrel length, I think you'll have to find the right ammo for whatever length you're using.

    So whatcha thinkin' for sights?

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