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Anyone doing the GLP1, semaglutide/tirzeptide, weight loss injections?

Discussion in 'General' started by ClemsonsR6, Jan 11, 2023.

  1. pickled egg

    pickled egg There is no “try”

    Nah. That’s Beetlejuice.
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  2. britx303

    britx303 Boomstick Butcher…..

    “The bitch set me up, the bitch set me up!”…………:D
  3. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    Meth is probably a whole cheaper than this stuff. :D
  4. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Lots to read and respond to.... I'll have to wait to get back home and in front of the computer first.

    Going back to vacation.
  5. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Yeah, in the short run...
  6. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    Meth also saves you a ton in future dentist costs :rock:
  7. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    so nice you say it twice!! :D
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  8. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

  9. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

    I eat a scoop (30grams) of whey protein powder w/ water & an orange, when I get up.
    I eat a chicken breast, or salmon, or a tuna, or 4-whole eggs (and a bag of vegetables and some spinach) before I go to bed. I take various vitamins and inject IM B12.
    Other than water during the day, that's it.

    Went from #230 to #178 in 3+/- months. I have no muscle left on my body (from past/recent cancer/chemo/radiation and a massive stroke).... i prolly should be at #140-lbs to have a normal (15-18%) BMI (had 15% at 195+/- when I was healthy and lifted, natty). Will see how it ends up by summer. I needed to lose weight because my (leg) muscles would give out walking/struggling to get up a flight of stairs. I walk easier/longer now. I'll walk even easier when/if I get to 140.

    GL everyone trying to improve their health, how ever you do it, whatever works for you. GL
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  10. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Just an update....4 weeks in. Have dropped 18lbs and 5" off my waist line. Visceral fat is down, BMI is down, muscle mass is up, clothes are fitting better, and people are noticing the weight loss.....I'm happy.
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  11. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Most common side effects are diarrhea and nausea. Other than that, nothing of concern.
  12. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    So...for me, my diet changes were this: Cut out 95% of bread, Cut out 95% of sweets/snacking, Cut out 99% of the fast food I was eating daily for lunch, and cut out alcohol. I have a protein shake in the morning, a protein bar for lunch, and then eat a regular dinner of whatever the wife has cooked. Drinking more water....I only drank water before except for the fast food lunch stops, now it's only water. Since starting, I've had 1 coke, 3 glasses of wine and the remainder of water.
  13. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Like others have said....if there are no lifestyle changes, you're just going to pack the weight back on.

    This is not a magical cure....it's a tool. This and changing my diet are tools to get back to where I need/want to be.
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  14. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    Wishing her luck. A lot of people are looking for the brand names, a lot of places can compound the medicine which is what I am using. Same medicine, different package.
  15. Dude that’s fucking awesome.
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  16. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    It would have been interesting to see the results from merely doing these things without the shots.

    Edit: sorry... Merely is the wrong word. I quit cigarettes, but quitting sugar might just be even harder.
  17. That’s a major lifestyle change, but a very good one. If you can stick to it, your results will be permanent.

    It typically takes 3 months for something to truly become a habit. At that point it won’t be “your lifestyle change”, it will be “your lifestyle”.

    I know that I catch shit for some of my workout and eating habits. But for me, it’s just my life. I’ve been this way forever, so it doesn’t require any changes or effort or even willpower. It’s just how I do.

    It would be abnormal and weird for me to eat a BigMac meal with a coke, instead of a baked chicken breast, fruit, and water. And I can’t remember the last time I had some kind of brownie or ice cream or some shit. But I never even think about it. I don’t miss it and it doesn’t take willpower to avoid it, because I’ve never eaten that kind of shit.

    Do whatever it takes to stay on track for 3 months. It will get easier from then. You will eventually reach a point where there is no willpower or effort involved, it’s just what you do.
  18. BTW, if you are like me you might want to look into getting some type of greens.

    I subscribe to the Athletic Greens:

    I’ve also heard good things about “Primal Greens”. I actually just placed an order to try those. But I’ve been doing the AG for a long time.

    The hardest thing for me to get is vegetables. I don’t like them and don’t know how to cook them. I don’t even know anything about them. I’m not sure which ones are good for you, how long it takes for them to go rotten, how they are supposed to be stored, none of that shit.

    The only ones I regularly get are the ones that look like little trees. I can’t remember the name now, but they have those steamed at work almost every day and I get some, because they usually have cheese on them.

    Aside from that, I never get vegetables. So it’s easier for me to just drink one of those every day to get all the shit I need.

    Side note, if you do try some, experiment with the water amount. The AG comes with a shaker bottle and the wife likes her scoop with a full bottle. I like mine with the bottle only about 30-40% full.
  19. brex

    brex Well-Known Member


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  20. That’s them!

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