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Discussion in 'General' started by zamboiv, Oct 10, 2018.

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    So is a Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini. Your point? :D
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    I wouldn't own any of them, unless it was free. That's my point.
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    I write this while sitting at the Audi dealer (just the standard 65000 service)... my wife is excited that her 2012 A4 Avant (bought as a CPO right after it came off lease in 2015 with 20k on the clock) is almost paid off. Meanwhile I am looking to see what is going t replace it. The warranty is up and I can hear the clock ticking on whatever bomb is about to go off. Maybe it will be the steering rack...maybe it will be the fuel system again.... I just don’t know what will replace it. Allroads are too expensive, even used, I’m not a BMW fan, the new Buick wagon doesn’t quite do it...I am actually thinking Volvo or Toyota.
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    Did your dad teach you how to drive? :D
  5. Against my better judgment we got the wife a q7 a while back. It’s her car so if she likes it then so be it. It’s quite a good piece of kit with the 20” wheels, 0-60 sub 6s, my best is 5.68 in 90+ humid weathe but I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow am as it’s 30 cooler. It’s actually fun in the mountains, almost no body roll. With the seats had a bit more side bolster but she likes them. I’m 6’3 and she’s 5’2 so bit of a difference. The heads up display that can show the nav is awesome, she doesn’t use it but I do if I’m driving. Brakes are amazing.
    I just wish we could get the diesel with the sport package.
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    :crackup: Touche! Seriously though, our cars hit 75K about the same time and they super fell apart. I mean we had issues before, but to have multiple oil leaks and the transmission fail that was the end of the road.
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    there are some deals out there in the Q7 TDI's. I had been looking a bit just to see prices and what I liked. Turns out I like the S-line TDI's which of course only come as an option on the prestige models. The wheels look good, and it's easy to spot the s-line/prestige models when looking at auto trader and such.

    FYI there's a nice low miles 2013 prestige s-line TDI Q7 at the Audi dealership in Marietta GA (north ATL) for $30k. not a CPO but looks to be clean. black/black I think. I was going to go look at it, but ended up buying a friends Touareg TDI. Flying to NY to pick it up Monday, and drive it back to ATL. Can't wait to get it. original owner 2006 V10 TDI. Low mileage, all maintenance records and lots of upgrades looking towards durability.
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    Here’s a “Dad taught you how to drive” story.

    When my now ex-wife was pregnant with our daughter, she decided (against my better judgement) on a BMW X3 as the new familymobile. We ordered it and scheduled delivery at the Spartanburg Performance Delivery Center.

    A big feature of the Delivery Center experience is instruction from race car drivers and driving an equivalent vehicle on the mini race course in Spartanburg. I invited a friend of mine to go with me, but he couldn’t make it so he sent his wife (a good friend of my wife’s) in his place.

    Her name was Pam. Pam spent the classroom time staring at her phone. She paid absolutely no attention to the driving instructors. When we got on the track, she drove with one hand draped over the steering wheel in the classic redneck style. It was like she was driving the track to get to the supermarket.

    I asked her, “Why are you driving like this? Don’t you know this is a race track? Didn’t you hear the instructions about proper two-hand positioning on the steering wheel?“

    She informed me that (no shit) her father had taught her to drive, and he had explained that two hands fight each other, so one-handed driving is the proper technique.

    It was the worst day ever. To this day I hate Pam.
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