MotoAmerica FINALE - Barber Motorsports Park - Sept 20-22 2019

Discussion in 'General' started by TX Joose, Sep 17, 2019.

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    I liked his approach early in the season. He had a quiet demeanor, to the point and the bike/leathers set up was the cleanest in the paddock. He`s acting like a sore loooooooser today, lost a fan.
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    If Bobby finished last and PJ won on Sunday, PJ would have still lost by 1pt. So it was inconsequential to the championship.
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    This year Donington Park WorldSBK, Suzuka 8 Hour, and MA Barber all had races ending in red flags, with people confused and upset about the results.

    Last year Portimao World Supersport, same thing. Mahias got a flat tire on the front straight on the last lap, then there was a red flag. He knew he had to get back to the pits within 5 minutes to get his finish, and he was in the championship battle. He had to make it all the way around the very hilly track with a completely flat rear tire, he crashed like three times, finally made it, then got DQ for taking a little shortcut coming into the pits, then got his finish back after appeal as there was some ambiguity about the fine points of the rule. It is hard to cover every situation with a written rulebook, which can leave things subject to interpretation.

    Lots of people are bitching about what they thought the rule was, or what they thought it should be, or what it is under some other orgs rules, or at some other time. What matters is what it is in the org you run with, at the current time.

    It's always a good idea to RTFRB ahead of time. So I just reviewed the AFM red flag rule.

    I tried to review the MA rule but can't seem to find the rulebook.

    Oops! That page can’t be found.
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    It’s always been this way.

    Remember when Ayrton Senna won his first F1 race at Monaco, but was relegated back to 2nd because Prost stopped his car to protest conditions, and the red flag reverted to the previous lap?

    That was what, 35 years ago?

    I’m pretty sure there was another F1 driver in the 60s or 70s, I believe, who was awarded with the win by the red flag caused by crash that killed him.

    Sucks, and the rule should be looked at, but it didn’t effect the outcome of the championship. Feel bad for Richie though.
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    So I saw a BUNCH of posts whining about the coverage and thought I would toss this in.

    I signed up for MotoAmerica++ and will again next year.

    First race was rough in announcers and cameras. Excess dead air, bad cameras, and in general shaky. Still nice to see American racing again my ability to get to the track this year was zero as things have been challenging in other areas and needed to be the important things so without it only WSB/MotoGP nothing live no track days.

    That said the quality has improved constantly through the year. Yes there is room for improvement but the amount made is encouraging. For a first year effort I think they have a lot to be proud of.

    I would love to see a bit more of swapping on focus as they at times focused too much on the front and when they switched stayed to long (guess what at times MotoGP/WSB does this also). The coordination between the walk around commentator and announcer could improve. More cameras. But again FAR more good than bad from all of them IMO.

    So whine on, I am looking forward to another leap forward next year, beats 'reality' shows, GOT and man bun types big time (apologies to JD if he every rocks one in a video as that dude is a hoot)
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    How is it stealing? Like with any business it’s a competition for customers. If you provide greater value, the customer will follow. Not even remotely close to stealing. People have been saying this about trackdays forever. As a race org you either start providing more/greater value or you stop acquiring/increasing customers. Compound this with the ever decreasing pool of racers and something has to give.

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    THE MA LIVE COVERAGE WAS THE BEST VALUE I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME... period. As you said, lots of people complained about this and that, even i said a couple things were hard to listen to at times, but overall, it was STELLAR coverage. I loved i can view via computer or smart TV whenever i want. Every practice, qualifying, race, even some ON BOARD full races . Rock on MA live!
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  8. I know it’s not a fair comparison but what else do you compare it to? The markets are different. All series have lower spec filler classes, some have different ones at every round, others most rounds. Just like MA at COTA. I’m not sure what your point is. You have to keep the people in the seats occupied, they want to see bikes on the track. Unless you can make people buy more street bikes to fund this stuff or have someone to send over millions what do you want them to do? For as long as I can remember it’s been somewhat of a pro am. F$ck has JRP even ever won a club race? Every grid needs fillers. Every one. You are not going to ever have 20 or even 10 riders that can win every weekend. You’ll be doing good with 5. I’m actually shocked at how big these “pro-am” grids are and we’ve seen some of the best racing we’ve had in years. Does it really matter what they call it? Do fans want to see “and here’s the amateur class?” The whole common goal is to attract people to attract money to attract sponsors to attract racers and racers to attract sponsors etc. It’s a show and this formula is getting better every year and working better than it has in many many years.
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  9. That’s 100% what I thought. To me it was total lack of accountability for himself and his team. I hate it for him and that whole team. There’s some really good people behind him, some id change but others are stellar. Sounds to me like they didn’t thoroughly or correctly diagnose the initial issue, sent him out for it to re-appear, then repeated it again. His team let him down, only thing Bobby was choking on was the gulps of champagne. He crashed leading a race that he had nothing to lose but maybe some win $ (no idea what his contract is). He was riding with no pressure because PJ’s bike had issues. By no means am I inferring his team choked, I’m just countering pj’s statement. Like i said that’s a great geoup of people.
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  10. I blame Mongo :D

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  11. They had their issues and I bitched once as my patience started running out. As far as value? I don’t know any series that offers a package of that value and I have pretty well every mainstream series. Commentators are easy to complain about, to me it becomes more of a joke than anything else. Sure I wish we had Drebber caliber but I’m still ok with what we have. I’d rather them put that money into marketing and getting people to the tracks, to watch - any way we can get them. The more $ there is to win, more exposure the more it helps to bring sponsors. All I can say is that after the last couple years helping a buddy to get bass fishing sponsors he got enough $, up front from 2 sponsors I helped him get that could run a decent 2 bike team. And he’s a mid to lower pack fisherman not even fishing the elite series. It’s mainly due to the exposure fishing gets.
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    saw the team bleeding the brakes with 12min or so left in q2 and i was like WTF didn't they just change the entire brake system? master, lines, calipers.. i'm sure they had one of those setups as a spare ready to go. No time in the qual session, but wtf didn't it get changed out for the race !
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  13. And to your point about stealing? There is no IP involved, they are offering a service to race, that service (assuming no non compete deals etc are signed) is fair game. That’s no different than track day company telling wera they are stealing people because now they want to race. Or track days companies stealing people from racing. In that case the service is riding on the track, not “racing” but you get the point.
    I’m by no means saying there’s no room for improvement, plus I’d love to see more few round wildcard races but the triple crown for example was done for a specific reason.
  14. That was what I was thinking as well. Especially when you have that much on the line. And at the end of q it still wasn’t 100% fixed. Seemed very odd to me.
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  15. Shocker

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    They also had 2.5 hours between Q2 and race 1 to replace the entire brake system.
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  16. Hoffman900

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    Pretty sure it was RAtl where PJ had some things to say about the team in the post race. It’s a super clean bike and PJ is a great rider, he just seems perpetually unhappy / bratty.
  17. Yzasserina

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    Totally agree. Solid effort, things to improve on, and you've provided constructive feedback. We will also sign up next year.
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    My ONLY gripe is a technical difficulty for sure, but I'd like to be able to start a live broadcast over while it is streaming. There were a few times I was just a little late for the start then had to either watch in progress or wait for it to archive.

    That said - I thought it was a fantastic value and a more than adequate service considering their relative audience size.
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    Couldn't have been said any better. :D
    A lot of y'all need to :rtfrb:. :Poke:
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    Agree but I think this is true of MotoGP and WSB also. To have multiple streams going as you broadcast is likely a non-starter.

    Oh and PLEASE either post up the colors for split times or quit talking about the color just say rider-x went just went fastest in split X. But again it is easier to complain than do. I wonder how much they review and work at changes in between weekends. Be interesting to know the back story when no racing is going on.
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