#metoo hypocrisy

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Robby-Bobby, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Robby-Bobby

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  2. In Your Corner

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    Whatever happened, it wasn't her fault.
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  3. 88/532

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    She’s a shitbag. The rumor that Anthony Bourdain may have taken his own life over her is sad, if true.
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  4. Fonda Dix

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    If true she did the world a favor. He was garbage.
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  5. GixxerBlade

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    Just like white people cant be discriminated against, white males cant be sexually assaulted.
  6. Mongo

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    I do find it funny she's getting played by the kid.
  7. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    by females....that is a bit of an important distinction.
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  8. tzrider

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    I wonder if it was the kid's idea... (to press charges that is)
  9. Clay

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    Probably the parents. That's an easy payday there.
  10. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    She already paid $380k to give him a hummer and not tell.
  11. HPPT

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    Kid hasn't pressed charges. Authorities not involved at this point.
  12. SPL170db

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    I can't argue with this too much.
  13. Mongo

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    Seems like he's just looking for cash to fund his musician lifestyle. Thought the line about how he only makes 60k a year because he got laid to be flat out hilarious.
  14. Mongo

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    He was on the outs with his parents after suing them. I'd vote his own plan.
  15. tzrider

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    In reference to thread title, there is no trace of hypocrisy in that, shirley....

    (In fairness, I didn't read anything about this bit of 'news', I could be way wrong).
  16. Funkm05

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  17. SPL170db

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    I'd say his motivations as to why he's doing it are irrelevant. If you're going to persecute and crucify men in the court of public opinion then women deserve every bit the same treatment when they do the same....no? #equality #hertoo

    As mentioned, hypocritical skank....


    According to the document, Argento asked the family member to leave, then gave Bennett alcohol and showed him a series of notes she had written to him. Then, she allegedly kissed him, pushed him back on the bed, removed his pants, performed oral sex on him, and the two had sex.

  18. cha0s#242

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    This whole thing is much more entertaining than anything that's come out of Hollywood lately.
  19. In Your Corner

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