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    Dude, don't sweat that not being able to catch stuff the first year. The first year is to learn catching and passing and cradling and. . . the second year is when they start to apply all that and do it well. If she puts in the work with you, finds a wall to do wall ball and actually enjoys it, she'll come back year two playing at a much higher level and having more fun.
    Year three is when it really turns into fun because now she's playing at a much higher level and if she has any natural aggression it really comes out. Coaches be damned, a killer is going to be a killer. :)
    Going back to the not being able to catch, I watched a few of the freshmen girls on the local JVs and many of them had never picked up a stick before this year and they couldn't catch.

    I watched my kids practice last night and the aggression is really starting to come into play. They played hard before but this was something else. The girls are leaning into one another, overly aggressive checks and there would be yellow cards a'flying if there was a ref there. A killer is going to be a killer. :) and they were laughing about it, having a great time and that crazy shit is making them a tighter group. I feel bad for anyone that messes with one of them 'cause the rest are going to go after her and, well, "hurt her feelings". :D
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    They seemed they wanted to play, especially the girl, but it was too late to register. On the bright side, it's one less thing to schedule for :)

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