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    This is for dude's lacrosse of course and I'll keep it short.
    Okay, out of bounds: It's mostly who is closest. Unless there was a penalty. That's why the race to the sidelines.
    Lengths of the sticks. Attackman, middies and some D use the shorter (30" usually) handle. Defense are the poles (up to 72"). Depending on the age group, field and a few other things determines how many long stickman play but it's usually two.
    The D-pole guys will and do beat the holy shit of your hands and arms.
    The face off guys have become such a specialty that most college and all pro teams will have a FOGO. Face off get off. It's a lot hard than it looks. lol! They will have a back up because they get gassed or injured.

    Womens has less checking but it's still pretty aggressive.
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    Got it. Tx. Kinda like football, seems like a penalty could be called on just about every play. Looks like it has to be pretty blatant to get a least at the college level.
    Kinda baffled that shecrosse players don't wear helmets like the hecrosse players.
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    If you get bored check out NLL lacrosse. This is pro box lacrosse and is freakin' nutso. Played on turf inside a hockey rink (complete with the boards). The field is much shorter so it is much faster. The goal is smaller and the guys are armoured up. Oh, there are fights.
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    Nice!!! I know where there's a couple extra sets of dasher boards that can be had for a decent price if you find a field.
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    We have a place maybe 10 miles from my house that runs a box league. I keep thinking about doing it then I remember how much I hurt after playing against a pack of 12 and 13 year old female carnivores and I decided I'm no longer into it. :D
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    Yeah I wonder too why no helmets in the girl's game. They are running around with a stick in their hand and moving it around, doesn't sound like concussions are on their homepage.
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    It's coming. Already mandatory in Florida. The helmets are different than dude helmets and my kid hates them.
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    It's kind of like softball and the girls masks. The older ones don't want to use it because they didn't grow up with it, but the younger ones when they start with it, they get accustomed to having it on.

    You only have one face, might as well protect it.
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    Out of bounds -- pass or ground ball it's a turnover. On a shot it goes to whoever was the closest to the out of bounds line when the ball goes out. That's why you see goalies and other guys run to the end lines on shots. You don't have to be closest to where the ball went out, just closest to the line when the ball goes out. Errant pass goes it

    Oh, kicking the shit out of the ball is allowed. You just can't kick another players stick. Trying to get kids to kick the ball out of a scrum is something coaches have to drill into their heads.

    Stick length. Short sticks have to be between x and y lengths. Long sticks (poles) have to be between 5 and 6 feet I think. There are four long sticks per team allowed on the field at any time. Three defense and 1 middie. The middie is referred to as an LSM - long stick middie. Typically put in on faceoffs when you may need extra defense. They typically transition off the field as soon as their team gets the ball.

    "Middie Back" you'll often see a guy standing close to midfield with a stick raised. This is so he gets the attention of the ref and his teammates to indicate he's staying in the defensive end of the field so a defense man with the ball can continue a fast break across the midfield line. There have to be three players and the goalie in the defensive end at all times.

    On substitutions there are two cones on the sidelines on either side of the scorers table. These indicate the substitution box. A player can step out on one end and his replacement can step in at the other end - instant 10 or 15 year gain. You'll also see defense men step out for a second and then right back in. This is so a gassed middie can cross back into the defensive side and a fresh middie can step on before the gassed guy hits the sideline. As soon as the gassed guy steps off the d man steps back on.
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    Rabil has had more money thrown at that league. He got greg gurenlian to unretire, took all the best players, has NBC backing him, Belichick is backing him and the league and just continues to be a juggernaut. I thought the business model was stupid but I may be stuck in the past, we'll see.

    The one stupid thing I think he did was HQ in LA. LA is not lacrosse, Baltimore is.
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    I have a friend who was playing pro at least up till a few years ago in Florida and that seemed to be where pro is at. Scholastic play definitely bmore.
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    He's gonna need all the cash he can get. I don't know much about the league, but a guy I coach with who used to play MLL says he doesn't see how it's gonna be any better for the players, which from what I gather was how Paul sold it to the better MLL players. At some point they will need to make real money or it's nothing more than a traveling circus.
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    He's promising them better wages, full healthcare and a cut of the profits.

    I don't really dig the traveling circus but partnering with the women's league has been smart and marketing it as an event (think the old Road Atlanta race) is interesting. My thoughts on it's success doesn't matter but if they come to DC/ NoVa with it and the girls are playing, we'll be there.
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    Have any of you guys that coach done any of the USLacrosse clinics? I've been coaching high school teams for about 15 years here in Minnesota, I got into it since that long ago there were very few people that could coach who had played before, so any formal training was not really required.

    Now that my boy is 5 and my daughter is 7, they are both starting to play and I've been involved with coaching their youth teams. We have a Level 1 clinic coming up locally I was thinking of attending. They level 2 is the day after but I can't make that unfortunately.
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    Level 1 you can do online as well and it's good but the "classroom" would be better. Level 2 is harder but worth it.

    Really, if you're going to keep coaching, do it. Level 1 is required here but even if it wasn't it's still worth your time.

    Edit: There's an app for your phone that shows you some drills, games and other things for various ages and levels. If I remember what it's called I'll post it, GET IT. It's worth it.
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    Good to hear, I figured since I plan on coaching through the youth levels as both my kids get older it would be a good idea to do these. I would much rather do the clinic(s) in person to be able to ask questions, see things in real life, etc.

    Last year was a new coaching experience, working with the little guys where the practices revolved around how to hold a stick and scoop the ball...and not pick dandelions!

    Now the choice is the boys or girls clinic - they are happening at the same time so I have to choose!
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    The Bobbleheads are funny to watch but spend more time beating on each other than running drills. The girls are like herding cats and just trying to get them to put their masks on will take most of your time. :D

    Really, it's a tough choice but you win not matter what. :)
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    I have never done a US Lacrosse clinic, so I can not speak to them. I did read a book by the Positive Coaching Alliance that I liked,

    I really like Mike Muetzel's conversations with college coaches (, think you have to pay for it though.

    If you really want to learn Xs and Os, get the online (paid) access to the US Lacrosse convention. There's weeks worth of videos, some excellent, some ok. Can't find a link.

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