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    I know nothing about it, even though my prominent university was good at it. Where we moved to, it's a sport that kids seem to play. What's the 411 on this? Worth giving it a shot if they want to try it?
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    Is this a trap? :D
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  3. One of the best sports on the planet. Great physical team sport, depending on your position can be very fast paced and physically demanding. Not as manly as rugby but can get pretty rough. Grab a stick and a ball and practice a bit, lots of YouTube videos out there on the basics. Rules are similar to hockey and soccer as far as field (or rink) goes. I may have a couple I can piece together here and send but I won't be up in that part of my shed until when I get back from Spain next Sunday.
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  4. Think I fell for it if it is.
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    Okay, how old are your kid(s)? How many you got? Boys or girls? Where do you live?

    It is extremely fast and around here, extremely competitive even in the rec league. My daughter's indoor league starts this weekend.
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    Our oldest plays club down here in Fl, our high school doesn't have a lacrosse team so its club only. He's in 9th grade, on jv football team since there's no lacrosse. He prefers lacrosse by a long shot. Faster paced etc. As said, similar to hockey/soccer rules. Getting very popular down here behind soccer. Its a great game. Girls still don't wear helmets... Boys do.
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    7 when the season starts. boy and girl. Northern New Jersey. they say 1st and 2nd grade is clinic only, so no games yet

    EDIT: My daughter could be a good softball player, and likes it a lot. But gymnastics is her #1 right now. So it would be between Lacrosse or Softball. The boy, not sure if he's a sports person yet.
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    Boys: Check to see if the local club rents the boys gear (gloves, arm pads, helmets for the season), this will save you a ton of cash. If he gets serious then you can go looking to buy. Stick - Stringking complete or complete 2. Type 2 or type 3 soft mesh (this is type S) and an A 135 shaft. This stick is the best set up for anyone starting out and is like $99 (a steal). You could do a stringking complete jr if your dude has little hands, $59.
    Avoid the Warrior Warp for now. Not a bad set up but I think little dudes should learn on mesh. As for a traditional, this is way too tough for him to start on.

    Girls - Those all in one STX Crux/ Exault packs are okay but the stringing in the stick is complete shit. I think it actually makes it harder for them to learn on since they will "tennis racket" and make learning to catch tougher. I'd recommend something better (see if you can find a DeBeer NV3, great set up to learn one and cheap enough that cutting the handle won't matter). Goggles, spend a bit more to get more comfortable ones.
    Edit -

    I'd give you all the shit you need to get them going but my current sticks are a bit aggressive for little dude and my daughters old stuff is not beginner friendly.

    On youtubes Paul Rabil just did a 5 or 6 part series on the basics. This is awesome, my daughter who is an advancing player learned some things from this.

    So yeah, I like lacrosse a smidge. :D
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    Oh yeah, get yourself a stick as well and learn to throw and catch. It's relaxing and a great stress release, plus you can throw with your kids. Stringking complete 1 or 2 with soft mesh, no junior for you (it's for little dudes).

    Oh, get a bunch of balls. White are for dudes, yellow for girls. You don't need Mints at $5 each, try and get Signature brand or if you can't fine this brand, STX/ Brine/ Maverik. The cheap brands turn into greasers fast and greasers (hard or worn out) actually hurt learning to play. Dicks brand will do if you have no other choice.

    Dude, it's a fun sport and as your kids get better at it, it will become a lot more fun.
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    Interesting. I'll see what they want to do, but it does look interesting. The only other thing I can remember is that a family friend had played and they broke their arm or something.

    This is some good info to get started.
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    It's no more dangerous than most other sports. Concussions can be a concern, just teaching them to play right I believe lessens this quite a bit.

    One thing I'll warn you of, well two.
    1) It's a lot of fun and it will suck in the whole family if the sport takes root. :)
    2) The bobbleheads are some of the funniest shit you'll ever see on a sports field. :D
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    Must of my friends who played lax also played football. With football bring primary. It is insanely fast, the checking can be as hard as hockey, and some of those dudes are huge. But everyone I know who played loved it. And around here kids start playing around the age your talking about. We have a few local schools that are sorta good. Lol
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    Ya' think? :crackup:
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    Can't speak to the girls' game, but I agree with everything here about the boys' game and would only add one more thing: get a stick strung in a way that will set him up for success.

    Avoid buying a strung stick off the rack. They throw like shit, which means your boy will likely develop bad habits in order to get the ball where he wants it to go. I highly suggest you find somebody local (in your area this shouldn't be too hard) who knows how to string a stick with neutral whip and a good pocket.

    Oh, and cut the shaft down. (And, therefore, buy the cheapest shaft you can.)
  15. Dave K

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    Tiggen, I'd agree with you 99% of the time but that stringking is a game changer when it comes to prestrung sticks. It's strung very well with their type 2 mesh. It's not how I'd have my stiick strung but for a beginner and even an advancing player it's the cat's pajamas.

    I was a lakota 2 with Hero soft fanatic but I'd play that thing right off the rack without a second thought. :)
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    I was totally unaware of stringking. Where was this when I was a kid? Thanks for the info.

    Btw, this is precisely why I still hang out on the Beeb 5 years after my last race.
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    This is the whitest thread that has ever been on here.
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    Dude, no shit. :) It's the real freakin' deal. I got a bunch of them and gave them out to some kids in the area who were playing with some real awful sticks. Totally a game changer at $99.
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    "OMG, somebody said lacrosse!" :D
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    lets talk about lacrosse dressing then? :D

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