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    What? No tan chica?
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    Late to the party (and wondering why it's a dungeon subject) but as a resident insomniac I can relate.

    CBD gummies work for me (Hemp Bombs brand also contains melatonin) and seem easier to regulate and dose vs a dropper. Nyquil (2 big shots) sometimes will work. Red wine (a Merlot, Syrah, or Pinot) administered 1 hr before bed also helps but.... Going down the rabbit hole, a half gallon of vodka tonics or 12-15 beers may put me to sleep but I won't stay asleep more than 45min-1hr and keep fighting sleep.

    I will note after 2-5 days of feeling like Ed Norton in Fight Club I tend to shut down and just go into a 9-12hr coma.

    After years of "drinking to sleep" and being on a oddball 6pm-6am schedule I will say heavy drinking ruined my sleep and seemed to exaggerate the problem.
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    It ended up being 3
  4. Exactly. We spent a good bit of time on sleep in one of my health classes in college.

    Some people who use alcohol to fall asleep don't understand that it is actually counterproductive.

    Alcohol is a depressant, so yes it will help you initially fall asleep. But that is where the benefits end...and it gets worse from there.

    - Alcohol disrupts sleep patterns (delta activity, responsible for memory forming and learning). It also activates alpha activity in the brain (which normally doesn't happen while sleeping). So your brain actually becomes more active in alcohol induced sleep, inhibiting restorative sleep.
    - Alcohol blocks REM sleep (the most restorative sleep). That's why after drinking yourself to sleep, when you wake up you don't feel "refreshed".
    - Alcohol disrupts your circadian rhythm (production of natural sleep chemicals).
    - Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you'll likely have to get up and piss more. Not to mention it dehydrates you.
    - Alcohol causes your whole body to relax, including the muscles in throat. That makes you more prone to snoring and sleep apnea.

    As we all know, alcohol is chemically addictive. Some people "need" it to fall asleep, but it doesn't actually make you sleep better. It disrupts and ruins the quality of sleep.
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    My kitty agrees.

    tilly 2 26 2020 sitting.JPG tilly 2 26 2020 backroll.JPG
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    Here to check in on ya
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    8 Lagunitas, 2 Paddys & Coke and just realized...the liquor store's closed :/

    I've been alch-medicating for years.

    The joy in it is actually passing out, the crap part is...the sleep is shight.
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    I had an interesting night. Taking the 2:40 am flight out of Managua this morning. Security tried to get 15 dollars off me because I had a fly rod. I told them to go fuck themselves and its extortion. That didn't work out to well for me. I rebooked the same flight for tonight, not many choices and will see the same security guards tonight that I called fucking thieves and told them to go fuck themselves, wish me luck tonight, have a feeling I'm going to need it
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    Well ask them if they have any tan sisters that like drunken one night stands. That should improve relations.
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    Oh shit
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    Third world problems.
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    LOL, hate to admit it but missing the USA about now
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  14. Dude, you've travelled enough that you should be used to shit like that, and expect it.

    It is amazing what a $5 bill can get you, or even a damn Snickers bar, when trying to work through security/immigration/customs in places like Miri, Luanda, Lagos, Balikpapan, Labuan, Tarakan, etc.

    The only English words they know are "something for me?". The correct answer can get you from the ticket counter, all the way to the gate, without them even looking in your bag or checking your Passport. It shouldn't be like that, but it is.

    Or, you can be a dickhead about it, and get every crevice in your luggage, wallet, etc searched...for as long as it takes...until you miss your flight.
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    Full size Snickers bar, too... Don't be showing up at Luanda with no fun size bullshit.
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    When I left Caracas Ve in 2008 they charged each of us 50 Bolivars for the privilege of leaving. Would of paid twice that amount!
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    It's a 2 way street, I've paid my fair share of bribes and have been thankful to have them as an easy option depending on the situation I find myself in. Managua is a big international airport and these were custom officials making up a complete bullshit charge and I called them out on it. Maybe I shouldn't have called them fucking thieves and told them to go fuck themselves, but it was 2:00 in the morning and was not in the mood to be ripped off.

    On a positive note dealing with spirit early this morning was sureal. Usually they suck. But the attendant at the counter asked why I didn't fly the last night and booked another flight. Told him what happened, he refunded my entire 2nd ticket I bought without me even asking or expecting it. They had my luggage I checked the night before and was able to check my fishing rods at no charge. Went through security with no problems. I'm kind of still in shock how different 2 nights can be?????


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