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    Sounds like going to the DMV, depends who's working and what kind of day they're having.
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    Good luck. I tapered off about 25 years ago. I drink on occasion, once or twice a month, and never more than a couple. If I add up the amount I drank from 17 to 38, and from then until now, I probably average out to a moderate to moderately heavy drinker.
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    Yeah, I stopped a couple of weeks ago and the goal is to make it to my first member guest of the season (March 24th). Went to the gym today for the first time in ~2 years, too.
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    I went cold turkey a year ago. It honestly has been easy for me, I know how difficult it is for others so you all get :beer: for your determination.
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    When I was a kid, I'd watch my Dad start on Fridays at 4pm on a case of Michelob Light, and at midnight he'd walk (yeah...he could still walk) to the liquor store for another 12 pack before they closed at 1am. He'd continue until whenever....and the next morning, there'd be leftovers from that 12 pack in the fridge and a LOT of dead soldiers in the trash. North Dakota constantly leads the Nation in alcohol consumed per capita. My Mom's brothers also went on their weekly Saturday night in town benders to enjoy Sunday morning church services rockin' a serious hangover. So my genetics has the potential for serious talent when it comes to enjoying the Giggle Juice.

    I have absolutely nothing against it, but I just don't get it. There are times when a good cold beer is absolutely fantastic. I also like to try different beers to experience the variances in flavors, as long as it's not an IPA...those are absolutely shit, in my opinion (Me and bitter don't get along). One, maybe a second with a good steak dinner about every six months or so, and I've had my fill.

    Strawberry Maguritas are also a tasty treat...but one's enough.
  8. Yep, that is one of the most aggravating parts. There is no consistency.

    Like with baggage weights (especially on helicopters). They say they have a hard set rule. But then if I get pissed off about it and show my ass a little bit, then they just let me go. Well, if was truly a "hard set rule", it wouldn't matter if I got naked and threw a temper tantrum on the is a hard set rule.

    But I know it is bullshit. Those bigass Sikorsky 92's have damn near unlimited hauling capacity. Don't tell me my 2kg extra is going to keep the chopper from lifting off.
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    Damn thieves need to learn consistent thievery. They need a trade association.
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    Honest question, what if you pulled out your phone and started recording it. Also mention it's being live streamed to the entire world so if they seize anything, the world will see it.
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    Something to think about when you can't sleep.

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