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    I did the job on '04 750 GSX-R yesterday, and here is inside the ignition :


    We can clearly see that 100 ohms resistor. The B/Y wire is tapped on the red wire in the ignition harness so it feed 12v through the resistor, then return a signal to the ecm through the O/Y wire.

    The R is power 12v, the O is ignition, the Brown wire and O/G does not serve anymore in the keyless mod.

    If you have question just PM or email me, or I'll probably retype later a full procedure for 04-05.

    Have fun !
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    For those of your running the 06 - 07 600 750 aka k6 k7:

    I wanted to update the instructions on how to bypass the ignition and run your bike via the engine run/stop rocker switch.

    The ignition switch harness has a red line (+12v) which actually branches out from a crimp to (2x red and 1x black/yellow line). These 3 lines all supply +12v. 1x will be used for power to the engine run/stop stwitch and 1x will be used to supply power to the ECU via the Orange/Yellow and 1x will not be used for this application (note can be used for other things).

    Immobilizer defeat:
    solder 100 ohm reistor inline between B/Y and O/Y.
    that's it done!

    Engine run/stop switch:
    Connect R line from Key Harness to O/B Engine run/stop switch side.
    Connect O line from Key Harness to O/W Right hand control (tip: to minimize points of failure, I uncrimped the Y junction of the O/W, got a new crimp and crimped together the O and O/W connections)

    Note: the immobilizer on the stock gsxr harness is simply a fuel cut off. The ecu simply looks for a lower voltage being returned via +12v. With the resistor in place, the ECU sees a lower voltage and will turn the fuel pump on.
  3. Mars750

    Mars750 Got track...

    Help with 04/750

    I have Tried Numerous times to Figure this out, and of Course i have the 04/750. I have pm People left and Right as off last Week and no response. Wiring is different from these instructions. I have the resistors along with the Wiring cut up ready to go. Can anyone Help ????? I have an Event this Weekend end i would like to attend !

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    OK so I did the by pass and it worked fine till yesterday!!!!!!!! I switched to a new battery and turned on the machine and no fuel pump or butterfly valves, DANG! So below is my steps I did....

    I switched back to the old battery and still no fuel pump
    Check the by pass wiring (see photo)
    Turned it on and switched the gears to make sure it was not in gear
    verified the kickstand was up
    Checked the fuel pump fuse
    Checked the main fuse at the positive battery lead
    Made sure that the tipover senor was mounted upright

    If it helps at all I have a Bazazz, lightweight battery and this bypass for the key are the only electrical items done to the stock 2006 600 machine.


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  6. aboogie973

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    Do you have any photos of what you did? Thanks for the write up.
  7. Havoc

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  8. Daniel06

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    I saw that. A little expensive for me.

    Will this work for the 08-10 as well? If you dont know, thats cool. Ill try it.
  9. some guy #2

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    Pretty sure it's the same set up for all GSXR's for 06-09 600/750's and 05-08 1000's. I would also wire all the leads and not just the three in all the diagrams. I know my 07 1000 would not start without all 5 wires connected.
  10. grubb

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    If you solder the o/w to the red you will have parastic draw and a dead battery. Solder o/w to resistor, the resistor to orange.
  11. some guy #2

    some guy #2 Well-Known Member

    ^which wire is the orange one (what function is it)?

    So the constant 12V wire (red) does not have the resistor soldered to it?
  12. grubb

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    The orange wire is switched 12v. At first I had the o/w soldered to the resistor, then the red, on my 06 gsxr 1k. After a couple days my battery was dead. I changed it to the orange wire from red, battery stays charged. I'm using a motion pro revolver with m/p start stop run switch. No stock pieces at all. Alot of the info I found when doing this, was that people were having parastic draw. The red wire is 12v always hot, the o/w goes to ecm, completes a circut/draw.
  13. fieryjack

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    Can anyone help? I'm trying this modon my 2008 gsxr 600.

    I have followed these instructions verbatim but am getting an F1 message. The only thing I am not clear on is which end of the O/B I connect to the ignition harness and which end I connect to the O/W from the starter switch.

    I am getting power, the exhaust valve stuff is cycling, it will turn over but no start. I'm wondering if the fuel pump isn't cycling for some reason?

    I currently have the O/B end from the kill switch connected to the ignition connector. And the end of the O/B which is plugged into the original R/S connector is soldered to the O/W from the starter.

    Does this sound correct? Am I being clear?

    I would appreciate any guidance anyone could give me.
  14. fieryjack

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    So, as an update,

    I now have diagnosed the fault as a c42 c42 - Ignition switch signal circuit malfunction.

    Not sure if this helps diagnose.
  15. some guy #2

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    ^Where is the resistor soldered in?
  16. fieryjack

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    I soldered the resistor (100ohm 0.5w) to the orange/yellow coming out the ignition harness connector. I only soldered one end of the resistor. Should I have soldered both ends to the wire? The 08 ignition harness doesn't have a b/w wire as in the above "how to". It's a 5 wire harness. The 06/07 was a 6 wire harness.

    I know this is going to be something stupidly simple. I just don't get electronics though.
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    Problem solved. Wiring harness looks like a tinsel addled Christmas tree but so what? Wrap it up and install.
  18. 1ManArmY714

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    Just wondering if you have pictures of the harness when its complete or in the process?
  19. 1ManArmY714

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    Does anyone have any pictures for the process I'm confused on the way everything connects and starts up.

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