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Discussion in 'Tech' started by wjshupak, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. wjshupak

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    i'm trying to set up the racebikes(gsxr1000/750) to run without the use of the keyed switch attached to the tripple clamp. I will route the power leads through the existing bar mounted kill switch, however there seems to be a 100 ohm resistor built into the factory key switch between the orange(from ecm) & b/w(ground) of which the manual makes no mention. the bikes will not start with/without these wires connected unless i use a resistor between them........its not a problem to use one, it just seems kinda odd, unless its a theft deterent system. anyone have experience with this mod??? also , i'd like to remove the secondary butterfly servo motor, but get Fi codes when disconnected.....anyone, bueller, bueller......
  2. Chubby Huggs

    Chubby Huggs Guest

    The resistor is theft deterent.

    I'd leave the secondaries. I read an article once where they moved the throttle butterflies to the position of the secondaries (to increase intake runner length) but from what I remember it was almost unrideable in the lower gears.
  3. ThrottleJock

    ThrottleJock Has been/Never was

    Trevor, you reading this?

    Looks like the contraption stays!

    I think I'm going to take a swing at the keyless ignition though. One less thing to forget on the way to the track. Besides that, all the AMA boys do it so it must be faster.
  4. wjshupak

    wjshupak Well-Known Member

    i've been running my 1k with the secondary butterflies/actuator cables removed and can't tell any real difference. i beleive yosh makes a kit to completely remove the shaft and improve flow at WOT but i'm not sure. my servo motor is basically useless and amounts only to excess weight. thanks for the info on the ignition switch......will s.
  5. bmfgsxr

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    as far as the key what you need to do is this:


    100 Ohm Resistor, 1/2 watt, 5% tolerance: Radio Shack part 271-1108
    18-20 Gauge Wire (two different colors)
    Electrical Tape

    I soldered all of the connections. If you would rather use connectors and
    a crimping tool, you will need to have a supply on hand. I am not sure how
    one would install the resistor with out a soldering iron.


    Here is the legend for the various wires involved in the re-wiring:

    Wire Colors and Functions (Right Handle Switch (Kill Switch)):

    O/B (Orange with Black Tracer) -- Kill Switch
    O/W (Orange with White Tracer) --

    Wire Colors and Functions (Key Switch):

    Br (Brown) - Tail Light
    B/W (Black with White Tracer) - Ground
    Gr (Gray) - Instrument Cluster Light and Horn
    O (Orange) - Ignition
    O/W (Orange with White Tracer) - Cooling Fan
    O/Y (Orange with Yellow Tracer) - ECU
    R (Red) - Power (+12v)



    The first step is to remove the two wiring harnesses that will be
    modified: the key switch and the right clip-on switch cluster. Find and
    disconnect the connectors that connect these harnesses to the main wiring
    harness. The key switch has two connectors along the right frame spar.
    The right clip-on switch cluster has a connector just in front of the
    radiator on the right side. You will have to open some zip ties and a
    clamp to get the harnesses free.

    To remove the key switch, you will have to take off the top triple clamp
    and remove the two tamper resistant Torx bolts. I do not have the correct
    Torx bits so I drilled the heads of the bolts off. To remove the right
    clip-on switch cluster, you will need to disconnect the throttle cables
    from the cluster.


    Key Switch Harness Modification:

    This one is actually quite simple. Start by cutting all the wires 2" from
    the main connector. Cut the Br and Gr wires at the connector so they are
    slightly recessed since they will not be used. Cut the O/Y and B/W wires
    to 1" in length and solder a lead of the 100 Ohm resistor to each wire.
    Insulate the wires and resistor with Electrical tape to keep the O/Y and
    B/W wires and resistor leads from touching. Leave the R and O wires at 2"
    for now.


    Right Clip-on Switch Cluster Harness Modification:

    The goal here is to re-wire this harness so the circuit the kill switch
    normally controls is always connected (run) and to have two wires coming
    out of the harness connected to the kill switch.

    In the run position, the kill switch completes a circuit between the O/B
    and O/W wires. The O/W wire actually connects to the starter button and
    the kill switch. A "Y" is formed about 4 inches down the wiring harness
    from the switch. Cut into the sheath and find where the O/W wire forms the
    "Y" and cut the O/W wire that leads to the kill switch. Cut the O/B wire
    at the same point in the harness and solder it to the O/W running to the
    Starter Switch. Run a pair of wires through the sheath and connect them to
    the O/W and and O/B wires from the kill switch. Leave about 3" of wire
    hanging out from the sheath at the connector end. Use electrical tape to
    insulate all of the connections and to cover the cut in the sheath.


    Putting it All Together:

    Take the key switch harness and right clip-on switch cluster harness
    connectors and plug them into the corresponding connectors on the main
    wiring harness. Look at the R and O wires coming from the key switch
    harness and the two unconnected wires coming from the right clip-on switch
    cluster harness. If needed, cut the appropriate amount of wire from the
    right clip-on switch cluster harness to allow for an uncluttered

    Unplug the key switch harness and right clip-on switch cluster harness
    connectors. Connect the R wire from the key switch harness to an
    unconnected wire from the right clip-on switch cluster harness. Connect
    the O wire from the key switch harness to the other unconnected wire from
    the right clip-on switch cluster harness. Use electrical tape to insulate
    all of the connections.

    Put the kill switch in the "stop" position and plug the connectors in
    again. Put the kill switch in the "run" position. The bike should power on
    and be ready to start. Try starting the bike. If it starts, you are just
    about done.


    Finishing Up:

    Reinstall the right clip-on switch cluster and clean up the wiring harness

    That's it......
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  6. WERA522

    WERA522 Lost

    bumped for a friend.
  7. GSXR600

    GSXR600 Well-Known Member

    why not just safety wire your key in ??? Thats what I did and use a vortex twist off gas cap.
  8. all4sale

    all4sale Well-Known Member

    just bought a race bike that had the ignition still in.. key was bent and unusuable. Luckily there was a working spare. plus it's extra weight and something else that can go wrong. I'd rather bypass it.
  9. GixxerBlade

    GixxerBlade Oh geez

    Can you get a pic of this mod? Sounds a lot easier than going to college and becoming a rocket scientist. :D :beer:
  10. wookie

    wookie Well-Known Member

    this does not work for 04/05, there is no B/W wire on the switch harness..........just a friendly reminder

  11. HFD1Motorsports

    HFD1Motorsports BIKE TUNA

    04/05 bikes need power supplied to resistor 01-03 had ecu suppling the power and all you needed to do was to ground the resistor. 04-05 the ign switch supplied the power to resistor then it whent to the ecu....
  12. wookie

    wookie Well-Known Member

    so what does the wiring look like?
    wire colors on the ignition switch are different as well

  13. wookie

    wookie Well-Known Member

    is the resistor the same? i can figure out lookin at the schematic which wire is the signal for the ecm but does anything else need to be done?


  14. wookie

    wookie Well-Known Member

    i got it figured out, thanks everybody!!!

    if anyone needs any help with this i can explain it better in person or on the phone than trying to type it out.

    pm me if anyone is trying to do this on an 04 or 05

  15. kerrycorcoran

    kerrycorcoran Well-Known Member

    Anyone else have any success with the 04/05 Suzuki GSXR 600? I need to implement fast or I may get hosed on this motor.

    Any insight appreciated.
  16. skee

    skee # 358

    BMFGSXR....does that apply to an 04 750 also? I remember using those direction on a 01 gsxr 600.
  17. kerrycorcoran

    kerrycorcoran Well-Known Member

    I know for a fact the directions from BMFGSR are for the 01-03, will not work with the 04/05 600/750 :(
  18. Dezmo

    Dezmo addicted to the trackpipe

    ok, I'll take a stab at this, since I managed to get my 04 working with no key...typing from memory here.

    the kill switch mods are exactly the same, no difference at all....just dont forget to make sure to jump the wires that normally go to the switch so that the bike thinks its closed

    now, with your 2 new wires from the kill switch....
    one (either wire, it doesnt matter) goes to the orange wire in at the ign switch connector (looking at the end of the empty connecter, its the top right pin)

    with the other, youll need to make a 3 way split, with a 100 ohm resistor on one leg...the resistor-ed wire goes in the bottom center pin of the connector, and the plain wires go to the upper left and lower left pins

    hold your breath and flip the kill switch on, the bike should power up and start
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  19. kerrycorcoran

    kerrycorcoran Well-Known Member

    I'll give it a shot and keep you posted. :D
  20. swederacer

    swederacer Well-Known Member

    Anyone know where I could find a write up like the one above from bmfgsxr for an 06 GSXR1000?

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