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  1. Who has one? What have you done to it? Do you just use it as a Pit Bike or do you ride it on public roads? Any downfalls or known issues?

    Mongo, do you reckon we will ever see the day when there is a spec Grom race class?

    I have kinda been wanting one since I first saw they were coming out. But now I see there are full exhausts, Brembo Calipers and MC, rotors, Quickshifters, motor builds, SS and Big Bore, etc. Just about anything you would be on a big SBK is available for the Grom (maybe except Traction Control :crackup:).

    I am thinking it would be a fun little project.
  2. assjuice cyrus

    assjuice cyrus Well-Known Member

    Riders discount just did a bunch of trick stuff to one. Check it out on there instragram page.
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Not sure on the spec class. I don't think enough racers have them where we run and they're not easy to find at dealers.
  4. Yes - that is a Grom.

  5. Good point.

    I was kinda thinking like 2-3 years down the road maybe, when there are many more available (new and used). By the way things are going, by that time there will probably be aftermarket (race) bodywork for them.

    Just curious if it is something WERA would entertain if they got popular enough. But I know how busy the schedule is now. So it would probably have to be a class that ran with the current Mini races, like a 2nd wave with all Groms.
  6. DucatiBomber

    DucatiBomber DJ Double A

    I saw pics of one where they mounted a bunch of Ducati monster parts (termi exhaust, tank, etc) coolest little bike I've ever seen.

    Ride safe,
  7. dickie doo

    dickie doo Well-Known Member

    Dude, you're a mess.
  8. omatter34

    omatter34 Well-Known Member

    4 guys in my neighborhood have them and they race them around at a buddies property that built a small asphalt cart track. I took my ttr over one day and we had a blast.
  9. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Looks cute enough to have trained bears ride. :Poke:
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  10. StanTheMan

    StanTheMan Well-Known Member

    My wife has one, it's a blast! Never had any problems with it, typical Honda quality and reliability. I'd love to see a Grom spec class, they'd surely be easy on tires. Funny how as popular as they are, Honda doesn't import more of them. My local dealer says as soon as he gets one, it gets sold pronto.

    I think ours (stock) does about 54 mph up a slight grade on a neighborhood road, and 58 coming back down said road. YMMV
  11. ttt637

    ttt637 Well-Known Member

    We have one, had it downtown last night at Motorcycles on Meridian for the GP and it got tons of looks and photos taken. Ours has the cull Race Tech front end, JRi rear shock, Galfer lines, ASV levers, Bazzaz box, Tyga full exhaust, and Pro Taper bars and is a blast to ride. This little bike worth every penny. Its the wifes bike and she actually likes it better than her FZ-09
  12. Thanks, that was going to be my next question, how fast does it go. I obviously wouldnt want to take it on the Interstate. But wondering if it would be ok to the gym and shit like that.
  13. brother_ed7

    brother_ed7 brother_ed7

    John Haner has an army of those little things it seems like. Not sure if he still visits the BEEBS anymore though.
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  14. Im not up to speed on little bikes. Is there anything about that Grom that makes it illegal to race against the current minis? Would it be competitive or not? It makes 8hp.
  15. 1dwn5up

    1dwn5up Well-Known Member

  16. So I should be good. :D

    It is small, and that is kinda the point. The Ninja 250 is almost as heavy as a MW bike, but really weak. And it is almost the same physical size as a MW bike. A 250 on the street is almost like "I wanted a regular sized bike, but im scared of them, but I still want to try to look cool, so I got this damn thing".

    But with a Grom, it is small enough to be funny to me. It is like you purposely went out and bought that little ass bike because it is funny. :crackup:
  17. assjuice cyrus

    assjuice cyrus Well-Known Member

    Since I sent you that link on facetubes,when you get one, I get to ride it!! :D
  18. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    Stock its around the same speed as an xr100.
  19. :crackup:

    That does sound like a lot of fun though.
  20. Thanks for that. The XR100 races in mini classes doesnt it? Or is it too big. I should probably go RTFRB.

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