Explain "White Priviledge" ..... Seriously

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    :crackup:The Democrats will probably "find" the missing pages of that act that clearly states that the act covers everyone except for the evil white man. You know, kinda like they "found" those boxes of uncounted ballots that just happened to be mostly votes for whoever had the (D) beside their name.:D
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    What a stupid thread so far(I'm on page 2), I can't believe grown men are actually participating in the notion that "white privilege" is something that needs to be eradicated. You can't point to skin color as causality for privilege. You can't blame non-residents for poor school systems. You can't harm a class/race/sex, en mass, in order to "level the playing field."

    What we are witnessing is a giant, fanatical temper tantrum. It's insanity.

    Somebody make the point to me that I should give up my wealth (however much it is), to the poor/govt/etc.., rather than giving it to my sons.... If you think there is a shred of my wealth that anyone deserves, other than my kids (who were the inspiration to attain it in the first place) you can GFY.
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    You argue as though you exist in a vacuum. The privilege of anyone is tied inherently to their parents' success, UNTIL YOU BECOME AN ADULT. If you're poor, don't have kids, that's the number cause of continued destitution. It's also the leading (but seldom discussed) cause of global warming. If your neighborhood schools suck, blame the neighbors' kids, not the people who send their kids to school to other schools....
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    Maybe Cuban Privilege? I love it at the end there...."I'm not white" .... "I don't care, yes you are!" What an unapologetically retarded person this is lol.

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    Not a good look for some of our GA politicians in a couple of threads.... I still struggle to understand how someone who thinks an island can capsize due to a population increase gets elected to Congress, much less get out of bed without hurting themselves.
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    Because always remember...

    You see how dumb those two people are...now realize that 50% of the public is dumber than that
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    One of the privileges of having white privilege is not being aware you have it - it’s simply ingrained into your being.
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    "Damn you and your white privilege...."

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    When the white privileged pass through the stages of enlightened they acquire white guilt.
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    I've spent most of the last 15 years living and working in kill whitey places. You know why I have a job, because I actually show up and care. It's the Black crab syndrome, google it, its real thing thats a shame but I don't make the rules and can't make simple minded person see the big picture that if you actually work hard maybe your situation will change. I've worked with a lot of different races that work 2 or 3 jobs and show up and bust their ass, and I have worked with people showing up to work with a blunt in their mouth and a beer in their hand. Where I actually have said, I don't give a shit what you do when your not working, but tell me you are smarter to not walk into work carrying a beer, he wasn't. White privlage is the best excuse in the world making up for Black people not wanting to actually work. I dated a doctor in the Bahamas that had everything stacked against her, she was smart and worked hard and is a doctor. The same way an inner city girl or boy if they work hard can make it out. Or you play the usual victim card, carry a stolen gun at 14 and think you are going to be a rap star, which never happens, so you sell drugs and hustle, then complain that its the white mans fault
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    Don't under estimate the power of example. I would bet money there was some that saw you and figured out the way to advance via your example. They were just not the loud mouths or whiners just the normal folks. Kind of like when people judge kids today based upon a moron eating laundry detergent on youtube, that kid is an outlier not the norm.
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    I'm pretty sure Mark151 is the definition of an outlier and certainly not the norm. :D
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    I think the biggest advantage of white skin/privilege is you're easier to see at night. I can't for the life of me can't figure out why some of our African American friends like to walk down the road at night.....
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    I all ways give someone a fair shot and try not to ever judge anyone off the start. I had a west Indian dishwasher in St. Thomas one night he was about 30 and it was the first real job he had, the dishes stacked up he was walking out pissed off telling me how he's just going back to start robbing/hustling. Talked him down stood next to for 2 hours busting out dishes, telling him that their is a good feeling of an honest days work. He seemed to take it to heart, 2 months later the US Marshals storm my restaurant during dinner service to extradite him on previous attempted murder and arm robbery charges. There are certain countries and cultures that will never change or be civilized, I have respect for anyone that tries and nobody is a lost cause but statistics don't lie, 8 billion disapered in Haiti and they are still living in tents, and you know who they blame for that one??
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