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Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by Speedracer74, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Speedracer74

    Speedracer74 Well-Known Member

    My name is Ben Walters I am looking for an endurance team to ride for in the 06' season. I have 2 yrs. endurance racing experience for Army Of Darkness (never crashed any of there endurance bikes) I am looking for a team that is running middle weight super bike or heavy weight superbike. You can email me @ bangmotorsports@aol.com or just reply here. Thanks
  2. (diet)DrThunder

    (diet)DrThunder Why so serious, son?

    What, you didn't get enough of running over the fat novices at Barber?

  3. LoneWolfRacing

    LoneWolfRacing Ride like a stupid moron!

    Would you consider running MWSS? Lone Wolf Cycles has upped their program for 2006. We will be running 05 CBR600RRs instead of the 03 ZX6RR. Fred Bittner may be coming back.
    Looking to do 10 events next season. I can send you an itemized breakdown of costs.
    Dave Cross
    Lone Wolf Cycles
  4. Martin M

    Martin M Former BRP Rider

    Ben is waaay too fast to pay - he should get paid to ride on end. team ;) . Somebody better give him a ride or BRP is gonna snatch him and make him ride a LW bike whether he likes it or not !
  5. YamRZ350

    YamRZ350 Nicorette Dependent

    Is AOD racing next year, or have they called it quits?
  6. LoneWolfRacing

    LoneWolfRacing Ride like a stupid moron!

    Hmm, word was that AOD riders paid to ride. It is kind of hard to have riders just show up and ride for free unless you are Vesrah (hell they get paid), Team Extreme and maybe 1 other. I know Ben is FAST, just there only so many slots for free rides, if someone wants to sponsor him and have their company logos on everything I own, no problem.
  7. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    Well, you know...don't believe everything you hear. The AOD rider program was structurally, monetarily, and metaphysically...um...complex. Many of the rider-borne costs were not financial in nature; in fact, there are riders from many years ago who are still paying for the fact that they ever swung a leg over a 99 bike. However, many of the benefits also extended well beyond the usual trophies, accolades, groupies, bags of small unmarked bills, and various foodstuffs, and would most likely require years of serious study and meditation to fully appreciate. So certainly, while some AOD riders did indeed pay to ride, the full cost/benefit analysis for seat time on an AOD machine vastly transcends the usual metrics by which these things are measured.

    That being said, Ben would definitely be a smart investment for any team that's seriously interested in winning some WERA endurance races next year. :D
  8. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    Again, you being new to endurance, you will find that a guy like Ben is called a ringer of sorts. YOU pay him to help you win a championship. Only got to run the last half of the season, but from what I saw of him - he's definately a solid rider who will certainly benefit the team if you can get the right "other" riders teamed up with him. Him and Jensen helped AOD win races. Don't insult guys like that by offering them to help pay a 1/3 or whatever for an entry level team. AOD use to have a pay structure when it was Jim, Scott, and Sam, etc.

    Look, there are more riders out there other than the Vesrah guys. Don't get me wrong, they're great guys, but there are a few guys that were out there you'd DARE not offer a non paid ride to. Here's a quick (small) list to avoid embarrassment later...

    Jensen, Walters, Frankenfield, Crozier, Jacobi, Batey, Ivey, and any racer consistantly in the top 5 of any National Expert A, B, and C event...

    Yes, expenses can be tough, but realize this - you need to pay to win sometimes and having a bunch of good novices or buddies help pay equally isn't the recipe.
  9. Rich SmithMoore

    Rich SmithMoore Well-Known Member

    Ben is being modest.

    He didn't even mention the T-T-T-T-T-Turbo!:wow:
  10. jstewart

    jstewart Well-Known Member

    Ben who???

    Everyone can just stop right now with all of this cause Ben will be riding on my 04 KTM 450 motard in the LWSB class! So Gary and Martin better have their stuff together or yall will be "TOAST" !!!

    P.S. Whassup Mr. Walters? You know where you should go and do not make me beg !!
    Jody Stewart(crew chief)
    Just another team racing
    706-373-6670 cell
  11. Chuck Ivey

    Chuck Ivey Well-Known Member

  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I believe a large part of AoD's success is based on their sales of packaged baked goods (using that term loosely).
  13. Rich SmithMoore

    Rich SmithMoore Well-Known Member

    Dave apologizes for a number of inadvertent keyboarding errors.

    Please substitute the following sentence:

    "Ben, please advise what color M&M's you require between stints."
  14. Wizard

    Wizard Well-Known Member

    good thing i didnt see your lazy ass on the list :beer: :beer:
  15. melissa

    melissa Sir

    Now Scott, you know full well the first rule of the AOD rider program: You do not talk about the AOD rider program. And the second rule of the AOD rider program: You do not talk about the AOD rider program.

    This time we won't be so nice. This time, we're coming for your thumbs.
  16. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator


    I'll be in Vegas Nov 17-21 can I help?
  17. Chuck Ivey

    Chuck Ivey Well-Known Member

    I would love to go back to Vegas.
    I wonder if Scott is hiring?
  18. mizter1

    mizter1 Mizter1

    bumpy for my man Walters
  19. G Dawg

    G Dawg Broken Member

    I knew you would be along any time now.:Poke:

    Not that there's anything wrong with being gay!
  20. Rich SmithMoore

    Rich SmithMoore Well-Known Member

    What kind of "foodstuffs". We tried PB&J. It worked for Keith.

    Melissa, everybody knows that if you want to keep a secret you take their tongues NOT their thumbs.:rolleyes:

    Ben, have you found a ride yet?

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