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  1. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    Hello . I'm bill burns from Springfield, KY . Most of you will know me by "Barnacle Bill" the leather guy( Barnacle Bill's Leather Repair on Facebook) . I've been working for WERA racers for about 30 years now and over those years I have offered up some custom suits for what I believed were good causes . I built a suit for the RRW Airfence Fund and I've built a suit for the Fund for Chris ( the little Powers boy that lived at the end of my lane suffering from cancer and birth defects) .
    Now I want my extended motorcycle family to help me in a different challenge . To help right a wrong perpetrated on a group of local kids .
    Springfield is small hometown USA . Washington County has a small population and a small tax base and money is tight for school programs most receive no school monies but rely on donations and fund raisers . Such is the case of our marching band Washington County Marching Band gets no school monies but performs at the sporting events . The kids put in more hours in practice and performing as the athletes . I got a crash course in this when they started bringing me uniforms and props to sew up in the shop . I usually don't do this stuff but made an exception in this case . This is where I learned that they had been having fund raisers for the last year raising money for new uniforms and ordered from a company called MVP that supplied uniforms and props to school bands in IN, KY, TN, and SC . The company took that hard earned money and closed their doors- the owners leaving town in the middle of the night. This was a hard hit for this small band and 42 kids hearts were broken when it was realized the new uniforms they had worked so hard for weren't coming , but as they say the show must go on so they've picked themselves up and they are performing in T-shirts and black slacks and they are WINNING ! and against larger bands! They are called the little band with the "Big Sound".

    I would like to get about a thousand of you to help me right this wrong . For every 10.00 donation your name will go in the bucket and out of appreciation for your help I'll build one of you a set of custom leathers in any format : roadrace, flat track, drag race, bonneville, or even something for the street . About anything you want within reason and my abilities.

    I'm a pencil and paper kind of guy so for those of you that can send a check make it payable to
    Washington County Band Boosters and mail it in to barnacle bill's 1106 logan road Springfield, KY 40069 .
    I'll see that it gets to the right people and register your name and contact info for the suit . Money orders or cash will work too . Every cent raised goes directly to the band fund. Every cent. They need stuff.

    Now her is info for those that want to pay electronically . I am told this will work and that if people know how to do paypal or pay electronically they will know how to do it. I don't , but here it is.
    Springfield State Bank
    acct # 8475709
    ABA ( routing#) 083902620

    Feel free to share this with your friends on other forums. I am going to post a similar post on Barnacle Bill's page. THANK YOU for you time and for your help . I am looking forward to building this suit. someone is going to get it. It might be you . I'm thinking we'll pull the name out on Halloween .

    thanks you again , B Bill and Darethea
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  2. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    Mr. Moderator . Would you be so kind as to stick this thread for me for a while? Thank You. b bill and darethea
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    Yzasserina sound it out

  4. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    In, happy to help.
  5. ronin1052

    ronin1052 Well-Known Member

    2x IN!

  6. StanTheMan

    StanTheMan Well-Known Member

    Bill, put me down for 20 tickets. Check for $200 will be mailed today! Good on you, Bill, for helping these kids!
  7. ineedanap

    ineedanap Well-Known Member

    Count me in for a 5 tickets. What you are doing is awesome.

    Bill, PayPal and venmo would be so much easier. I seriously can't remember the last time I wrote a check, and I have never sent money to a person thru their bank with a routing number. I literally used PayPal at a garage sale last week, it has become that universal. Is there any way someone could set up a PayPal account for you?

    Regardless, thanks for doing this!!!
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  8. fastedyamaha

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    I’m in too, I’ll mail you a check.
  9. StanTheMan

    StanTheMan Well-Known Member

    Check made out and just sent! Thanks Bill! If I somehow win, I'd like to donate the suit back to be either auctioned off here or another drawing of some sort. Thanks for caring, Bill! The world needs more people like you!
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  10. gixxernaut

    gixxernaut Hold my beer & watch this

    I like it Bill. As a former band nerd I appreciate what they're going through.
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  11. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    The account belongs to the Washington County Band Boosters . It's a special account the bank created for this purpose . thanks, b bill
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  12. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    here is a picture of the band with their first win of 2019 . b bill

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  13. In Your Corner

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    Check sent for 5 tickets.
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  14. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    The band boosters are working on a Venmo account but I'm told it will take a couple of day to get it going. thanks, b bill
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  15. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Will send some funds this week. Hectic at work with the news of layoff and going to one shift only
  16. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    This is the suit we built for the "Fund for Chris" many years ago . We worked with the recipient to get him exactly what he wanted . Posting it for I know a lot of new guys weren't hanging around here then. b bill and darethea

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  17. cav115

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    In for 5. Thanks, Bill and Darethea!
  18. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

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  19. barnacle bill

    barnacle bill Darethea and B Bill

    had to edit that no space in WCHSBAND sorry . b bill
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I like how stuff works out, had to set up a venmo account for something else today anyway.

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