Brian Eves of Alamogordo NM is a thief.

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Blackgt76, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd.. least you got your coin back... I'm sure this thread helped out with that.
  2. vance

    vance *

    Interesting read.
    I was gonna multi quote about 600 posts, but the bottom line is this forum is NOT the racing community. I know most of us wish it were, but it simply isn't. We buy and sell here because there are good deals and it's the stuff we are looking for. Asking the mods to do something about it isn't going to fly.
    There have already been numerous warning shots across the bow from Mongo and DaveK. The truth is threads like these are the only way people get informed. Shady or not, however you see it, this is what we have to work with.
    As stated already, be fortunate the mods haven't said f#ck it and closed it down. There are 80,000 members here and last I checked, 80,000 guys aren't gridding up.
  3. L8RSK8R

    L8RSK8R Well-Known Member

    $$ Glad ya received your dosh Roman :) $$
    Highly possible if you had not mentioned anything on the forum, you'd still be out $500.
    Lesson here is if your not happy with a situation, someones wronged ya speak the feck up and demand whats right for ya.
  4. Schwiz

    Schwiz Well-Known Member

    Wow, ive been lurking around and reading all the threads today at work, and wow, its already 2:32! Sure made my day a little more interesting...

    Black, I'm glad you got your money back dude! :up:
  5. blendedfamily

    blendedfamily Well-Known Member

    phuck new mexico! they are a bunch of backwards bending, cousin pokin' thieves..
  6. SMR123

    SMR123 Well-Known Member

    Vance, not sure what your getting at here, but Roman (wreckedbikes) simply supplies a lot of us with nice insurance salvage bikes for racing application. I see that as direct interest to the racing community.

    Also relating to this thread, I would like to comment, that I have dealt with Roman, and he is a business man, but one thing is for sure, he is 100% fair. :up:
  7. G2G

    G2G I feel the need

    +1 I have bought parts and a bike from him :up:
  8. Former

    Former Well-Known Member

    Damn man...wasted 2 mins skimming through 11 pages just to find the drama ended. Dammit! LOL...j/k

    So glad Black got his money back!
  9. vance

    vance *

    I didn't say otherwise.
    My comments have nothing to do with the buyer or seller here.
    My point is that these threads are necessary. They're the only way others can research and judge whether or not they want to do business with other members here.
    It wasn't a dig at anybody who doesn't race. I'm only saying that if you think everyone here will do the right thing because we're "a close knit community", you'll be disappointed.
  10. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    Honestly guys some OTHER ppl who are in same business as me consider me a "whore" so to speak. I undercut everyone and provide best prices i can. I hope someone sees value in that.

    Im slowly fading away from this business because my other business has taken priority.
  11. Lazarus

    Lazarus SwaggaByLaz®

    If thats the case then sell me that 04 R6 for cheap. :D
  12. madcat6183

    madcat6183 2006 GSXR

    dang man, I wanted more drama, this sucks.

    Glad youre coin is back,
  13. gixpeed

    gixpeed Member

    Better a whore than a thief ! :Poke:
  14. CTarna

    CTarna Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I race CCS. :D

  15. Blackgt76

    Blackgt76 Well-Known Member

    LOL, i still know what stuff is worth haha.
  16. RedEIKO0713

    RedEIKO0713 you like noodles? fapfap

    Just wanted to say, Roger is a good guy. Has helped me out before, and I'm a complete stranger to him.
  17. CTarna

    CTarna Well-Known Member

  18. Lazarus

    Lazarus SwaggaByLaz®

    LOL! If I didn't have a wife to help me spend my tax refund I would be talking to you about it. :mad:
  19. quechingasese

    quechingasese Member

    says "BlendedFamily"



    oh yeah and I'm glad you got your money back.
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  20. Lazarus

    Lazarus SwaggaByLaz®


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