Ain't never been to Texas...

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by sturges, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    Hey Sean,

    I talked to Rusty @ TWS. I asked him if Kenny could show up at 6:00. (Used the Air Fence Haybales as an excuse), he said it should be OK. I will post the time I expect to get there the Monday before the race after I talk to TWS again.

    If you know you are going to get there BEFORE 5:00pm, let me know and I will put you on the Air Fence/Haybale team. This will get you in, but there is a 10.00 or 15.00 camping fee that is due Thursday night. This is TWS fee, not mine or WERA's or RPM's.

  2. worthless

    worthless Well-Known Member

    It goes a little further than that...

    Year - Overall Winner

    1994 - Team Suzuki Endurance
    1995 - Team Suzuki Endurance
    1996 - Team Suzuki Endurance
    1997 - Team Suzuki Endurance
    1998 - Arclight Suzuki
    1999 - No endurance at TWS
    2000 - Arclight Suzuki
    2001 - Vesrah
  3. Steve Karson

    Steve Karson Tcasby is my Bitch !!

    Here is the finishing order from Texas last year:

    1 57 Vesrah Racing Suzuki 1000 HSB
    2 4 Team Pennzoil Suzuki 750
    3 7 Suzuki 1000
    4 19 Loudoun Motorsports Suzuki 1000
    5 99 Army of Darkness Suzuki 600
    6 145 Team Clinton Cycles Yamaha 600
    7 34 Bent Racing Suzuki 600
    8 45 Team Chicago Yamaha 600
    9 86 Team Chaos Racing Suzuki 600
    10 13 D&D Racing Yamaha 1000

    9 of the top ten were Wera regulars.
    Well 8 if you count Prussiano on Team Clinton as a Local team.
    There are definitely some fast riders down in Texas and also some fast Wera regulars that go fast at any track.

    Steve Clark,from Tight squeeze Racing,laughed in my face when I told him I felt we had a good chance to win our class at Summit, he said " You don't have a chance! It's everbody else's local track, except yours!" We ended up 2nd by @50 seconds and 3 laps ahead of the 3rd place team.

    So don't count out the Wera regulars yet!!

    Ain't that the truth!!!!!!
  4. john ross

    john ross Well-Known Member

    marcus,you polishing that Chaotic is an idjit... up......hehehe:eek:
  5. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    Hey John,

    I was thinking about racing it in the endurance after all this "smack" talking, but I can't afford to rebuild the motor befroe the GNF. Being out of work sucks.

    I haven't mentioned that you might be riding in the endurance race as your team may get disqualifed (You gotta put two different riders on the bike...)

  6. john ross

    john ross Well-Known Member

    john-1 AND BIG JOHN HA:p :p :p :p

    maybe at tws on labor day........just to break in a few things..:D
  7. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    Hey if you and JH ride together let me know, THEN I WILL DO SOME BOOKMAKING with you, Vesrah, Etc. :D

    OK, here is the theme J2 - Judgement day...WERA endurance regulars are done in by 2 Johns named...John :D

  8. Lizard 1

    Lizard 1 Well-Known Member

    Hell, even last year WE were right behind Army and even catching them a bit. Of course, that was all for naught 'cause I ran us out of fuel.

    Anyway, Renny boy- want to make a bet on who wins her? WERA boys or Texas guys? You come up with a bet and let's see. I am all for smack talking in good fun, but if it is going to get any deeper, let's put money where mouths are.

    You all may own the track and have countless laps there, but I have one word for ya - BATEY.
  9. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    And I am all for betting...

    You do know who we are talking about....don't you?
  10. Pooh

    Pooh Administrator

    I know who you're talking about but his addition hasn't worked before :) Northwest Honda always had a serious dream team too just about every year that list VSE coming out on top....

    :D Smack is fun - specially when I don't care who wins the dang thing as long as it's a good race and my computers don't crash!
  11. cb500

    cb500 long hair hippie freak

    where's Hazbin when yoyu need him:D
  12. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    OK since I am out of work I have to limit this, BUT I HAVE 50.00 that says a TEXAS based team will dominate the world of endurance (TWS that is...) Saturday September 14th, 2002.

    The loser will pay 50.00 to the Air Fence fund. Any takers? Skeered? I thought so...

    Marcus McBain

  13. sv tinker

    sv tinker Well-Known Member

    Hey Marcus who's racing? I'll put up a set of tires to watch a good stomping texas style!

    Say Hi to Renate for me. I bet she's preparing her infamous weekend cook-out extravaganza as we speak.:D
  14. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

    I will call Renate's cooking famous and the guests infamous...:D Shedule is as follows:

    Thursday: (For Air Fence/Haybale team) Fajita's or Ribeyes
    Friday: Fajita's or Hamburgers/Hot Dog's (First come/First served)
    Saturday: Ribeyes or T-Bones (Make reservations...We served all 16 last time with people on the waiting list :D)

    I have no idea who from Texas is going to actually race. CMRA has a race coming up this weekend and then have ANOTHER race a week after the WERA race. I don't think to many teams from Texas will actually be there. (I suspect 8-10)
  15. G Dawg

    G Dawg Broken Member

  16. DOGS?

    I think "MASTER TY" would go along with that thought process.

    Sean, don't forget to remind everyone (Batey) about bringing "dogs". Someone might want to put in a call for Trey if they are bringing theirs.

    Hey Ty,

    You married yet?
  17. ...and don't forget that gates close up tight at 10pm every night.
  18. Renaissance man

    Renaissance man Well-Known Member

  19. WERA29

    WERA29 On a mental field trip...

    Who is racing with you Gary? Is it on the SV or the clapped out old F3? :)
  20. G Dawg

    G Dawg Broken Member

    My friend Shawn Hill,and I hope, but not got a definite yes,J.J.Roetlin.Yes the SV. I will ride the F3 one last race(Texas)and the GNF, then I hope to sell it to a Vintage racer.I am spending so much money building the SV I have no money to buy a grill.If I buy so good old Texas steer, you cookin?

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