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    As I said, we're working on it.
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    Road Atlanta September 5-6 has been moved to October 3-4. The National classes from Cycle Jam will be run at that event - so since Cycle Jam was a National double header this will be as well so all the classes including Vintage will be run both days (effectively moved Cycle Jam other than the MC regional points).
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    The September 5th and 6th weekend scheduled for Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta has been moved to October 3rd and 4th. This event will be a double header National/Sportsman weekend. N2 Track Days will be there Friday prior to this event. Please pass this on to anyone who you know was planning on September. We apologize for the short notice but things are not “normal” in our world of racing and schedules in 2020 – we are just thankful we will be able to bring you to Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta this season! The National Challenge will include the Michelin/WERA A /1000 Superbike Class both days. Pit Bull and CCF Office Solutions will sponsor trophies for the C/600 Superstock Class and the Senior Superbike HWT and MWT Classes..

    WERA Motorcycle Roadracing was founded in 1973 and remains the foremost place to develop talent in the sport of motorcycle Roadracing. The legacy of Pro riders on a National and World level is legendary. All events are run by WERA Motorcycle Roadracing and are co-sanctioned by the AMA. Racing is offered coast to coast with entry level racing in the WERA Sportsman Series as well as a Pro-Am Series with the WERA National Challenge Series as well as WERA Vintage Racing also this year Endurance Racing with our Track Day partner N2. WERA Motorcycle Roadracing was voted the 2017 AMA Track Organizer of the Year. There is something for everyone with WERA Motorcycle Roadracing!.

    For further information contact WERA Motorcycle Roadracing or check the web site at www.wera.com.
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