2016 WERA Schedule

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    Just helping out ..

    WERA 2016 National Schedule
    1. Roebling Raceway Southern Kickoff (03/18-20)
    2. Talladega Nights @ Little Tally (04-23/24)
    3. Road Atlanta Cycle Jam (6/17-19)
    4. The Grattan Raceway Challenge (July)
    5. Mid-Ohio Buckeye Shootout (July)
    6. Pitt Race Steel Mill Showdown (September)
    7 Grand Nationals @ Barber Motorsports Park (10/20-23)
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  3. Mongo

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    Of course you are.
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  5. Wheel Bearing

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    Am I to assume there is no "Mid-Atlantic" and that's been rolled into "Atlantic Coastal Region"?
  6. Mongo

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    Yep. No Summit so it's kind of silly.
  7. noles19

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    Mongo which month are you shooting for with cmp?
  8. Mongo

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    No idea yet. I'm hoping for earlier in the year but have to see what they have that fits with our already scheduled stuff without overloading things.
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    Sounds good! The good thing is they have a lot of open weekends over the summer it seems.
  10. Fixed. :D
  11. ScottyRock155

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    Races are so much better with actual names for the event.
  12. RRP

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    I am so glad I looked at the post BEFORE I asked about double headers and the like...:D
  13. Me too, because that is the FIRST thing i wanted to know about. I just cant express how much i love double header weekends. Like i cant sleep 10 days before them because i am too excited. I am not joking.
  14. cajun636

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    Damn it! lol No NOLA yet.
  15. Mechdziner714

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    No Nashville either, bummer...
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  16. Wheel Bearing

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    I can't blame you for it, but that pretty much ruins any chance of having any kind of shot at racing a region. I mean, fuck, I'd spend more on diesel than I would tires, race entry fees, and everything else...combined.
  17. throwdown

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    Are any of the nola dates you are working on in January like last year?
  18. jocko

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    Just a heads up, book your hotels early for the GNF, it appears to be scheduled for the same weekend as the Nascar race at Talladega again.10/20-23.
  19. Fuzzy317

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    Checking the schedule linked above, one AC date and a couple SE dates are from a 2015 Calendar. They come up as Sun/Mon and Mon/Tue on a few dates on a 2016 Calendar.
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    Mongo, no JenningsGP? Looks like they allow racing again?

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