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I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    Yes, wasting ammo because they were not hitting the target. That's what accuracy is about.
  2. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    I heard a story, but you'll have to allow for whether anyone can believe the word of a convict, that this guy in prison saw lotsa people with 9mm wounds and none with .45 wounds.
    I'll further, in my conviction, state that probably none of those 9mm wounds were from a 1911 or, more correctly, accurately placed. ;)
  3. Saiyan66

    Saiyan66 Stand your ground

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  4. S Tsotsoros

    S Tsotsoros aka General Tso

    3 months ago I wouldn't have understood that statement. Today I do.
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  5. Jedb

    Jedb Professional Novice :-)

    I wish the Glock ergonomics worked for me.
    For whatever reason (G22,23, 19,17, 26, 27) do not.
    I've gone with the Sig 229, 320 and Canik for 9mm and HK-USP for .40cal
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  6. RonR

    RonR Well-Known Member

    Do you now the complete manufacturer part number. There seems to be a couple 507k
  7. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    It should be the HS507K X2. If there is a GR the reticle is green instead of red. If it’s a 4 instead of 5 you only have the dot, the 5 gives you the choice of dot, dot and 32 MOA ring, or just the ring.

    If you switch to a 4/507C that is a larger footprint typically for a full size gun. 508 and 509T gets into closed emitters and titanium housings but I’m not up to speed on those and don’t know that I want to be, I’m happy with my current setups.

    If you know you just like looking at the dot you can go with appropriate 407 version and save $60 to maybe $90.
  8. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Ohvale Maintenance & Transport Service

    Tried a few Glocks and always walked away knowing I’ll never own one.

    Now I’ve also shot a couple 1911s and felt the same way. Just didn’t like them.
  9. :stupid:

    I don't care about the circle, I always turn it off. I only want the dot. I keep all of my optics (handguns and otherwise) the same, a single red dot.

    So in theory, I could use the 407. However I sometimes struggle to find the dot size I want with the 407k, that is why I end up going with the 507k.

    Many times with a 407k, the only option is a 6 MOA red dot. But with the 507k you can get a 3MOA dot and/or the circle. I dont care about the circle, but I want the 3 MOA dot. So I typically end up going with the 507k, just to get the dot size I want.

    And yeah, the "k" is for the little guns, the "c" is for the full size guns.
  10. No the Legions do come with better components.

    Ive got the regular P320, and the Legion version, the regular is a good gun, but the Legion is on another level.
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  11. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    I haven't completely dismissed the idea of having a Glock, but it's hard to find them all under one roof just to see if it's possible to find the one that fits. How many different models do they have? I can't be bothered to keep track. All I can say is that I haven't found one I like.
    Even if I did find one that "fit", that's no assurance of a purchase...I have other reservations to be addressed.

    With the 1911, I've not liked all of them as represented, but I've figured out what I do like about 'em and it's simple changes in pursuit of those likes. My original Colt 1991 (now the Government Model) fits like the proverbial glove and eats anything I shove down its throat, no complaints. Two recent acquisitions, an RIA TAC II and a Tisas TC9 have received the fitment attention but need to prove themselves at the range...they're not Colts, they're throwaways.

    With the P7 (1911 ergos) values having gone beyond $3K, I thought it was time to retire it from carry duty. The Tisas is intended to be its replacement.
  12. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Long shot here...maybe it's because there's about 10000 9mm's out in the wild for every 45. There's probably even less convicts still breathing with 12 ga slug or buckshot wounds...so that would mean a 12 ga would be the best EDC choice right?
  13. Steak Travis

    Steak Travis Well-Known Member

    There were no guys with 45 wounds because the shooter missed 7 times and ran out of ammo and the perps got away until they got stopped by Someone with 17 9mm rounds
  14. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    Shit! I guess this is my payback for showing you the 507 Competition. I have a 507K on my 365XL and a 507C on my FN 502. I never use the ring so with the new Walther I went with the 407C. It was different from my Sig but I just chalked it up to a bigger window. They are sure as shit a different size. Looks like this evening I’ll be switching the dots on the PDP and 502.

    Can you elaborate a bit? Most Legion owners sound like the same people that thought the Repsol graphics turned their CBR 1000’s into RC211V’s.

    I really like the new 320, I think it’s a Legion, but I know it has the AXG grip to add some weight and it’s gets the same “comp” treatment the X Macro has. It seemed a little big for what I was looking for at the time but I see owning one in my future.
  15. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    I ain’t talked to a single person that got hit with a bazooka
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  16. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Statistics also show that citizens with flamethrowers and RPG's almost never get carjacked.
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  17. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    I bet
    No.... A single shot from .50 cal machine gun proves it to be the best EDC gun. IWB holsters are hard to come by and usually not very comfortable though,
  18. GixxerJohn011

    GixxerJohn011 Well-Known Member

    There is a story about a cop getting in a shootout with a mountain of man high on all kinds of shit. The cop took a few rounds but hit the guy, don’t quote me these are ballpark numbers and I’m not doing the research, 14 or 17 times with a 45. 7 or 8 of the shots were deemed fatal but the guy just kept coming. The cop had two rounds left when it was over. He now carries about 130 rounds of 9mm on duty.
  19. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Midnight Oil Garage

    Your numbers may be skewed, but I get your point. Regardless, it's just something I heard...and it's in line with my ballistic sensibilities. :D
  20. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Let's compromise- how about a 2011 in 10mm?
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