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Got me a Race Van

Discussion in 'General' started by ryoung57, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Main thing is if you're mounting paneling in the van, be 100% sure of the shortest distance between the inside framework and the outside skin :D
  2. No doubt. Im just doing a few little things to the TH i just bought and i keep thinking im going to fuck it all up. :crackup:
  3. bEeR

    bEeR Hookers & Blow

    Haha, I did that on my enclosed trailer. Couldn't get the door lock that keeps the door from closing to stay in the paneling. So I used longer screws, they ended up coming through on the inside wall. I just said screw it and left them, they're not hurting anything or in the way at all.
  4. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    You'll think that until you catch an arm or something on them and rip a big hole in yourself.
  5. panthercity

    panthercity Thread Killa

    Not if he wears his leathers ALL the time... you know... ATGATT. :D
  6. bEeR

    bEeR Hookers & Blow

    It's right next to the floor, I always sit the concrete blocks that I sit under the jack in front of them.
  7. ThrottleJock

    ThrottleJock Has been/Never was

  8. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Ok, time for some pictures:

    Saturday's work included getting the side panels measured, cut, carpeted, and installed. I had to build an enclosure for the rear AC/Heat unit on the drivers side.

    Passenger side:


    Driver's side, I still need to figure out something for the wheel well, Ford doesn't make that part anymore and I haven't found any place online that sells the pieces individually:


    On Sunday I went to work on the headliner. Turned out to be a huge pain in the ass. I had to learn how to wire the led's (thank you Dustin). I wired four strings together in series then wired the strings into two parallel circuits with a switch on each. I'm a terrible solderer so this took a while. My soldering gun sucked and wouldn't get hot enough so I ended up heating it to red hot with mapp gas between uses! After lots of testing for loose circuits and improper wiring I figured out that I had done it all right except for which side the pos and neg were attached too. Apparently it makes a difference with leds.

    Even after that, the real fun didn't start until I tried to re-install the headliner. I had a minimum of space to reconnect the factory wiring harness that I'd had to cut to remove the liner. Then the headliner wouldn't fit because of the space taken up by my side panels. I had to bend down the edges and it made wrinkles in the headliner. I'm working to find some U-shaped rubber trim to put on the edges. Once I do I'll trim the headliner down to fit. I finally got this part done on Tuesday at midnight.

    Headliner installed:


    Closeup of the switch:


    Close up of the led:


    Led's in action. You can't see it well because it's light outside:


    On Wednesday night I installed my trailer hitch, trailer wiring harness, and Pit Bull Trailer Restraint System

    Hitch. I think I'm going to pull this back off and flip it over so it doesn't sit so low.


    PBTRS (this thing is so cool):


    This just about wraps it up for now. I've got some exterior mods I want to do: wheels and tires, fender flares, upgraded headlights, chrome grill, window tint, maybe a graphic to rep the shop, etc but I'm about out of money and honestly, I'm pretty tired of working on it.
  9. some guy #2

    some guy #2 Well-Known Member

    Your trailer restraint must barely clear the door with the bike inthe van.
  10. bEeR

    bEeR Hookers & Blow

    I was thinking the same thing myself, hope he put the handle part in there to see if the door will close or not.
  11. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Shit! I hope so. I tested it with the bike in there but I'm not positive that I shut the door. I'll go check.
  12. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    Just leave the door open. The breeze will be nice.

    I need to know how the ice/water barrier works for killing sound. I have a lot of noise coming from my little car. Between the noise and my bad hearing I can't really talk on the phone when I'm driving.
  13. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    With room to spare :)

  14. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    It seems to have worked really well. I know it was much quieter with just it in there than it was without. And for $35 for 100 sq/ft you can't go wrong.
  15. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    I'll have to go look for some I guess. I've done 600+ miles in that car this week and was wishing I was on my Harley. At least then you expect the noise.
  16. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    Bah, just text while driving...these people drive slow enough that it doesn't matter ;)
  17. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    That's what I have to do, as you've seen.
  18. chuckbear

    chuckbear Totally radical, bro.

    That thing is looking good!
  19. pinnEd999

    pinnEd999 dale' gas!

    Looking good! I'm sure you will be happy with it. It makes life so much easier when transporting and camping at the track. I did the same with mine but I mounted a 2x3 on the side wall to hang my stands and get them out of the way....here is a pic. Congrats! :beer:

  20. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    Better pic and source for those hooks you are using to hang those stands?

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