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AHRMA Dissolution?

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by 83BSA, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. UngaWunga

    UngaWunga Well-Known Member

    If that's true, then its a damn shame. Kind of like the AMA lawsuit a few years back....
  2. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    "I think his plan has always been to drag out the lawsuit with AHRMA long enough to deplete all of their money. Seems to be working so far."

    A foolish move by anyone in litigation. Rob may be hard headed, cunning, scheming and emotional, but I do not think he is a fool. The AHRMA membership is looking more and more foolish as the dollars are spent, settlement opportunities come and go, and their counsel, seek to abandon them (who knows why . . . THEY WON'T TELL US!).

    Rob was an attorney, years ago. I believe for a brief period he was an ADA in Brooklyn. He has not actively practiced law for some time. He has hired attorneys to represent Team Obsolete, him, and the other named plaintiffs (Dave Roper, Eric Green, Jim Redman, etc), and based on the conversations I had at Barber with Dave and Eric, Rob is out of pocket several hundred thousand of his own dollars. The difference is, as stated by Can-Am, it's Rob's money versus the membership's money. I believe the pithy saying is millons for defense and not a penny for tribute . . . that describes AHRMA's approach, and unless you want to send a message to the market (a la WalMart or others facing a string of similar, repetitive nuisance lawsuits), such an approach rarely is economically prudent.

    With Lambreth's resignation, the Executive Dirctorship is open and AHRMA is looking for candidates (See the AHRMA website for Recent News). Any one up for taking on the challenge? Personally, I'd require a written commitment of defense and indemnity with a surety bond underwritten by a carrier of my choosing, plus a D&O policy with coverage acceptable to me and underwritten by an appropriate carrier (no more Reliance situations please).
  3. (diet)DrThunder

    (diet)DrThunder Why so serious, son?


    Top 10 Posts Of The Year candidate right there...
  4. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    $10K for Mongo? I don't know, that seems a bit low . . . .
  5. Tinfoil hat charly

    Tinfoil hat charly Well-Known Member

    rob is an attorney

    he did some [free] legal/tax work for me in the late 80's and he is a neat guy--a real motorcycle enthusiast. i am sure from watching this dispute over the years it's an ego battle between him and jeff smith who i don't know, but there is no question he is a great racer in his own right: hint: this is why there are wars: people disagree!
  6. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Very interesting. I'm not an AHRMA member, but I was at one time, and I don't feel sorry for 'them.' Regarding the Ianucci lawsuit matter, has anyone actually read the paperwork? I haven't, but had a most engaging conversation
    with Bob Ianucci years ago about the issue...I would be hard-pressed to call
    the lawsuit frivolous, not do I think Ianucci is spending time and money to
    satisfy his own ego. Perhaps there is a substantial reason why AHRMA continues to plow on in the lawsuit. Perhaps Ianucci is driving at something
    that has to do with accountability...any and all AHRMA members can and should insist upon accountability; if you don't like the answers thrown up at you by AHRMA 'officials,' then hire legal counsel and make them answer IF
    it is your money that is being spent...indeed, one must wonder: where is AHRMA headed??? Even more reason for WERA to promote vintage racing.
    Just my opinion...
  7. charles

    charles The Transporter

    I'll take the job. Who do I talk to? Show me the money.

    The Transporter
    "Every Day A New Face"
  8. phantom 309

    phantom 309 Well-Known Member

    Well, the ahrma bbs got shut down due to lawyers threatened to sue over bs being said.I think we should line up every lawyer and put them out of there misery.Sorry david.:p
  9. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    Every attorney has a client whose interests the attorney ostensibly represents. Line up every client and hold them accountable. There won't be many attorneys around seeking to pursue claims that don't exist. I have no love for bottom dwelling, scum sucking, bottom feeders or unethical, unprincipaled lawyers for that matter, but don't confuse the source of and contributors to the problem.
  10. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    We had that same threat here a few weeks ago, but he's gone now.
  11. Yamaha Fan

    Yamaha Fan Well-Known Member

    A good Attorney does his best work outside of the court room... I have known a few.. and I am glad to know one if/when I need one :up:
  12. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Rodger, you didn't, did you? You 'disappeared' Art? :eek:
  13. TrentThomas

    TrentThomas .........


    It truly is a sad state of affairs.

    Tim, keep us in the loop if you hear anything, and I'll do the same. I know that Mark Hatten lurks over here, so hopefully he will post up some details. Mark set up the "unofficial" AHRMA BBS a few years ago, and he funds its operation. He was also recently elected to the AHRMA Board, so I guess all that makes him a prime target for the afore-mentioned scum suckers.

    Oh, and on the Mid-Ohio thing: The way I heard it, AHRMA was technically only "subletting" track time from the AMA. I think they were forced to allow the Ago / Team Obsolete ride. There is a similar situation at Daytona, where apparently Iannuci has a special agreement with DIS managememt which allows Team Obsolete to participate in the AHRMA event there. AHRMA hates it, but their only option is to not race there.

    Or so I have heard...

    Anyway, this all sucks for the AHRMA members, and I hope a resolution can be reached soon to limit the damage.
  14. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Don't get pissed at the attorneys! Behind them are clients, as has been mentioned already by 83BSA, who are footing the bill...sometimes 'threats' to sue are bluffs...obviously, some one or some people in the AHRMA 'management', and I use the term loosely, are most sensitive about
    what is being written about them. Why not step up to the plate and answer
    members' questions about everything regarding AHRMA? Are there 'secrets'?
  15. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

    He got skeered and ran off the other direction. He's being pompous in a Ferrari forum now.

    But Brad gets some credit too.:D
  16. phantom 309

    phantom 309 Well-Known Member

    A guy like you ,will need one:D
  17. NYCNorton

    NYCNorton Holmeslice

    Word on the street is that it WAS NOT lawyers on the TO side that shut down the AHRMA BBS. If you read the statement left by (presumably) Mark Hatten on the now defunct site you will notice his comment is rather ambiguous, but slanted ever-so slightly to lead us to believe it was TO. So... If not TO, whose lawyers was it? AHRMA's? No way... Really?

    This sucks. Nobody wins.
  18. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I've had a couple lawyers make threats like that over the years. I like laughing at them. Free speech is a wonderful thing. Of course if people want to post slanderous (libelous?) items, well you need to be able to stand behind what you say...
  19. charles

    charles The Transporter

    Yep...I mentioned on the current thread about the "Art" guy that a woman
    plaintiff in Florida got $ 11.3 million from a jury on a case of "Internet defamation" Scheff v. Bock, Broward County, FL. Apparently there are over 50some lawsuits for Internet defamation or libel pending; private citizens, unlike public figures, do not have to prove malice.
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep. Just because the interwebs makes it easy to run your mouth doesn't mean you can do so without taking responsibility for your words...
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