Your morning and how it determines your day

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  1. I see a lady every night I’m home, and in bed early :) regardless what time I go to bed I’m up at 530 latest but during the week usually 2am due to work.
  2. Except for the days when you are up the kids still sleeping but the days when you can sleep and extra hour or two they are awake an hour erarlier than usual.
  3. codyjphoto

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    Dont know that I could keep that schedule. You just get use to it after some time?
  4. I roll out of bed about 2, when i smell the Kurig starting, then am at work by about 2:05 after taking a leak, brushing my teeth then grabbing my laptop or ipad to go sit on the deck with a smoke and start working. The joys of a global economy.
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  5. socalrider

    socalrider pathetic and rude

    i agree with the premise of the original post, my morning routine helps me get in a great mental space before getting to work.

    wake up 320AM, drink some pre-workout, hit the gym for an 1-1.5 hours depending on my day, shower and drive the 35-45 minutes with no traffic because its still before the crack of dawn. get to work an hour before anyone else and get through some tasks in pure silence.

    gets me in a great mood pretty much every day.
  6. It’s my preferred schedule actually. Get up about 2, catch Asia,s last part of the day, Europe’s first part of the day. My calendar is blocked off between 6-8am and 4:30-9pm so when I’m home and not traveling I can spend a lot more quality time with th family. There’s usually an exception at least once a week due to customer meetings but overall it works. Hardest part is the discipline to have the balance of my sleep in the afternoon as it’s too easy to go fishing.
  7. That’s a damn great routine there, I love a drive with no traffic, except when it’s late coming home from the office.
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  8. You choose to get pissed off, it’s because you don’t have a good routine to get you in a good space :)
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    I have pretty good routine I stick to that works pretty good. Most days I wake up without an alarm because it generally pisses me off. I cook a full breakfast eggs / some type of meat / oatmeal and either some water or juice. If I go without breakfast I'm so unproductive it's ridiculous and it lasts pretty much the entire day.
  10. Mongo

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    I actually don't get pissed off. Mostly I laugh. The chill time for a while in the morning with a cup of coffee or two is really nice. Sometimes just watch tv, sometimes work, sometimes even fall back asleep depending on when the puppy woke me to go out.

    I can get up and get rolling on things right away, have to do that at the track all the time but much prefer the relaxing wake up in the recliner or on the deck at the house.
  11. During the week I need to get up and start moving right away. The weekend unless it’s something planned i have to get moving on I lounge around, watch cartoons with the kids for a bit. Hard to get moving after that.
  12. My routine is exactly the same, every morning. I have 2 routines, depending on home or work. But once in each place, I do the exact same thing...or my whole morning is fucked.

    The night before I make sure water is in the Keurig, and put the little “REVV” K-cup thing in it.
    Then I put my coffee cup under it, with the handle facing forward.
    I put the spoon on the left side, in the middle of a paper towel folded exactly in half.
    I wake up (at home around 5, at work around 330). I never need an alarm clock, I just wake up.
    I go push the handle down on the K and push the button. Then I go piss.
    When I get done pissing it is done.
    I grab it, stir in some milk shit, put the spoon in the sink, then grab my laptop and watch a race while I drink my coffee.
    Then I go do cardio.

    If any of that gets messed up, I’m fucked.

    One time the wife brought my coffee to me as I was coming out of the bathroom. I was all fucked up. She could tell it and was like “do you need me to put it back so you can get it?”. I was like “Yes, very much so”.

    Catastrophe averted. :D
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  13. Don’t sleep so much. Problem solved. :D

    I haven’t been woken up by an alarm clock since college. I can’t remember the last time I was still asleep past 6am, and I rarely go to sleep before 1-2am.
  14. HPPT

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    That sounds eerily like the definition of a routine.
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  15. I don’t get it.
  16. Mongo

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    You effectively repeated routine repeatedly many times.
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  17. HPPT

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    Damn, bro. :D You don't need to explain that your routine involves doing the same thing every day. That's the definition of routine.
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  18. Y’all shutup. :moon:
  19. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    The worst part is trying to stay quiet, otherwise I'm with you. I also like to get to work super early before everyone, because as Tristan pointed out, 1/4 of my day is done before I'm awake and most people even show up and then 1/2 is done by time they wake up :D

    After my dog passed away a couple years ago, I vowed not to have another pet with the kids still small. Just not enough time to deal with pets and kids. Unfair to dog just because we're not home much, except to sleep for the most part.And yes, the winter it's super cold outside, and I'm not waking up to walk a dog right now. When the kids get to college we could re-visit the idea.

    My wife came up with the "great" idea of fostering a cat for a temporary time, i think to warm me up to getting another pet, and I said I will do nothing. It's her pet, so she has to deal with it. Well fast forward two weeks and she admitted it's a lot of work, and that she doesn't get good sleep with the cat jumping all over the place at night.
  20. Getting woke up by a bigass dog in your face is one of the best things ever.
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