Women's March

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    Oh, that call wouldn't be for the laughs. . .it would be to monetize the laughs. . .:). Highly polarized, emotional, political environoment in the country not looking to get better anytime soon, informed opinions (whether I agree with them or not) biting sarcasm and natural chemistry. . . any time in the last 50 years, you guys would be "over the top". . .today - you'd be mainstream. Just like anything, it's in the execution but if you can pull it off, no better environment than now.
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    I was not referring to sterilization. Mandatory contraception would suffice. I support your position RE: your body as long as you grant the same respect to my earnings.
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    That is how it used to be done. The lessons are there.
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    If you can argue that your tax dollars are an extension of you as an autonomous human being, I will consider your position. Especially after you sit and argue that poor people aren't guaranteed a living, when they pay taxes too. I won't even be a snarky bitch about it. Your taxes go for the good of the public, like it or not - you have a whole lot of work a head of you to fight for forced contraception/sterilization/medication - besides, who is going to do the condom check for all of the men dipping their sticks? You can't expect the woman to be the only one forced not to breed. Men shouldn't have the ability to do so either.

    As a whole, I am not a huge proponent of the welfare system. I just find this argument bizarre. Everyone loses their heads at the thought of someone coming for their guns, but can't see the error in allowing the government to decide who gets to breed.
    I will keep my gun and my breeding capabilities.

    Also, If you stop paying your taxes, you won't ever have to pay for anything you don't like again. There is precedent for that. Started somewhere in Boston, I think.
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    Poor people pay little if any taxes (other than sales tax) and most of that is offset by assistance. Be snarky all you like. If your contention that taxes are for the good of the public, I would counter that public sponsorship of irresponsibility is very much counter to the public good.

    I would be fine with mandatory contraception (chemical or otherwise) for males. Hell I would be in favor of reversible vasectomies if that would reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. Self control is, I suppose, an alien concept. We are talking about humans, not rabbits. People live up, or down, to expectations. Keep your sights low.

    I have no problem helping people unable to help themselves, just those that won't.
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    I think the failure in foresight here is that many people see those that take assistance as leeches. The reality is, that there is not a wide girth of people out there sitting on their asses, popping out puppies and scooping up a check for it. That is not the norm. (And I am the first person to admit that I have a sister that tried to do exactly that).

    The norm is that most people take assistance to fill gaps in their income. They use one or two programs to help them through. Most states go after the fathers for child support if they have spawn and the mother files for aid. The state isn't just going to sit around doling out cash for deadbeats.

    Yeah- there are lazy assholes who don't want to work and are able to work the system - but it isn't the bulk of the millions of users who take assistance when they are in need.

    And seriously - imagine how many fewer people would need assistance if wages kept rising to keep up with the cost of living and the low down and dispicible tax via inflation that our government pretends isn't happening.
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    I've seen too much generational poverty to believe in the temporary myth.

    I was picking up take out chinese for my wife and daughter a few years back and a woman walked in to place an order. She was with a friend and I overheard her mention she was going to the grocery store in the same strip center to pick up a few items. When she came back, she stated loudly, "Damn that formula is expensive. If I had to but it with my own money, I sure wouldn't have had kids."
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    How many people would need assistance it they would take advantage of the educational opportunities that exist, government and private. Sure there are those that will never get above minimum wage, but I think most are capable of much better.
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    Sucker punching people is so barbaric, you just hose them down with pepper spray. Chemical warfare is the new in thing.
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    Really?? Did you forget to put a smilie after that or are you serious?
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    That exposes you to the accusation that you're in love with Sarah Palin. :D
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    YUP!!! Shes HOT!!
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    MILF for sure. But she could have been a VPILF...that doesn't come out as smooth. But, whatev...we got us a FLILF for 8 years!! :D
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    Don't forget the FDILF. She's even hotter. :bow:
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    If they lied about your delicious news on the other side of the forum, I'm gonna call a witch on somebody. :mad:
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    Am I required to go back and read the thread from the beginning?
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    The pussy hat brigade had a pussy hat convention because the batshit crazy harpies haven't had any attention lately. At their convention, the most popular talk was about how white women are evil.

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