Why doesn't God stop gun violence

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by turtlecreek, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. turtlecreek

    turtlecreek Well-Known Member

    Long, but worth listening too if you have questions.
  2. Venom51

    Venom51 John Deere Equipment Expert

    You lost me at God.
  3. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe Breaker of chains.

    Gun violence has been falling since the 90s so maybe he is.
  4. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    That was a short six minutes. I thought he was headed off the rez when he brought up Oscar Wilde, but he brought it back. It ended up being the best answer I had heard.
    If I had said it, people woulda thought I was smokin'..."no way that shit is ever happening". Yet, here was an educated answer validating the off-the-wall hypothesis.
    Stranger things have happened, as they say.
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  5. turtlecreek

    turtlecreek Well-Known Member

    well, being the dungeon, it'll only be a little bit before this entire thread goes off the reservation... :crackup:

    i only posted it as it has come up more than once in different threads and as you said, Ravi is an educated man.
  6. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    While I consider myself fairly spiritual and enlightened, questions of philosophy and theology don't usually appeal to me cuz the usual rhetoric beats around the bush, redirects, tries to sell a myth...but this one? I can appreciate this one. It was a no BS hypothetical answer to a no BS hypothetical question, assuming the reader doesn't write the premise off as BS.
  7. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    No such thing as gun violence.
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  8. tiggen

    tiggen Gringo AF

    God = love
    Love = the answer
    ∴ God is the answer
    Here endeth the lesson.
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  9. beac83

    beac83 11

    According to Christianity, God gave humans free will. Therefore, God will not stop humans from their evil.
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  10. turtlecreek

    turtlecreek Well-Known Member

    yes what you say is true, but it is a little bigger than that.

    It is because love requires free will and love is the most important aspect of humanity. love is what makes humanity closest to God.
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  11. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    Because there is no god as it’s absolutely MIND FUCKING BLOWING that smart, educated, adult people still believe in fairy tales.
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  12. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    How condescending of you.
  13. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    Call it what you want. I’m not here to sugar coat anything.

    Facts are facts.
  14. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Facts require proof, which neither of us have.
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  15. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    I also can’t prove that Unicorns don’t exist.
    I can’t prove that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist
    I can’t prove that a lot of things don’t exist.
  16. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    You cannot, and that is a fact.
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  17. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    And yet here we are...... with grow adults believing fairy tales as FACTS....
  18. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    You have stated your belief/opinion on God/religion. I disagree. We can be civil and dispense with the condescending BS, or we can go full stupid. Your choice.
  19. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Well-Known Member

    It because our biggest question, and the one that will always remain unanswered, is “what happens to us when we die?”.
  20. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    I mean it seems pretty obvious that on the countless times there has been bodies exhumed that we simply “rot”

    In the cases of cremation, we are simply “incinerated”

    There are plenty of facts and photographic evidence of that.

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