Trump is a Winning Machine

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by blkduc, Dec 14, 2016.

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    A PBS/NPR Poll? That's FAR Left MSM propaganda.

    What worries me, is stealing the next election like the Demons did in WI Governor race.
    Walker was winning by a bit, then suddenly, here comes boxes of 'mail in votes', that magically were more than could be used for a re count/verifying the votes? It's in their playbook now- it worked. WI is screwed.

    God Save DJT!
  3. Fonda Dix

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    They have election theft down now and I dont believe any election can be trusted going forward after the thievery we saw in 2018.
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  4. ryoung57

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    Yes. The D’s got caught with their pants down in 2016. DT needs to force some reforms or they’ll steal the 2020 election.
  5. 600 dbl are

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    It’s hard for me to see it that way. The Dems threw up Obama 2.0. America said fuck that. Now the dems are putting people up that makes Bernie Sanders look like a fiscal conservative. I think (hope) America will respond the same way.
  6. In Your Corner

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    They've bypassed the whole voter ID problem.
    Just create votes.
  7. Orvis

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    LOL, hey Funk, have I waited long enough to respond? (I've been really busy lately)
    First, I don't think any impeachment of Trump would bring on an "enlightenment" rather the media's rhetoric would slow down and, if we ended up with a less caustic person in the Presidency, we might be able to calm the public down a bit. At least that would be my hope. I could be mistaken of course. I will say that within the past two or three months Trump has lessened his caustic actions somewhat. I like that. I also don't mind watching him stick it to his major detractors like Pelosi and friends. I love the way he left her sitting in a bus with no place to go. That was classic. If he sticks with his present path then I will, once again, support him.
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  8. Orvis

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    Oh hell no. Trump did not bring about divisiveness. That started gradually while Clinton was in office, increased during the Bush years, and exploded during our little sweet community organizers time in office. Trump is simply not helping the situation. In fact, he benefits from continuing the process to some extent.
  9. BHP41

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    Trump is not helping because NOTHING will help until the left quit acting radical and have some sense again. The left isn’t going to say ,”hey, you helped us out here so where going to help you out there”. The left is radical. They want what they want and will use any means necessary. So Trump is doing what needs to be done with the left. Saying FUCK YOU and refusing to play their game. If that’s “not helping” the situation then I’m all for not helping.

    This is a liberal problem. Until they decide that respecting law and order and the constitution is a priority again, FUCK THEM. Let them all burn. I for one wouldn’t piss on a burning liberal/Dem/Progressive or what ever other term anyone wants to use. They are a cancer, the less there are, the better off our Republic will be.

    Edit: I need to add into that group these coward ass so called Republicans and Conservatives. They need to grow some fucking balls and do what’s right for the country.
  10. ryoung57

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    YES!!! Too many Republicans are guilty of the same DC scumball politics, owing their asses to big donors and other special interests, and are scared shitless of it all coming apart on them and having to do their jobs (representing the people that elected them. They need to swallow that pill and get behind DT to drain the swamp.
  11. rd400racer

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    As one of the few liberals here I totally agree with you. But guess ain't gonna happen and Trump is the last person that could ever accomplish this mission because he's as much of a swamp dweller as the rest of them.

    Before you crucify me, have a listen. The swamp will never be drained until the first article is put into place, and that would be a two term limit period. Secondly, you get to enjoy Congressional privileges while in office, but after that you're on your own. We aren't footing the bill for you after you leave. This was a temporary job you chose to serve the same as my 4 year enlistment. And the final item (for now) is the abolishment of lobbyist. Fuck the special interest groups.

    This is the only way to start draining the swamp. If you have other ideas, please add them on. But the only way this will ever happen is anarchy, because the swamp dwellers aren't going to just hand over their power.
  12. Spang308

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    How can your first paragraph be so far off base and the next two be spot on?
    You confuse the shit out of me sometimes. Please cite how the guy that's attempting to drain the swamp is a swamp dweller? When the letter agency heads that attempted to frame him are doing perp walks soon, are you going to change your tune?
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  13. Funkm05

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    This is a plan I could get on board with.
  14. rd400racer

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    It's simply that I think Trump is a con man. I thought that way before he even announced his run for president. And I'll tell you what set me against was all the true stories about how he cheated contractors working on his projects out of money. I'm a contractor, I had shady business people cheat me out of money simply because they could outspend me in legal fees. I take it to heart. Oh, I learned my lesson after it happened, but I never forgot. And when I learned that he did/does this with some regularity I lost any respect I may have had for the man.

    And this is all just a matter of opinion. I can't really wrap my head around how those of us that are regular people think that he's looking out for our interest in any way. He's never looked out for anyone other than himself.
  15. Funkm05

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    See, I think it makes it easier. I know he’s looking out for himself. But in this case, his best interest comes in the form of easing gov’t regulations on businesses, which benefits those of us that have jobs. In a way, it makes it easier. I think it’s easier to see a screw job coming when you know the goal. Normal politicians ... who knows who’s paying them and how they’ll look to screw us because of it.

    Ninja edit: Example - did you ever really think Obama was gonna jump in bed with the insurance lobbyists? Surprise ... ACA!! Let’s not try to fix anything. Just legally force everyone in bed with their actual rapists.
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  16. ryoung57

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    Agree, but how is Trump a swamp dweller? And if he is, why do all the others hate him so much? Yes, I'll give you that he's done some swampy things, but I think most of it has to do with the reality that there are only so many qualified candidates for various cabinet positions and nearly all of them are current swamp dwellers. There was a Tom Clancy book late in the original Jack Ryan series where Ryan wound up as president, and had to essentially rebuild the government via presidential appointment after a terrorist attack took out almost all of congress, the cabinet, and the judiciary. The book spent a lot (for a spy/war novel) of time explaining how Jack Ryan called upon all of his old buddies from the private sector to fill all of these key positions and remodel the federal government to function as an efficient business instead of a bloated bureaucracy. It was a Constitutionalist/Libertarian wet dream! :D
  17. rd400racer

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    You actually bring up an excellent point, which is...what is the definition of a swamp dweller? I guess I see a swamp dweller as someone that lies, cheats or steals to get their reward. Of course that can be expanded to a multitude of offenses.

    I thought I'd do some basic research and here's what I came up with...

    Urban Dictionary: A random insult for one who is ugly and smells. Basically looks like they bathe in swamps.

    It's a play: In this play, The Swamp Dwellers, the main conflict is between the old and the new way of life in the Nigerian society, and Africa in general.

    And that's about all I could find as far as definitions go. So what is a swamp dweller?
  18. Funkm05

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    I would postulate the proper definition in this case is any/all career politicians in the federal government. You may well be able to drill it down to State levels, too, but I’d be happy to start at the fed level ... Congress ... House & Senate.
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  19. ryoung57

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    Then that's where our differences lie. MY definition of a swamp dweller (and I believe the definition most often considered in these types of discussions) is: a lifelong politician, political insider, etc, caught up in the trappings of the DC life and completely out of touch with the true meaning/purpose of their job and their duty to their constituents. Ironically, Washington DC actually was a swamp when it was designed, and had to be drained and raised so our capital city could be built, so the term has double meaning :D

    So by that definition, Trump cannot be a swamp dweller. Asshole? Absolutely, but he's definitely an outsider and not a lifelong politician, which is why so many people in DC on both sides of the aisle hate him.
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