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  1. D-Zum

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    I have a tat...it's on my left shoulder blade...got it when I was 19, stupid and in the USAF. It was a Friday night in Biloxi...I just got paid, and I wanted
    something to commemorate my service in the USAF. I got a little bald eagle in a dive with it's talons out like it's about to snatch up some prey with USAF underneath it.
    I don't regret it. $55 wasn't too much money wasted.

    Generally, I call folks that are all tatted up and/or have a bunch of facial piercings "Minimum Wage".

    Yes, it's their choice to get all inked up....it's awesome.

    But, they need to know they also quite possibility make themselves less than desired candidates for many well paying Customer Facing careers. You cannot
    bitch about how your career is limited when you do things that limit your desirability as a candidate.

    When you're at work, you don't represent yourself and your choices...you represent whomever is paying you to be there. You cannot look like a clown unless you work for the circus, and
    Ringling Brothers was shut down by the bleeding heart elephant lovers.
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    The tats are FAR better than the giant holes in the ears. I won't not hire someone based on tatoos. I have and will continue to pass on the ear hole people.
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  3. Venom51

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    Maybe they should focus on using their feet correctly. How hard is it not to fall down?
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  4. ryoung57

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    This. Unless you've got something really offensive in a place I can see it in work clothes.
  5. weber#465

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  6. The

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    Seven pages of crap and no moto inspired tats yet???
  7. In Your Corner

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    I like this one.

    asshole tat.jpg
  8. Fonda Dix

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    Mine right after completion. Looks great after healing.

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  10. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

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    Lol it says asshole tat.jpg on the bottom of the pic

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  12. Banditracer

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  13. SPL170db

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    Nice detail.....I'd never want to look down at my lower limbs and see this looking back at me, but that's JMO

  14. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Of or On?
  15. Lawn Dart

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    I'm betting the back of the knee and down there at the Achilles hurt like a mother.
  16. Lawn Dart

    Lawn Dart Difficult. With a big D.

    HAHAHAHA! I almost did this too! There were so many guys in my unit walking around with 332nd "Mad Dogs" logos from tech school at Keesler. Some of them were only there 4 months. I'm glad I never did.

    That said, you did it right - at least you got something with a longer life than your tech school unit logo.
  17. sidepipe79

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    Not purely bike related. But this is my arm right after completion.
  18. In Your Corner

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    So that means you have to shave your legs, right?
  19. Newyork

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  20. drop

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    That shock tattoo is cool. But why the hell, would you put the name of some company on your body without getting paid?
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