Summit Main repave day 1

Discussion in 'General' started by Bret_P, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Bret_P

    Bret_P Well-Known Member

    Took some pics of the work done so far. No milling of the entire track, just selected spots. Looks like 2" or so of fresh asphalt over the existing surface including the concrete patches.





    the chute


    T5 ground level



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  2. tony715

    tony715 Well-Known Member


    is there a reason they would pave it now? right before winter?

    i wonder if they will put a nice wide tar strip at the seam in the middle?

    so what will the record be next season, 1:09?

    i hate to see the old pavement go, gave the place character. i hope it doesn't end up like mid ohio. super smooth and tearing tires.

    now i have to check out the track day clubs abd see who is have and event before the end of the year
  3. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    Character is overrated, give me super smooth any day!
  4. Marcmcm

    Marcmcm Huge Member

    Hot's a good start!
  5. dlafz1

    dlafz1 Well-Known Member

    TPM is there next monday. Damn I wish I could sneak down.
  6. BiZ

    BiZ a matter of weight ratios

    Someone said there's already a car club schedualed on it Friday. I'll be quite surprised if that asphalt sticks to the concrete for long.
  7. rugbymook

    rugbymook Under Construction

    Let's hope it rains like a mofo.:D
  8. divein6

    divein6 Well-Known Member

    I hope they dont put white lines down the center of the track. If they are laying the asphalt right down on the old shit wont that fuck the curbs up? I dont claim to know a thing about paving at all.
  9. worthless

    worthless Well-Known Member

    Seeing fresh asphalt being put over the concrete strips is like seeing a dear old friend being buried alive.:(
    Then again, maybe they'll pour some new concrete strips?!?!?:up:
  10. RollieManollie

    RollieManollie I Need to Get My Beak Wet

    Man, I thought this was just another rumor! I would have no clue if this is good or not, especially if nesba is there in 2 or 3 weeks. Anyone have a clue if there will be enough rubber laid down on the track from others for grip?
  11. joec

    joec brace yourself

    nah, theyre just going to cover the concrete. what you see in the pictures, thats all theyre doing. dont mine the big lip. thats the character you wanted. pretty cool. i liked the white lines. "slower traffic, please stay right!" itll be weird to have it smooth, i have a feeling the asphalt wont stay smooth long though.

  12. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

  13. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    If they've got a car event planned for Friday, the asphalt is going to have 48 hours to set-up....I hate to say it, but they are going to destroy the smoothness. This time of year, the pavement needs at least a solid week of high 70 temps to really set-up and cure. I think the track mgmt. just wasted a ton of money.
  14. salvagerider

    salvagerider Well-Known Member

    Now they need to fix the wall issues before someone gets killed. Turn four :down:
  15. BiZ

    BiZ a matter of weight ratios

    Get rid of the wall then people will just run into other people at the exit of five. Leave the wall, use more airbags. Or slow down and take up basket weaving.
  16. Cuddles de Sade

    Cuddles de Sade AnACREE in the UK!!!

    enough with the constant whining about T4. yes there's a was moved as far back as it can go a few years ago. we are all big boys and one is forcing anyone to race anywhere. if you don't like it, don't run there...there problem solved.
  17. Chango Malo

    Chango Malo Well-Known Member

    Somehow I feel like I have been transported back to the bad old days when the answer to every safety problem was, GO HOME IF YOU DONUT LIKE IT!

    And, the Miller dudes spend MEEELLLLIONS to synch up the paving across the entire width of the track and these bozos just lay down one lane at a time like eeets the freaking interstate through Hoboken or something.

  18. Even Keel

    Even Keel Banned

    Milller's great. You're on a roll tonight. Entertain us peons with some racing stories.
  19. Knarf Legna

    Knarf Legna I am not Gary Hoover

    For the record, and to assuage all disparaging remarks about my home state, there is no interstate running through Hoboken. Closest thing is the NJ Turnpike, and that's concrete. Jimmy Hoffa is under that concrete, BTW.
  20. nads755

    nads755 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what type of asphalt they use for racing surfaces or how it differes from the stuff they use on interstates and public roads?

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