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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Motofun352, Mar 22, 2019.

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    I'm surprised that Mueller shut it down so soon. The only things that leaked were the things he wanted. He could have easily pressed on and kept this shit show alive long enough to influence the election. The left are suckers for inuendo. Even now, they are still hoping to uncover some crime that is surely out there.

    I'd say that Barr gave him a deadline. If you find yourself still thinking the OMB was working with the Ruskies to illegally influence the election, then you are brain dead.
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    I agree. They had free reign to run shit up a flagpole as long as Rosenstein was in charge. As soon as Barr hit the scene, they knew the party was over. Coverup as much as possible, write the shitshow bullet points and run for cover.
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    The ramblings of another delusional TDS sufferer.

    I mean the GALL of some people, still sharing FAKE RAGE over this President, even after their henchman was incapable of delivering to them OMB's head on a platter. Now they have hopes of a Trump demise, through his kids instead. Y'all REALLY need to see a head Dr and/or stop relying on The View and all the other Liberal talk show hacks to get your news/pov.
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    A president can be indicted for crimes he commits...just not for things he does in accordance with his lawful duties. Firing someone he has authority over (ie Comey) can not be obstruction of justice and therefore not a crime.
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    The release of the Page, Ohr, Steele, and other testimonies gave him no option or reason to drag it out further.
  6. Britt

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    The fact the entire "investigation" was predicated on a total lie should be enough for many heads to roll...Barr should be on that in the next couple weeks.
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    My labels are often just hyperbole fed by anger. It really infuriates me to see what has become of the leadership of our republic. Maybe I am a naive doofus but I believed certain things about us, about justice, about fairness and equality.

    Many of us didn't like Barack Obama. We saw many of his actions as illegal and outside of the checks and balances. Sure, we bitched and moaned, but no coup was staged. No attempts to overthrow. No coordinated attacks by mainstream media. We hated it but it was what it was.

    Then to see these people and what they have done to Donald Trump, a shit heel of a man for sure, is horrific to even think about. THEY know what is good for us. THEY think THEY get to decide who runs the show. WE are nothing. Even worse, in the end, none of them will pay any price for what I see is straightforward sedition and treason.

    Hungry men will go to jail for stealing bread while oligarchs walk free for stealing the most precious thing, freedom.

    I'm disgusted.
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    Plain and simple, these are very bad people and America is taking notice. The unintended consequence is that more people daily are warming up to Trump and willing to defend him because they see just how bad democrats are. People that don't even like Trump are becoming his supporters. This next wave of insane and fake investigations are going to drive it home for many more Americans. Democrats and deep state Republicans are the enemy of America and they are going to have to be stopped.
    The good news is that Trump is getting stronger, America is getting stronger, and the enemies of liberty are exposing themselves.
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    Riiiiiiight. Like you even know me. 45 was a horrible person way before he became POTUS. I grew up in NY and he has shown time again he has no ethics, cheats in business, cheats on his wives, has no moral compass. I could go on but you are the delusional one.
  10. XFBO

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    What evaarrrr!
    Oh yeaaa, he was the most despised man on the public stage before throwing his hat into this circus called politics. :rolleyes:

    If you're that critical about Donny's personal & business life, I'd loooovee to hear your emotions on the Clinton's....Mr. & Mrs.!!! :crackup:
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    But you are correct! The GOP used to stand for good morals but Obama killed that by portraying Romney as having binders of girls, strapping dogs to the car roof, etc. Laughed at him when he claimed Russia was an issue. This man was milquetoast and Obama/Biden crucified him and not for his policy. GOP choose someone that now punches back and we got Trump.
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    He could be guilty of obstruction of justice if that was the purpose
    of firing Comey but since firing Comey would and did do absolutely
    nothing to affect the investigation then it isn't obstruction.
    Comey was not the investigation.
  14. In Your Corner

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    The left can't grasp that simple fact.
    They insisted on making elections into a barfight
    so we hired us a barroom brawler.
    He ain't pretty but he will punch you right in the fucking face.
    He can have a different whore every night of the week for all
    I care, it's kosher under The Clinton Rules (Rule #1-the President's sex life
    is none of our business).

    This is related and interesting so I'll drop it here.
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    Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.33.42 PM.png
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    The Clinton's are MAYBE one step higher on the ethics scale than DJT. Neither could have my vote in the last election due to their obvious flaws both personally and professionally.
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