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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Motofun352, Mar 22, 2019.

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    Estimated cost of the Benghazi investigation which lasted over two years (nearly 3): Some sources say close to $30M. No indictments, no convictions. Estimated cost of Mueller's investigation: $7.3M. Many indictments, convictions and guilty pleas before release of the report yesterday. Which party wasted more of the taxpayers money????? Yea, yea, yea, you will all say connections here, there, everywhere. Corruption, blah, blah, blah. Deep state BS. That shit exists on both aisles and is a mile deep.

    What galls me most is how TRumpians continually ignore facts on how shrill of a person he is. So let's say you had a child who suffers from the same joint disability as NY Times journalist Serge Kovaleski has and you watch him openly mock his disability. How would you feel about that? Or, let's say you have a beauty queen pageant daughter who comes home in tears and tells you TRump groped her back stage. How would you feel about that? Or, you own a small construction firm and do a job for Trump on one of his properties and never get paid. How would you feel about that? Let's also not forget the almost daily lies he spews (verifiable lies). Can you get away with the same conduct in your job? Didn't think so. He said he would drain the swamp. He has only made the swamp deeper and wider. Saying there are fine people on both sides of the Charlottesville incident! There is no such thing as a fine skinhead. The hypocrisy is staggering.
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    More Are Getting Arrested
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    Until you understand the whole investigation was started on a lie. We know this is true from the closed door testimony that was released. All indictments have nothing to do with Trump. More arrest are coming all right it’s going to be everyone who tried to pull off this coup.

    Nothing came of the Hillary investigations because they let her walk. All kinds of shit came out. If just 1 thing Clinton did trump did this report would have been out 2 years ago with Trump charged. How the hell can you type anything you did with a straight face.
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    You are actually trying to compare Benghazi to the Orange Man Bad fest that has played out over the last couple of years. Talk about trying to compare apples to cabbages...
    And you think everyone in Charlottesville were skinheads? Really? Or are you just regurgitating LWN talking points like a good footsoldier?
    I am not sure I would be throwing stones about others being hypocritical from inside that big glass house.
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    Yep an a team of partisan Democrat lawyers would have never leaked those items... how about a bridge in Brooklyn.... oh wait instead I got a barista for Representative...ooops fell for that one already :Poke:
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    Umm the people investigating Beghazi have no authority to indict :Poke: Now before you lose it search for a reply of my opinion of that investigation in this thread. But at least make valid comparisons when complaining about $$$
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    Fixed it for you......

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    You’re good dude who cornors low Joe. I think most here know your situation also. But, you’re letting emotions and sensitivity get in the way man. Trump is what he is, but I believe you’re magnifying it to a delusional level that is just not so. The country is better off than has been in a long time. And, if the innuendo about the man from the left would slow down just a little, it could even be better. Seriously, might want to check on the party you apparently support, because they are reason he sits where he does. Later bro
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    Let's compare:

    Here are the men who died in Benghazi as a result of GOVERNMENT negligence from the top, for which no one was punished. As a matter of fact, those same criminals at the top obstructed and lied to cover up their misdeeds. Let's keep in mind, these guys are still dead, and there families are without them today.

    Here are the MILLIONS who were melted as a result of OMB being elected, the crimes committed by OMB associates completely unrelated to OMB, and don't forget the 13 Russian agents indicted for putting shit on social media! It is always interesting when leftists suddenly become interested in fiscal responsibility.

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    I certainly don't support Dems at every opportunity. I vote based on the status of the country and content of character who is running. No way could I vote for HRC and DJT disgusted me over 20 years ago. It's not really emotion, but amazement that so many people can't clearly see how deficient DJT is as a person. We deserve so much better in our Republic. I'm not for impeachment (it will take too long and a waste money). I am however hoping the GOP puts someone else up for election in 2020 and someone who is far superior to HRC runs in 2020 for the Dems.
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    If I remember correctly, the only people on my ballot in NC for POTUS was HRC and OMB. Decisions, decisions.
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    Gary Johnson and Jill Stein were also on the ballot. The only wasted vote is the vote not cast. Maybe I'm too idealistic but I won't compromise my personal ethics.
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    Well said, Sir!

    Joe...everything you said about Trump....could be said about Bill Clinton. What's always been my point...were there people wearing vagina hats and protesting in the streets about Bill's
    transgressions with Jennifer Flowers, White Water, Monica Lewinsky (IN the WHITE HOUSE), or any of the other transgressions he's done in and out of office? He's just as masagonistic as or more so than Trump will EVER be.....but OMB.

    If one of us did the things Hillary did with a private email server, there's no doubt we would only see daylight during the exercise hours out in the yard for our cell block. We wouldn't be contemplating a THIRD unsuccessful run for the Oval office. Because I mean we just cannot get enough of the Clintons, right? Bill and Hillary went on a speaking tour....they couldn't give away tickets. That should be a defining clue to her to determine her chances. If she runs, it's just because her ego won't let her believe she cannot do her turn at the wheel like Bill did.

    I don't love Trump....I didn't vote for him. Hell, I stayed home that day because I hated each choice enough to not really want to vote for either. I'm in MD, and I'm not in Montgomery, PG, Baltimore, or Howard my vote doesn't count anyway. But since he's been elected, my little piece of this 3rd rock from the sun we share has been pretty damned good.
    The view is nice when I open my bank statements and look at my retirement balances. And his Trade policies are FINALLY putting things in what I see as the right perspective and bringing those possibilities home with jobs for other Americans that might have a chance to see their little piece of this rock in the same perspective. Raising minimum wage is a zero sum fools game that just causes inflation and gives everyone less buying power per dollar, and foster automation (See the self checkouts popping up all over the place when you shop? That's your $15/hour job disappearing).

    So, even though in 2020 my vote still won't matter in MD....I'm going to check the box for DJT.

    That's a VERY valid and critical point the Left doesn't get...if it were not for them, Trump probably wouldn't have been elected. And for that I bow my head and THANK the Liberals!
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    Ethics don't make your house payment, buy your groceries, or pay any other bills.

    Just like when I was in the Air Force and they preached about Duty, Honor, Country and Air Force Core Values......those were not paying my Baltimore Gas and Electric bill.

    It's more unethical to sit in the Oval Office as this country's President and put trade policies in place that hinder your fellow Americans ability to live their American Dreams and toil in entry level jobs because you negotiated all the jobs that would pay living wages to foreign soil.
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    I think that sticking with one's ideals is the way to live. I agree, but from a different perspective.

    Like him or hate him, there's no doubt that, throught his actions and attempted actions, OMB is doing what I want him to do.

    - Appoint SCOTUS judges who follow the USC.

    - Secure our lawless southern border.

    - Make the world more secure by reducing the chances of nuclear war.

    - Stand up and support USA interests in business and employment.

    - Remove bureaucrats from my back.

    - Resist the bull being pushed by the climate doom people who only want more power.

    - Do not IMPEDE the health of the US economy.
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    For what? Jay Walking and Parking Tickets.

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