Motoamerica predictions 2020 and beyond

Discussion in 'General' started by Scott S., May 7, 2019.

  1. They are both “factory” efforts, once again though, look at other national series. You don’t “need” factory teams, you just need a bunch of well funded teams.
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  2. But YMUS still obviously has ties to japan, etc so they don’t just have a clean slate to either a) start with b) do whatever they want.
  3. Joe Remi

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    Gobert returns!!!
  4. Mongo

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    World Superbike would be the end goal I think.
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  5. SPL170db

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    Was just watching the first couple races of the Aussie SBK series on Youtube.....they had 28 entrants on the grid.

    Looking at this last BSB round at Oulton Park there were 29 bikes on grid.

    The last JSB1000 race.....33 bikes on grid

    IDM1000....21 bikes

    Last MotoAmerica race at VIR......14 SBK riders. Although, there were another 18 riders in SSTK1000. As mentioned before, perhaps they should just do away with the class and combine the two and look for something else to fill in that gap. Aussie SBK is basically the same thing as our SSTK1000 (Stock forks, brakes, swingarms, wheels, etc etc).
  6. stangmx13

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    A merger of SBK and STK1000 will be a lot easier for MA to stomach if/when Yam or Yosh pull out of the series. Until then, they’ll let the well-funded teams spend their $.

    Unfortunately, IMO the talent disparity btw SBK and STK1000 is too large now - rider or team. The top few in STK1000 would do great in SBK, reduces rules or not. But the rest may not. I agree w a few others that a merge of the two classes wouldn’t increase the grid much. Competing against Elias and Cam is a tall order.
  7. Joe Remi

    Joe Remi Well-Known Member

    That sounds exactly like the first couple years. Which maybe looked good for the first lap in person, but on TV it looked just like it does now: 4 factory bikes and 3 other fast guys. The rest were/are invisible.
  8. Pitmom42

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    I think tightening up the SBK class rules just enough to keep the costs down (yeah right) so the top tier SS teams can move up to SBK would help alot. Those SS teams are spending almost as much as the SBK teams, just maybe 10 percent or so less than the SBK teams total expenses. That would be awesome races with a bigger grid and very promotional for all the top teams! They could even choose which bike to run at different tracks, like Pittsburgh where the 600, 636 or 750 bikes are just as fast as the 1k bikes. Just to mix it up and make it interesting.
    Then the other classes are club semi pro classes that are divided by East/West championships and a mid season combined 'allstar' type race with a season ending race (centrally located track) as the decider. The SBK teams could be the highlight of the Allstar and season ending races by doing an endurance race of 'combined team' factory championship. Maybe that would spur more interest from the OEM's & I would really like to see the riders teamed up and watch that!
  9. fastfreddie

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    Professional Endurance racing?
    Let's not limit that to just one event/year. It would be a good start, tho'.
  10. humblepie

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    I don't believe this to be even remotely accurate. Your calculator needs new batteries.
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  11. Shocker

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    So you want SS 600's to run SBK 1000's? That would be an absolute joke to think that a 600 is just as fast as a 1000 at the professional level.

    Using your example, at Pitt, Elias was a full 3 seconds per lap faster than JD on his "factory" SS600 last year. Over an 18 lap SBK race, that would mean JD would have finished 54 seconds behind Elias.

    Hell, look at Barber which doesn't have long straights. Elias was nearly 2 seconds faster per lap than Gillim in the dry. Gillim's times would have put him 13th in the SBK class.

    I understand everyone wants large grids, but filling them for the sake of saying you have large grids with large disparities in speed/lap times is not the answer. Youre still going to have the same 5-6 riders battling for wins, but now they have to take larger risks having to cut through more traffic thats 2+ seconds off the pace.

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