Motoamerica predictions 2020 and beyond

Discussion in 'General' started by Scott S., May 7, 2019.

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    MA might not be a big money maker but there is monetary support. They have the rare ability to operate without the pressure of generating review. The goal is to rescue American road racing and they are doing a better job faster than I expected. Google Koch brothers to see the level of support the series has. We all need to do our part and get to the races. Pay to watch or volunteer to help.

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    Run or RUIN!?

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    It is no fun for either party on the track.

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    Sorry, I'm confused. The view from Europe is that the MA series currently has three strongly contested classes with several well established and well funded teams, a healthy influx of club guys stepping up, plus the junior cup stuff(?). There's a new TV and interweb package showing all the races and practices for a reasonable price. Talk of FIM, Dorna, and OEM involvement, etc etc.
    So why all the doom and gloom? Seems like things are on a pretty good track. If they continue in this way it should just get better.

    Hell, if the market improves or the OEMs ever actually build a new sportbike that they want to sell, it's conceivable that factory teams could even return, now that there's a decent series to return to, obviously. This could be the beginning of the 90's all over again for US pro racing. And club racing would soon follow.
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    It's at "market improves" where you hit the wall. Sure, I'll buy that MA has better days ahead, but it's not coming from increased street bike sales in the USA. That ship has sailed and it ain't coming back.
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    You piqued my interest here. I know who the Koch Brothers are but even after googling I'm not seeing the connection to Motoamerica.
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    I’m thinking 2/3 of the people on here have no idea who Carnac is.
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    Y’all need to stop blaming DMG. They tried a few things that didnt work, but overall DMG was way way better than AMA.

    Motoamerica is doing good things also, but DMG didn’t tank the economy and dry up bike sales.

    If DMG had the series when AMA PRO did I think we would have seen much much better.

    Just my opinion from someone who has raced under all 3 Orgs.
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    I think the problem is that DMG bought the series when it was looking profitable. Then when bike sales took a tumble and it the racing series got in trouble, they threw their hands up and said screw this instead of investing the time and creative thinking to get the series moving in good direction again. Maybe it would have been just as bad under the AMA, but it seemed that DMG wanted it to make a good profit and didn't care about the race series when it became clear it wouldn't be profitable in the short run.
  11. Who’s view is that from Europe? Polar opposite of what I hear.
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    How so?
  13. mino6466

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    The owners are committed to the cause and have money. Goggle Koch Brothers.

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    You mentioned this and I am aware the Koch Brothers have loads of money and like to spend it on their various causes, but I still haven't found the connection with Motoamerica? Are they part owners? Subsidizing? Whats the story?
  15. DucatiBomber

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    These threads crack me up ..
    -Start west coast - east coast regions ... oh you mean like DMG had.
    (You want regional racing that’s what Club racing is all about. This is supposed to be PROFESSIONAL racing)

    -Bring in a new support class one that might appeal to people outside of the superbike world... ohhhh you mean like DMG had with the Harley Class?

    Cutting 3 day weekends to 2 proves things are bad.
    Bringing in club racing to fill the grid proves things are bad.
    Manufacturers leaving the paddock proves things are bad.

    Stop blaming DMG it’s been half a decade. Responsibility is on MA shoulders now.

    At this rate in 3 years there won’t be a MotoAmerica.

    Ride safe,
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  16. Mongo

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    There is always a chance. It's amazing the sponsorship deals that happen through a friend of a friend or a chance meeting even if the numbers don't make sense and no one did a fancy powerpoint presentation :D
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    Right up until the backmarkers are racing each other and drastically change the outcome of the race for the leaders.
  18. Mongo

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    Totally agree on all of that. Corporate hospitality can be and is done at most if not all of the track MA runs - for the big car events. They just bring in high end tents and caterers. Petite LeMans at Road Atlanta is a perfect example. All the corporate sponsorship you could wish for. Ferraris tent on the shelf was luxurious even.

    Main issue with MA is the OEM's can't afford it due to bike sales and that leads outside sponsors to stay away. It's a catch 22. Having the tracks help more would absolutely be a bonus as they have all the local connections but they're not willing to basically hire MA to come in and put on the event and do the promotions - so MA has to rent the tracks just like we do which limits them on budget for promotions and makes it harder to do more local stuff as they don't have all the connections or other ad buys they can tie together to get better deals and so on. More catch 22...
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  19. Mongo

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    The series is night and day better than the last event DMG ran. Especially considering the new bike sales in the US.

    Main thing to remember is it will never ever be like car racing here nor will it ever be like bike racing overseas. That level of popularity is unachievable in this country.
  20. Mongo

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    Nope. AMA Pro before it was sold to DMG was in much much better shape. As soon as Edmondson pissed off the OEMs it was in a coma and dying.

    Even before the bike sales tanked the series was dying.

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