Moto America - NJMP - Sept 7-8 2019

Discussion in 'General' started by TX Joose, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. TX Joose

    TX Joose Well-Known Member

    Moto America back in action this weekend in New Jersey. It's another two day event and weather looks promising for once. Who are your picks? Grids are a bit lighter than they have been lately..

    SBK: Gerloff, Beabier for wins.
    SS: Fong/PJ
    SSTK1000: Babuska Jr
    Jr Cup: Olmedo/ Landers on the second day (1st time there I think?)
    Twins: Parrish and Murray. I think he's a local
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    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    seems Roco only needs about 2 laps of practice at any new track to sort things out, but will be sweet to see him be tested by Olmedo and Co. if it's possible.
    Frankie is flyin on the new Graves spec kawi. THIS will be a good race..
  3. Yzasserina

    Yzasserina sound it out

    We'll be there on Sunday, yay!
  4. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Does the weather really look good ? I figured Dorian would be getting there about that time.
  5. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    Dorian should be way too far out to sea to effect Millville. At least if the forecasted track is accurate, and it has been pretty much spot on so far.
  6. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Well-Known Member

    I'll be there. Looking like Sunday is more likely for me but TBD.

    BTW, anyone ever done this? I've done enough unintentional parade laps around NJMP but thought I'd get this for my FIL if they let you go more than 50 mph.

    "What is the Fan Lap Cycle Corral ticket?

    Preferred motorcycle parking with free gear check and a fan lap around the track at the end of the day on Sunday. Do I need to tape up my lights? No, it’s a safety car escorted lap around the track. You are required to wear helmet and have a signed waiver."
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  7. Hoffman900

    Hoffman900 Well-Known Member

    SBK: Elías / Gerloff
    SS: Fong / PJ
    SSTK: Lee
    Twins: Dumas / Barnes
    Jr. : Landers / Landers
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  8. dieterly

    dieterly Well-Known Member


    Can’t wait for another exciting flailing arms race (twins)...
  9. IronCactus

    IronCactus Well-Known Member

    I saw Rocco at NJMP in May. He looked like he knew what he was doing as he passed me everywhere around Thunderbolt.
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  10. Superbikeorbust

    Superbikeorbust Well-Known Member

    SBK - Gerloff/Cam
    600 - Gillim/PJ
    STK - Lee
    Twins - Dumas
    JR - Landers
  11. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode


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  12. SBK-Elias/Gerloff
    SSP-Fong/ SDK
    SSTK- Lee/ Lee
  13. swiest152

    swiest152 Zoran's headache

    There's only one STK1000 and Twins race for those making two predictions.
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  14. Hoffman900

    Hoffman900 Well-Known Member


    STK: Lee
    Twins: Dumas
  15. rcarson15

    rcarson15 Well-Known Member

    SBK - Elias/Boobie
    SSP - Fong/ SDK
    Best Class - taking Humphreys bc he's got skillz to pay the billz (at least at NJMP, in the dry tho)
    SSTK - Lee
    Junior- Rocco
  16. jonathanp

    jonathanp Tech drop out

    Gerloff/ Herrin
    Blasius (spelling may be wrong)
  17. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    It’s totally not worth it. I’ve seen these parade laps and it’s a complete cluster f8ck.
  18. MELK-MAN

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    Lee is an awesome rider, awesome bike, awesome team... just not sure he will have the track knowledge advantage he enjoyed at the west coast rounds. East coasters (best coasters ;) ) Mesa and Frankie B. i think are gonna have something for him.
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  19. rcarson15

    rcarson15 Well-Known Member

    Disagree. While you're obviously not ripping around, it's cool to see the perspective on the track on a bike, especially if you're not a regular track-goer. Did the Corral Ticket at PIRC last year, it was still cool to see going at a slow pace even if I have churned a couple laps there - the wife enjoyed it too.

    You must've missed the Road Atlanta and Pitt Race races..
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  20. drop

    drop Well-Known Member

    Ya I have Mesa in the stock 1000. I didn’t know he rode injured at the Pitt.
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